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  1. sinner

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Not that I was suggest hybrid, but you raise an interesting point. Surely the greater compressor wheel surface area would allow more air to be compressed for a given exhaust volume? Of course, the 2260 will be laggier than a 2560/2052. My experience going from stock 2260 to a hybrid was much improved response lower down (before mods to fuelling). For fuelling, relatively cheap/simple improvements can be achieved with a higher rated regulator and an M57N rail pressure sensor.
  2. sinner

    Turbo Comparison and Specs

    Good timing, just done this to a friend's 525d. I had both a 2256 and a 2260 spare, both needed reconditioning. Craig at TDI Turbos (https://tditurbos.com/) advised that the 2260 was a better, more modern, turbo. So I went with the 2260 and had a them fit a billet impeller and 360 bearing while recondition it. The 2256 will go straight in with no mods. The 2260 does require some parts: 7, 10, 13, and all associated fittings here: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=NC72-EUR-01-2005-E60-BMW-530d&diagId=11_3603 Not expensive from BMW, you can get away with the old feed, but it's better to fit new. 1, and 2 here: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=NC72-EUR-01-2005-E60-BMW-530d&diagId=11_3468 Best to get the seal from BMW. You can find the line on the bay, and you only need the aluminium section from it. You will have to make up the rest with silicone depending on your choice of intercooler. That charge line will fit the E60/61/65 turbos, but the E46/53 had a different impeller housing, so you will have to find a line to match. The 2260 sits a little lower from the exhaust manifold, so you either need to grind a bit out of the engine mount or get an M57N manifold. If getting a new manifold , cast iron options are better and easy enough to find; the OE stainless steel ones crack. If you have not done so already, fit a Euro4 3 Bar MAP sensor: https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/fae-map-sensor-420110010 you will need this to make use of the 2.5+ Bar from the 2260. As for tuning, @TheEnd did the map for it. We had to increase the fuelling low down as the 2260 is much bigger and very laggy. I can't comment on what numbers the turbo alone gives you as this car had a lot of other work done at the same time. The turbo is certainly not the limit any more.
  3. sinner


    This is true. I had to swap in a shaft from a manual to an auto car last year, both had the same diameter (31 mm). While you have the shaft out, it's worth refurbishing it. The BMW repair kit is listed here (5 & 6): https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DP82-EUR-04-2003-E39-BMW-530d&diagId=33_1122
  4. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Enough chat about fuel pumps, time for an actual update. The car as seen some serious use this last few months, many fantastic drives. Spent a weekend crossing passes in Switzerland Took a couple of trips to the south of France, La Mas and Pic Saint-Loup, and down into Ligure (along the road which has since collapsed). The roads were twisty and beautiful, and the car has been great. All was going well until a road trip to Hamburg. On the way back, just south of Hanover this happened. Luckily it was on start up and not the autobahn. Gear changes had been getting harder so I pulled in to see what was up; it felt like loss of oil in the clutch. Then bang. When it broke, the slave-cylinder piston ejected and had an unfortunate collaboration with the pressure plate. Extremely luckily there was no damage to the bell housing, just an oily mess and well chewed pressure plate and ball pin. A friend recommended a garage, Homann in Eime, so there it went for a couple of days. They were proper car geeks and didn’t seem to mind working on a project car. On getting the new release lever, it turned out the old lever had had about 5 mm ground off the back of it. No idea why. I felt pretty stupid for not noticing this when I first put the box in. Actually impressed with the clutch wear after the last year’s use. We fitted a new one anyway. With it all back together we noticed the flywheel was done too. I didn’t have time to do that in Germany, and there was no vibration during use, only pulling away. So I nursed it home and did the flywheel on the drive. Sorry not to have taken more pictures, I was stressing about fixing it in time. All is good again, and should be for sometime to come. Although, the wallet is a lot lighter, so the repaint will have to wait a while. Cheers
  5. sinner

    E39 diffs, any upgrades ?

