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  1. sinner

    m57 rail pressure sensor error

    The presupply looks low. Spec is 1.5 bar to 5 bar, healthy is is around 4 bar. Low rail pressure could be a leaking pressure control valve at the back of the CP1. I've not seen a pressure sensor fail yet, have had multiple control valves leaking. Logging the live values will make it easier to disentangle this. The following is copied from a post a few weeks ago: Looks like you have INPA. If you install Testo as well that will let you log all of these values. (http://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1830510-Diagnostic-program-with-realtime-graph-view). Start by log: Engine speed Target rail pressure Actual rail pressure Fuel presupply pressure You can view the logs in Testo or output CSV, so you can plot it in whatever is easier for you to read. Once you have plots for rail pressure and presupply, it will be much easier to diagnose. If presupply is not holding, then look at changing your low-pressure pump and test your regulator. Doubt it's the regulator, but if needed you can replace the OE regulator with something like this: https://www.webcon.co.uk/products/16578-43-bar-natural-aluminium-push-on-fittings/ They are unobtrusive and fit the normal lines. If presupply does not hold after this, then time to look at the lift pump in the tank. If presupply is holding, then you know it is a rail issue. If the rail is too low, then reseal the control valve at the CP1 (a kit like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Landrover-Freelander-TD4-Diesel-Fuel-Pump-Regulator-Repair-Kit-MAV000040-/173290893566 ). For nominal specs of everything have a read through this dlscrib.com_m57enpdf.pdf section 7
  2. sinner

    Issues with upgraded 530d engine

    Stock high pressure pump and stock injectors with new nozzles are good for 350: A new high pressure pump will help achieve this with less stress. Larger injectors don't seem to be needed, only nozzles. The limit seems to be the head and the compression ratio; later versions of the engine have larger intake valves.
  3. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Hi @Tvalancee46 I cannot make production drawings yet. From my notes, the eye-to-eyes are 15 mm and 66.3 mm. They need to be 10 mm thick. You can see from the pictures where I remove material for clearance.
  4. sinner

    Issues with upgraded 530d engine

  5. sinner

    Issues with upgraded 530d engine

    If, as your mapper suggest, it was rail pressure plausibility, that could be a leaking regulator valve at the back of the CP1, weak presupply pressure, or out of range at the pressure sensor (pushing the CP1 harder can do that). But you can only disentangle these by looking at the logs (a rail fault will sometimes throw a presupply error, so codes don't give you the full picture). Without logs and error codes, it's just guess work. That said, this is the logic I would follow: If presupply is not holding, then look at changing your low-pressure pump and regulator, you really should change the regulator anyway if you are trying to push it harder (this is a simple regulator upgrade: https://www.webcon.co.uk/products/16578-43-bar-natural-aluminium-push-on-fittings/ ). If presupply does not hold after this, then time to look at the lift pump. If presupply is holding, then you know it is a rail issue. If the rail is too low, then reseal the regulator valve at the CP1 (something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Landrover-Freelander-TD4-Diesel-Fuel-Pump-Regulator-Repair-Kit-MAV000040-/173290893566 ). If rail is on the high side, going out of range of the sensor, you mapper needs to dial back the target pressure, or you need to fit later pressure sensor and change the linearisation appropriately. If it is an over-boost issue, you need to fit the Euro4 MAP sensor and change the linearisation appropriately. Or, reduce the target boost. If it is an under-boost issue, check vacuum actuator is working. If it is not working, then check for vacuum leaks, clean out the vacuum distribution ports, and test the functionality of your pressure converter (swap it out for the EGR converter if needed). If the actuator is working, look for boost leaks, not just in the lines, but also the inter cooler and potentially cracks in the inlet manifold. A smoke machine is good for leak checking. Could also have MAF issue, so clean that. If it has been changed, check that you have the correct linearisation (later gens are different). Error codes and logs will save you a lot of time.
  6. sinner

    Issues with upgraded 530d engine

    Hi Daniels, With all those changes at once it is going to be hard to say what is at fault. Without data, it is just guess work. Get INPA setup and install Testo(http://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1830510-Diagnostic-program-with-realtime-graph-view). With that you can plot target values against actual values. If there is a large deviation anywhere, that is most likely your problem. You will also see very quickly if a sensor is going out of range (incorrect MAP linearisation for example). Suggest you start by logging: Engine speed Target boost pressure Actual boost pressure Target rail pressure Actual rail pressure Fuel presupply pressure *most of the variable names are in German You can view the logs in Testo. It will also output CSV, so you can plot it in whatever is easier for you to read. Hope it helps
  7. sinner

