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  1. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Fun stuff is happening; swapping Czech for German: Finally getting around to the CP3 conversion. The pump is actually fitted already, I still have to get the new rail in. Once that's done, I'll write it up properly. Happy Easter
  2. sinner

    E39 diesel and EML

    You are correct, it is DDE, on my '03 530d at least. Never seen an EML light. However, seeing the DDE light all too regularly...
  3. sinner

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    Wipers are optimised for LHD.
  4. sinner

    Rusted brake caliper

    One thing to consider is a healthy dose of tannic acid in the seal seats. This will stabilise any corrosion if moisture gets in there, which it will. There is very little point in stainless pistons, as they are just too soft and gall with the friction against the caliper body, then damage seals regardless of corrosion. Hardened chrome plate pistons, like the ones you have, are much better suited this purpose. For reference, hardened chrome plate steel is typically around 8 times harder than any stainless. I made a set of Ti (6Al4V) pistons for the corrosion resistance and heat transfer. They work beautifully, but they are not as hard as chrome, so I have to rebuild the calipers and polish pistons every couple of years. These are twice as hard as stainless! If you want minimal servicing - go for the hardest pistons you can get and take precautions with corrosion treatment.
  5. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Thanks Dan. Your touring is looking very tidy. Did you get a set of 32s? The ARBs make a big difference, do it! It's no harsher, just much less rolly, unsurprisingly. Yes, Gareth is from CT. An old friend with a shared love of BMW; his M4 is beautiful.
  6. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    It’s been a reasonably productive weekend. Stopped by Gareth’s to fit some Eibach ARBs I brought from Duncan a few months back. The handling is superb now, even on winter tyres. Also fitted the adapters I’d made to engage the last two bolts of the gearbox mount with the chassis. They’re two 7075 spacers that bolt into the holes for the auto box mount, and are helicoiled to take the last bolt of the manual mount. I made some 6 mm washers to give more engagement where I had to cut out material for the offset bolts. It’s very solid now. To top it all off, it sailed through the MOT. Going for the airbag recall tomorrow – I’ll let BMW clean it. Until next time, cheers
  7. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Not exactly as planned this time, never is, too much real work stopping play. I only had a couple of days so decided to fix the interior and rebuild the drive shaft (the black stuff is just tannic acid). Managed to get the shaft swapped without dropping the diff or the exhaust, just by jacking up the hub and swearing a bit. I know wood is not to everyone’s taste, but I much prefer it to the silver plastic. Unfortunately, the CD cover is not quite the same shade as the rest of the trim and there are a few cracks, so on the lookout for another. I guess there’ll be a few sets before I am really happy. Also fitted a BMW profession CD player and MID to replace the old tape deck, so much nicer. Wiring in the MID loom was pretty easy (there are a couple of good write-ups on here), and I replaced the CD changer with a Bluetooth receiver. Bavsound speakers are next on the list. Will be tidying up the gearbox mount for the MOT next week. CP3 after that!
  8. sinner

    530d Turbo Upgrade

    Most people grind the engine mounts. But, if you fit an E60 exhaust manifold, it will bolt straight on.
  9. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Sort of an update. Finally finished pulling everything out of the old car, so yesterday it went to the scrappy. Which was a little bit sad, had a lot of fun with that car. 70k in 3 years and only the airbags failed. It got me totally hooked on E39s.
  10. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    I know, sorry, work has been non-stop. However, I have been preparing a few things, and I have a week off at the end of March to fit it all. The list, in no particular order, is: Replace damaged drive shaft (recondition replacement) Eibach ARBs, thanks to @duncan-uk Engine mounts CP3 conversion and remap Arches rolled (when the airbag gave out it snagged the tyre…) Back on summer wheels Probably going to take a bit more than a week, but we’ll see.
  11. sinner

    The new project and not a 5! - 2006 E65 730D

    I was chasing a clunk like this on my last e39, it turned out to be the engine mounts. They have a hard life with these torquey diesels.
  12. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    A short aside on brakes. I forgot to mention this, but figured you guys might be interested. While I was reconditioning the brakes a few years ago (forgive the low quality pictures), I thought it might be fun to make a set of titanium pistons. No more corrosion, nice and light, and low thermal conductivity. I realise this is completely over the top for a 530d, but I had the resources available and a little time to spare. Also, Ti is real pretty. Last month, I took them out of the old brakes, polished them up and put them into the M5 calipers, where they will spend the rest of their days.
  13. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Thank you Dan. I've been enjoying your 730d thread. Yes, just a bit of squealing. It's only really noticeable with the window down, which isn't a lot this time of year. It does have a dab of copper slip. The stuff I had was not great quality, more greasy than coppery, so I didn't want to use too much. I'll try finding something thicker. Power wise, I don't really have a goal. It would be nice to get close to 300; the turbo is certainly not limiting this, but the intercooler and head might. The HP pump and rail need doing before it goes much north of 250, I will get it dynoed after that. The main reason for the hybrid was to make the GT2260V a bit more responsive low down.
  14. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Happy new year! It was a bit manic in the run up to Christmas so there are very few pictures, but a lot got done. Brakes and suspension are done front and rear (excuse the couple weeks of surface rust). The front got Bilstein B6 dampers with the Eibach Pro-kit coils, with new top mounts and control arms. I’ve tried to use Lemforder throughout, but had to get a few bits from Febi and TRW. I had a square 8J set of 66s restored for winter wheels: BMW silver with Goodyear UltraGrip Gen-1. Even managed to fit them all in an E63 to get them down to the car. Ride height is much the same, but it’s a lot more controlled and predictable. There is no more knocking from the rear subframe, which is nice. M5 brakes work a treat, they don’t feel ridiculous, just modern. The DS2500 pads are insanely dusty and quite noisy, but they do work really well. As expected, the Quaife has made a huge difference too. These things are awesome. All in all, very happy with how the car is handling now, even on little winter wheels. With all that done, it was time to start the transferring parts over for the engine. I fitted an E60 exhaust manifold, these let the GT2260V sit slightly higher which lets them clear the engine mount. I previously fitted a stainless OE E60 manifold, but it cracked, in multiple places, so went with a cast iron eBay special. That went in with OE gaskets, studs and nuts. The turbo is now a hybrid GT2260V from TDI Turbos in Dorset. Very happy with this. I didn’t want to go front-mount as I like AC at low speeds, so the intercooler and its housing are from an E65. The picture is from the original install on my old SE, but it shows how it fits. I’ve since gotten a new Behr unit as the old one was pretty grotty. I cut out the support out for the original intercooler, and bonded in the lower section of the radiator housing from an E65. The quick-connects are from an E60, best use OE for these as all after-market ones I tried leaked, a lot. Lastly, a set of recondtioned (by bosch) injectors with a set of brass bleed off connectors. The injectors cured the lumpiness at idle, and stopped the thrust bearing catching. Nice and smooth now, especially after a remap from Enda - thank you! Lots of progress, but as with all project cars – fix one problem and a new warning light will appear… This time was ABS, which turned out to be the rear left sensor. However, the traction control light is persisting, coming on after about 30 min of driving. I guess this the ABS unit, so will be looking into getting that reconditioned. One of the drive shafts was also very beaten up by whoever changed a bearing last, luckily I still have a couple from my old car. The vacuum pump is still leaking despite a new seal, this needs investigating as I think it is internal to the pump. The knocking engine mounts will be done when I do the ARBs. And, of course, the 3.5 k RPM cut out still exists. I had hoped this was due to a leaking injector, but is more likely the regulator, it will be dealt with very soon. Until next time