    From RealOEM, looks like yours diff is 3.07:1. A 525i manual will give you 3.23:1 (auto is 3.38:1). There should be a few of them about.
  6. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    @Sagnak and anyone else interested. This is the volume model of the dummy volume-control valve for the CP3. You can open it in a browser with Autodesk Viewer ( https://viewer.autodesk.com/ ) Volume_Control_Dummy.x_t Cheers
  7. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    It depends on what manifold you get. I think mine came from an E60, all the original bolts would have lined up. But, on some manifolds (E65 and possibly E53) the rear most bolt is off centre; see the lower right in this: https://static.schmiedmann.dk/ProductPictures/image_227984_big.jpg Enda is also on here as @TheEnd The injectors are from a 535d, currently with stock DLLA 160 P 1415 nozzles (160 spray angle). I have DLLA 145 P 1655 nozzles (145 spray angle) to go in, but need to find somewhere willing to calibrate them for me. I don’t think the 535d injectors are actually needed. I only put them in as I had them on hand, and 2 of the originals needed replacing. The correct spray angle is desirable, but the argument is not so simple; it is not just bowl dimensions, but also air density, duty cycle and cooling. I had no issues and saw no damage to the last engine that ran these for 20k, so am not worried about this application. In traffic, the clutch is no fun. In the mountains and on the autobahn, it is excellent. For a daily this is not recommended. Not yet. I have a water-methanol kit to fit, if I ever get time. That mitigates any concerns about spray angle. No. I am not too fussed about numbers, I’d rather it just work well.
  8. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Yes, it replaces the standard regulator. If you remove the preheat valve, the HP pump return can connect directly to the T at the regulator drain, then keep the return line from the other side of the T (you cannot do this is the CP1 as the pump return is hot). Where the preheat valve used to direct fuel to the cooler, connect the rail return. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DP72-EUR-02-2000-E39-BMW-530d&diagId=13_0801 With reference to that link, delete 8, join number 9 to 11, and replace 6 with the rail return. CC can only use 4 gears, you need to adjust the table for 3,4,5 and 6 instead of 2, 3, 4, and 5. That is all described in suicyco's post here: http://www.ecuconnections.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&start=375&t=30346&sid=9444fd9f910d4796be30a81fcf5b23da Yes, you have to remove it. The lowest bolt is really hard to get at when the CP3 is installed; I had to machine down a 13 mm 1/4" socket to get it to fit (shorten and huge chamfer on the back). I did this on a CNC mill, I might still have the volume model. I will look for you. The 530d uses DLLA 145 P 926, which is a 145 degree spray angle and 5 x 0.175 um ports. The 525d uses DLLA 145P 927, which is the same spray angle, but I can't find any port information. Can you inspect one and check port number? They will work and fit, but I do not know if they are needed. You'd have to adjust the map to match the new injectors, not just bolt-in. I am running 80 mm^3 of fuel. The 525d normally runs 55 mm^3, given it's lower capacity 70 mm^3 is probably enough. The pump wont be a problem, but you will have to check if your injectors can deliver this. If you want more information about mapping, contact Enda.
  9. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Hi Sagnak & ruifmmiguel This figure from my previous post is the final diagram: The regulator (No. 6 - Differential pressure valve) is T'd off the line between the filter and HP pump, and T'd into the return line from the HP pump. The injector bleed off is also T'd into the HP pump return line. The HP pump return line goes to the inlet of the LP pump at the 5-way throttled connection under the passenger seat (No. 12 Throttle). The rail return (hot) goes to the cooler and then to the tank via the direct line on the 5-way throttled connection. It is running well at 1700 bar, put nearly 4k miles on it this summer without issue. Cheers
  10. sinner

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I drove it These cars are fantastic
  11. It's not so bad with the inlet line off the turbo. Worth checking the ports are clear in the vacuum tank as well; they can clog when the old hoses degrade. Compressed air works well.
  12. Number 1: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DP82-EUR-04-2003-E39-BMW-530d&diagId=11_2337 You can swap it out for the the EGR converter as a quick test.
  13. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Was supposed to be doing a bike race in Yorkshire last week, but it flooded pretty badly. So I stayed south and used the time to fix a few things. Something had been up with the rear suspension for a few weeks now; sitting lower, not great damping and rattly. Turns out the top mounts had given up. Bit grumpy about this considering they were fitted new at Christmas, from a what I thought was a reputable company. They’ve been swapped out for OEM, which actually cost roughly the same as I’d paid for the last set. As the saying goes: buy cheap, buy twice – and pay for the repairs… While I had the car up, I fitted some new a exhaust mounts. No more rattles anywhere. Bliss. Also took care of the hot + cold air-con by fitting a new heater control valve. Strangely, I could find no obvious fault with the old valve, solenoids functioned as they should and the seals were all intact. There was only a very slight build up of material on one plunger. Anyway, all vents are blowing cold again, so happy with that. I finally got around to fitting the dummy volume-control valve to the CP3. The dummy has been cross drilled with four 2.5 mm diameter ports, and the central bore is 3.3 mm. This is the internal diameter of the spring inside the original valve, and the maximum the valve can be opened up to. Of course, I can increase the diameter of the bore as needed, but I doubt it will be. Clearance of the coolant line is much improved. Since its runs wide open in the E39, with pressure controlled at the rail, the CP3 is always pushing its maximum volume. None of the efficiency savings of the later diesels here. I decided to up the rail pressure to 1700 Bar (thanks to Enda for the help adjusting the table). With the pump already working for it, there is no extra stress. The results are good, running very smoothly, without any errors. Took a trip over to Carmarthenshire, had a really excellent drive back through the Brecons. Well worth a visit, if the weather is on side, really beautiful roads. Cheers
  14. sinner

    sold please delete

    Witter towbar: https://www.tridenttowing.co.uk/tow-bars-c2/fixed-flange-c106/witter-bm14a-fixed-flange-neck-tow-bar-bmw-5-series-touring-1997-2004-p6977 Removed this from my touring as I haven't used it since owning the car. All in good condition, was careful taking out fittings and wiring. £75 collection preferred from Portsmouth area
  15. sinner

    Touring subframe mounts

    Not really, only when lifting the engine. One way to test is with the bonnet up, start the car and and put it in gear, look for any excess rocking movement in the engine. like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX_uXd524Qo