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  1. sinner

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I drove it These cars are fantastic
  2. It's not so bad with the inlet line off the turbo. Worth checking the ports are clear in the vacuum tank as well; they can clog when the old hoses degrade. Compressed air works well.
  3. Number 1: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DP82-EUR-04-2003-E39-BMW-530d&diagId=11_2337 You can swap it out for the the EGR converter as a quick test.
  4. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Was supposed to be doing a bike race in Yorkshire last week, but it flooded pretty badly. So I stayed south and used the time to fix a few things. Something had been up with the rear suspension for a few weeks now; sitting lower, not great damping and rattly. Turns out the top mounts had given up. Bit grumpy about this considering they were fitted new at Christmas, from a what I thought was a reputable company. They’ve been swapped out for OEM, which actually cost roughly the same as I’d paid for the last set. As the saying goes: buy cheap, buy twice – and pay for the repairs… While I had the car up, I fitted some new a exhaust mounts. No more rattles anywhere. Bliss. Also took care of the hot + cold air-con by fitting a new heater control valve. Strangely, I could find no obvious fault with the old valve, solenoids functioned as they should and the seals were all intact. There was only a very slight build up of material on one plunger. Anyway, all vents are blowing cold again, so happy with that. I finally got around to fitting the dummy volume-control valve to the CP3. The dummy has been cross drilled with four 2.5 mm diameter ports, and the central bore is 3.3 mm. This is the internal diameter of the spring inside the original valve, and the maximum the valve can be opened up to. Of course, I can increase the diameter of the bore as needed, but I doubt it will be. Clearance of the coolant line is much improved. Since its runs wide open in the E39, with pressure controlled at the rail, the CP3 is always pushing its maximum volume. None of the efficiency savings of the later diesels here. I decided to up the rail pressure to 1700 Bar (thanks to Enda for the help adjusting the table). With the pump already working for it, there is no extra stress. The results are good, running very smoothly, without any errors. Took a trip over to Carmarthenshire, had a really excellent drive back through the Brecons. Well worth a visit, if the weather is on side, really beautiful roads. Cheers
  5. sinner

    sold please delete

    Witter towbar: https://www.tridenttowing.co.uk/tow-bars-c2/fixed-flange-c106/witter-bm14a-fixed-flange-neck-tow-bar-bmw-5-series-touring-1997-2004-p6977 Removed this from my touring as I haven't used it since owning the car. All in good condition, was careful taking out fittings and wiring. £75 collection preferred from Portsmouth area
  6. sinner

    Touring subframe mounts

    Not really, only when lifting the engine. One way to test is with the bonnet up, start the car and and put it in gear, look for any excess rocking movement in the engine. like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX_uXd524Qo
  7. sinner

    Touring subframe mounts

    The subframe mounts were noticeable on rougher roads, where everything got very clattery at the back. Particularly so with passengers in the back. The engine mount was as you describe: on/off power, and harsher gear changes. Weirdly, it sounded like it was coming from the diff mounts. Had the same on my last two 530ds. I think the left engine mount must see a lot more torque, as it had fatigued through at the base.
  8. sinner

    Touring subframe mounts

    I had similar knock, that turned out to be the left engine mount. Only found it after changing subframe (which were knackered), gearbox, and diff mounts...
  9. A ZF GS6-53DZ (HGA). It's all in my project thread.
  10. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Thanks @d_a_n1979. You're probably right. I do love the 32s, only wish I'd waited for a set in E39 fitment, as the spacers are a ballache. Should probably bore them out when I next change the tyres. Yours is looking good on the 37s. What are you thinking of next?
  11. sinner

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Now have a couple of thousand miles on the CP3, and it’s been faultless. Averaged 51.3 mpg on the last drive back from Switzerland to Portsmouth, which is a pleasant improvement of the usual 47 mpg. Rail pressure is 1600 Bar, thinking of pushing it up to 1700 Bar. It’s a lot less smokey; cleaning noticeably less soot of the back after a long run. All in all, very happy! Less pleasant was the broken AC… This had been on the list for a while, but the recent weather compounded it. Vacuum tested, lubricated, and re-gassed the system, also fitted a new aux fan assembly. The girlfriend approved. AC is working a treat now, but it seems a heater control valve has crapped out, as my feet are getting very warm air no matter the setting. So that is a pressing next on the list. I noticed something strange with the throttle; when maxed the DDE light would come on and power would cut, regardless of speed or RPM. Turns out the auto pedal (35426786281) has a touch more range than the manual, and the manual ECU has no idea what to do with it. The solution was to change the pedal for a manual (35426786282). The manual pedal (B in the picture) has a couple of additional tabs in the plug that need cutting out before it will fit. While I was in the US, I picked up a FASS fuel pressure regulator. These are popular with the Cummins and Duramax folks. It’s quite well made, but NPT led to the usual alignment issues; bugs me that the pressure gauge is a little off centre. But, I am too lazy to cut it any deeper. I made a little bracket to mount off of the fuel filter support. It’s working a treat, and the Marshall gauge is surprisingly accurate. The return from the regulator joins the CP3 return (low pressure), and then to the cold return at the feed of the 044. I left the preheat switch out, as I am sure the rail return is always hot enough to go via the cooler directly to the tank. It’s all connected like so: I decided to remove the tow bar as it's only been used as a parking sensor. Must have weighed twenty something kilos! Sits a bit higher at the back now. Found some terrifying wiring while stripping it out; no solder, no tape, just twisted on. Everything is properly insulated now. Swapped out the steering wheel too. I brought a bare wheel from @V8Warrior, which Royal retrimmed. Can’t recommend Royal enough, great service and very easy to deal with. The summer wheels are back on, and it is driving beautifully. Although, I am having bad thoughts about a set of style 65s... The car will be enjoyed in the mountains for a few weeks before the next mods and fixes. Even the handbrake works! Cheers
  12. Manual 5 speed box taken from my old 530d, was going to use it to convert my new touring from auto, but went 6 speed. So this is now spare. Box had covered about 200k, but worked perfectly. The original clutch and flywheel was hardly worn. Have most parts needed for manual conversion, that will be included: Gearbox ZF GS5-39DZ Gear selector and linkage Gearbox mount (+ new rubbers) Tunnel brace, that sits across the autobox mounts CG uprated clutch cover (I never got a round to fitting this). £150.00 Collection preferred, but can pallet at buyers expense . Based in Hampshire. Cheers
  13. sinner

    E39 530d Potential Purchase Advice

    I had a Feb 2000, that was pre facelift. Have a feeling that was one of the last. Easy to check if it has OBD-II under the dash, or the round connector under the bonnet.
  14. sinner

    E39 530d Potential Purchase Advice

    If the body is sound, everything else is comparably cheap to fix. Gearbox (assuming auto) and turbo are the next most expensive to fix, and they're easy enough to test. Hope you've found a good one!
  15. sinner

    Rear Doorcards Tops Swap Over