    Royal Steering Wheels

    I had mine done by Jack a couple of years ago. Went slightly thicker with Napa to match the gear knob. A bodyshop managed to get filler on the original which I couldn't get off without damaging it. That prompted the re-trim, but I am very happy I did as it's much more comfortable that the original.
  8. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    @Tvalancee46 thank you. Unfortunately, I don't have time to make more of these, or sell them. With the CAD files, any machine shop will be able to produce these for you. Fuel rail long mount: fuelrail_holder_long.x_t (note the bore size in one end is for an M8 helicoil) Fuel rail short mount: fuelrail_holder_short.x_t (note the bore size in one end is for an M8 helicoil) CP3 volume control valve blank: Volume_Control_Dummy.x_t (it's not shown in the volume model, but it needs to be cross drilled with four 2.5 mm diameter ports, and the central bore is 3.3 mm ) @bi-eye I only have the Parasolid (.x_t) files locally. I can make a step file for you when I am allowed back into the office.
  9. @dan101smith Thank you. I might take you up on this, although I will explore some local options first. I'll pm you when I know more. It wouldn't be until end of May/early June. I just wanted to get it figured out sooner so there's no last min rush. @DennisCooper Yes, I was. Unfortunately all good things come to an end; COVID has pretty much stopped the project I was hired for, and the lab is cutting back. Time to move on. If you could ask your friend, that would be great. Thank you. Cheers
  10. Thanks Duncan! I'll give @dan101smith a shout. Yes, it's a huge relief.
  11. Like many folks in the current situation, I am being made redundant. Luckily, I have managed to find another job, but it means going abroad for a couple of years. Having invested quite a lot of time in my E39, I'd rather not sell it. Hence, wondering if anyone had any suggestions for storing cars around Sussex/Hampshire way? Cheers
  12. sinner

    Silver Car, celis ambers

    Those were retrofit. I needed a set of LHD, and got the full set from Germany.
  13. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    A long over due update. Nothing particular fun this time, just maintenance. Last year, we had a couple of days well below zero and the car was not happy about starting. The glow plugs needed doing before winter hit properly this time. It'd been throwing glow plug errors since I've owned it, but this was one job that I was genuinely afraid of. With the engine warm and a healthy dose of WD40, it wasn't too bad. Three cam straight out, the other three took a lot of working back and forth with all of the WD40, but little by little they moved without drama. No more glow plug errors! While I had the inlet manifold off, i swapped out the slightly rough mounts I'd made for the rail conversion. For anyone interested, the volume models are here: fuelrail_holder_short.x_t and fuelrail_holder_long.x_t It wasn't really necessary as these aren't visible from the outside world, but it helps me sleep better at night and the drawings might be useful for someone else trying this. The drain tank for the catch can was about half full, not bad after a few thousand miles. But, the filter in the ProVent 200 was saturated, and oil was making it's way into the inlet, so that needs swapping out more often than I expected (part number LC 5001 x). The oil that made it's way into the inlet showed up at a leak from the cold side of the intercooler quick connect. I've tried aftermarket and OEM with fresh seals - they all leaked. So I fitted a 90 silicone reducer form Viper. The clearance is much improved and no more leaks. All that oil around the sump is the left over WD40 from the glow plugs. I used a lot. The rest is from the leaking power-steering cap that I changed in August, evidently without cleaning properly. I don't get under the car as often as I would like these days. While i had the car up, it was time to address my folly with black polly bushes. I have to admit that on smooth mountain roads it felt astonishingly good. However, this was contrasted with a deep, deep, regret on concrete-section roads like the M25, where every single bump came through the steering wheel and chassis. Purple is good for not a race car. I also had a bit of noise from the drive line, this turned out to be the prop coupling. It's only a couple of years old, but I guess the torques specs are a bit down on what the car has now. Luckily, BMW made a few more torquy/powerful cars with the same 110 mm / 12 mm as the E39 530d manual (pictured right). The F10 550d uses the 26117546426 (pictured left), which a bit smaller in the OD than the E39, but bolts up just right. I also changed out the gasket for the rear CV joint and repacked it while I was there, as that had been weeping. Last on the list was a BlueBus install, that went in under the floor next to the methanol tank. BlueBus is really great, plug and play and it works a treat. Can recommend for anyone wanting to keep and OEM headunit. That's it for now, hopefully I'll have some updates relating to the turbo actuator soon. Cheers