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  1. sinner

    e39 Crank case oil breather

    Whenever you change the oil is probably reasonable.
  2. sinner

    e39 Crank case oil breather

    It depends what boost you are running. With a stock setup (<2.4 bar), the E60 vortex is fine and is a good fit and forget mod. With a larger turbo and/or a more aggressive map (>2.4 bar), the differential pressure is too much for the vortex, and it just sucks oil through it. So you need a separate catch can. The E39 bog-roll type is actually a pretty good filter, but you must remember to replace it regularly.
  3. sinner

    E39 touring bilstein B6

  4. sinner

    Rusted Fuel Line - Replacement guidance

    https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DP82-EUR-04-2003-E39-BMW-530d&diagId=16_0510 16121184768 About £40 last time I brought one from BMW. https://www.amazon.co.uk/BMW-Genuine-Diesel-Fuel-16121184768/dp/B079YWDNBS
  5. sinner

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That's not quite true @d_a_n1979 the front M5 calipers are functionally (there is an M logo...) identical to the 530i/d and 540. All you need to change are the caliper carriers, which are not expensive, and provided you don't fit floating rotors, 345 mm disc options are not too much more than standard. The M5 rear brakes do require a lot of parts, so this gets expensive. Saloon is easier than touring because of the back plate orientation. I've been through almost all OEM options for the E39, bar the E31 calipers. Standard 324 mm discs with good pads, fluid, and braided lines was a great economic upgrade. M5 brakes are a further improvement still, but harder to justify. For anyone interested, @TheEnd has a really good write up of brake tech: https://www.endtuning.com/brakes/
  6. sinner

    Rear Suspension - Extremely stiff

    I also run B6s in my touring. It's hard for me to say how much the dampers contribute to the stiffness as I also did a complete suspension refresh at the same time. The B6 dampers have more compression damping than OEM, making them feel harsher than even the sports dampers, they are designed for German road surfaces. Birds actually do a version of the B6 and B8 with reduced compression damping for English roads. Dan is right, they will bed in a little. But, the biggest improvement I found was to stop using run-flat rear tyres.
  7. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Today was a day of fixing brake wobble and creaking low-seed steering. The wobble started back end of last summer. Then a creaking started in March. I couldn’t really investigate until it was on the ramps. Control arm time. The passenger side was actually fine, its bush pulled out easily enough. The driver side was toast, the bush itself was ok, but it had been moving in the arm and allowed the arm to fowl the subframe. It pretty much fell out. The arms have been fitted for about 18 months and have a build date of 2016. Pretty disappointed with the failure, but their ball joints are still fine, so I just swapped the bushes out for poly bushes (Powerflex PFF5-511). The pushed in nice and snug. Total job took maybe 45 min, regret not doing it sooner. I am really happy with the way it drives, all steering and brake niggles fixed. I am really enjoying the amber tips. Next on the list this week is a thorough clean & polish, and I will try to figure out the water methanol tuning. Cheers,
  8. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Yesterday was remarkably productive. The silicone hoses arrived for the air-oil separator, I cut three 80 mm lengths of 25 mm diameter stainless tubing to join the sections, and a got a whole load of jubilee clips to hold it all in place I also finished the tank mounting bracket. It’s not pretty but it works. The top strap is a splendid metallic green because I ran out of black. The top of the tank sits at the same level as the injector, so there should be no danger of it siphoning into the manifold, unless I park facing downhill... The particulate filter was the last part to mount before testing. I used some heavy duty Velcro for this, to simplify removal for cleaning. The control unit is hidden behind the glove box. I don’t plan to be adjusting this on the fly, and I have the status LED in-cabin, so the controller and the wiring/piping can stay out of sight. Again, it’s just Velcroed in, just have to slide the lower dash out to access it. With all that done, it was time to test. For base settings I’ve used the car’s target boost (values in gauge, not absolute), which is 1.5 bar from 2000 rpm, then 1.6 bar (23.2 psi) from 2750 rpm to 4200 rpm (thanks @TheEnd). The controller linearises injection rate between an initial and maximum pressure. I have set the initial at 7.5 psi, for now, and the max at 24 psi. I did a little test with INPA to monitor the actual MAP, the injection comes on closer to 0.4 bar (5.8 psi). I guess the calibration of the two sensors is off, but it is good to see the boost input working on the controller. Everything in the bay is now done, yes it needs a clean. For now, the covers can go back on. I am still waiting for a few parts to arrive before I can test it properly. Cheers
  9. sinner

    Fitting E38 wheels

    I did exactly this. Mine is slightly lower, suspension is Bilstein B6 and Eibach Pro-Kit E2070-140. Short answer, if you can find a set of E39 wheels, go that route. I made my own hub-centric spacers 15 mm at the front and, initially, 12 mm at the rear. With 265/35 the rears rubbed when loaded. II had the arches rolled, and I modified the arch liners (heat gun). They still rubbed, but only at the point where the rear bumper meets. I milled the rear spacers down to 10 mm, and turned 2 mm off the rear hubs. Modifying the hub was a faff, but it was cheaper than swapping tyres. No more rubbing, and I really like the look. If I were to do it again, I would get E39 wheels and Eibach spacers (TUV approved), or get the E38 bored out, or as @e34m525i says 255 on the rear. Cheers
  10. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Thanks Dan, Yeah, the Bacho stuff is pretty good, I have a 1/2" set as well that I am pretty pleased with.
  11. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Figured out the pump’s new home. I had to cut a couple of unused studs out for clearance. The high pressure side is a fairly smooth line, but the low pressure side took some bending and annealing to get it toward the tank. With a bit of trimming to the webbing of the plastic, it fits quite well. Do need to find flusher bolts. All the wires are now run, and tested good. I took the earth from the fan below the rear lights using a 61131387146 connector. Constant and switched 12 V came from the fuse box, at fuses 8 and 19, respectively. The bare connectors are 61138377732, or with a short length of 2.5 mm^2 wire 61130007440. I mounted the status LED next to the cigarette lighter. It’s not in direct view, but a flashing LED there is hard to miss, and it is reasonably subtle. I put a quick connector in, just in case the I have to swap the panel out. The hoses are connected all the way through to the inlet manifold. I left the 8 mm fuel line over it to give a bit of protection, and make it look a little less out of place. Next is mounting the tank and filter. I have been waiting for some fittings to arrive, but impatience is getting the better of me, so it might be fabrication time tomorrow. After that I can test injection as a function of MAP. A new slave cylinder turned up as well, new line should be here this week. The Bosch cylinder is much more substantial than the OEM. When I did the manual conversion, I transferred the line and cylinder from my old car, which was on about 230K. With the force this pressure plate takes, I thought it prudent to swap out the old clutch parts before they let go. The cat loves a box. Cheers
  12. sinner

    Glove box fuse connectors

    Thanks @Dbcrd, that will be useful for next time. Luckily, the local BMW dealer gave me a couple of connectors for free with some other parts I had to order. I am certain not all dealers are so generous.
  13. sinner

    Glove box fuse connectors

    Excellent! Thank you both.
  14. sinner

    Glove box fuse connectors

    Hello, I need to make 12 V switched and 12 V constant connections. Rather than splice into wires, I'd like to fuse these at spare slots in the glove box. What are the connectors used for the regular (19 mm) auto fuses? Through some searching I've found https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DP82-EUR-04-2003-E39-BMW-530d&amp;diagId=61_5822 specifically 61131370692, but there seem to be a couple of different size options. Cheers