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  1. daniboy71

    Fresh wave of EGR coolers

    No complaints from me - spoke to the local dealership on Monday morning and explained the coolant loss and smell on start up. Car booked in for Tuesday morning, ready Tuesday evening. Replaced the EGR Cooler under warranty (its a 2012 car). The explanation was that last years recall changed the EGR valve and this is now a recall item for the cooler assembly. Even gave it a nice wash. Did get into a discussion about getting a 540i though so could be an expensive visit
  2. daniboy71

    Fresh wave of EGR coolers

    I’ve starting to lose a bit of coolant recently - had a recall to change the EGR last summer and received a low coolant level warning just after Xmas. Obviously I’m suspicious of the EGR cooler given this thread, so I spoke to the local dealer who confirmed the second recall, but my car wasn’t on the list (600 others in the local area are however!!). Is there a way of visually checking the EGR (I have a 535d)? I’ll probably book it in anyway as it is losing coolant somewhere (not a huge amount - about 500ml in the last 2000 miles or so) but it might move me up the urgency list if there’s an obvious EGR issue...
  3. daniboy71

    Fuse for luggage cover

    Just after my kids were messing about with it (...), my car (2012 F11) appears to have blown a couple of fuses. The ciggie lighters stopped working in the front, but there’s no way I can get my hand to those fuses to check, and they can wait til its mot. However, the luggage cover has also stopped working after they removed it to get a load of rubbish in the boot and for the life of me I can’t work out which fuse that would be. I’d assume it’s in the rear box but there doesn’t seem to be a fuse associated with it on the diagram. My only thoughts are that it might be the ones listed for the panoramic roof, which mine doesn’t have.... any ideas? thx in advance
  4. daniboy71

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Thanks - will do. I'll cancel my Eurostar to the Ruhr.
  5. daniboy71

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Nothing against Dortmund but was hoping for somewhere a little closer to home :-)
  6. daniboy71

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Any recommendations for a gearbox place in Warwickshire/Solihull area? My 535d has done 80k and I think it deserves a bit of love...
  7. Top tip - don’t bother calling your dealer, just ring the ‘emergency’ number on the letter and say you’ve had exhaust fumes in the cabin. They’ll book it in and sort out the enterprise rental for you. FYI my wife’s 320 didn’t need it so was back inside a day, my 535 did and took about 24 hours to fix.
  8. Well that was easy - part in stock and all sorted in 24 hours. Of course the technicians have found some other things to spend my money on, sorry, to fix - anyone any info on rear disc bushes? Never heard of them and apparently it’ll be £400.... not at my Indy it won’t be, but what are they?
  9. Just dropped off my 535, wife’s 320 going in tomorrow. V impressed with the hire car simplicity so far (I arranged it all through the central number).
  10. daniboy71

    DPF Regen question

    I’ve done about 20k in my 535d and the only thing I’ve noticed on the (usually motorway) driving is the oil temp sitting about 5-10 degrees warmer than usual for a while every now and again. No idea if that’s it regenerating, or just environmental, but I’ve certainly never noticed a change to the exhaust note...
  11. daniboy71

    What's your best range from a tank?

    I think it’s just the energy shifting all that water. Something has to pay to get x litres an hour into the air, and it’s a big hunk of metal to accelerate back after hitting surface water...
  12. daniboy71

    What's your best range from a tank?

    F11 535d, I do the same 80mile commute on the M40, often at 4-5am so nice and quiet. As I’m bored I spend a lot of time looking at the mpg... @70mph, dry, 48-52mpg @70mph, wet, 41-44mpg @80mph, dry, 42-44mpg @80mph, wet 34-36mpg I keep the rft’s pretty well pumped up (c40 psi) and at those speeds EcoPro doesn’t make much difference. And starting with a warm engine makes a 2-4mpg difference over the hour journey too. editied - that’s the cruise speed setting, so actual speeds over the hour are about 5mph slower
  13. daniboy71

    New car time - decisions decisions

    I do like the look of the 4’s (only real head-turner in the conventional BMW range imho) but am 6 months into a F11 535d and loving it. It’s no go-cart & too big to really enjoy back roads, but in all the places where you can actually use performance in the modern world (joining motorways, overtaking, blasting down dual carriageways at night) it’s astonishing. Plus mines in SE trim so has shocked a few chancers in its time. Electric towbar is icing on the cake. 50 mpg if you want (haven’t seen that very often...).
  14. On my 535d the only effect EcoPro seems to have on the motorway is reducing the efficiency of the aircon to the point where i need to switch to Comfort to clear the condensation off the windows. Switch off the aircon when not needed and stick to comfort on the MWay! (I have seen 50 mpg on my 80 mile commute...)
  15. daniboy71

    Engine noise under load

    Sorry - sold it 6 months later... never got any worse though and did another 15k miles in it.