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  1. daniboy71

    Indy Southampton recommendations

    Thanks Sams - our folks live near Totton so will tell him to have a look at the Bartley one...
  2. Hi all My brother has just joined the BMW owning fraternity and I’m keen for him to avoid the cost of main dealers - any recommends of good independent garages in Southampton? He’s on the Woolston side of town. cheers Dan
  3. daniboy71

    Buying an F10 estate advice

    Exactly the same experience as Jimbo - had a 520 manual for 3 years and loved it. Was 4 years old when I bought it, sold it with about 110k and it never cost me a penny except for rear airbags, few hundred quid at an Indy. Moved on to a 535d and that was an amazing car. Fast, comfy, economical. Only thing is I didn’t really get on with the sports seats so do try a few out before you buy! Someone wrote it off while it was parked a month ago so I’m looking again and will def stay with a F11. Cost me £7k in depreciation over 3 years at 25k miles a year, which is about as cheap as quality driving gets (12 plate) and also only had the rear airbags done. 100% agree about servicing, always got mine done at 10k.
  4. daniboy71

    535d vs M5

    It’s a write off. What a crap way for a great car to finish. It’s an interesting week - I’m self isolating, feeling crap, and work in aviation so it’s a bit of a full house really. They’d better offer me some decent ££... but I think the 540i might have to wait until I know if I’ll still have a job in 6 months!
  5. daniboy71

    535d vs M5

    And the hire car roulette has stopped on..... a Kia Stinger. 8/10 for looks, 5/10 for driving (it’s the diesel though top spec and lots and lots of toys). Kids like it though. Am definitely going to be asking tough Q’s about the gearbox/suspension. I’m gutted as even if they repair it I’m going to sell it as there’s no way I’m keeping a car that’s had that sort of impact. First car I’ve ever had that I could have kept until it fell to pieces.
  6. daniboy71

    535d vs M5

    Thanks all, good tips. ‘Equivalent’ hire car coming later today as they’ve had to source from elsewhere. All pretty painless so far, let’s see what happens when they get it on a ramp...
  7. daniboy71

    535d vs M5

    The M5 did - it’s pretty trashed on that side. My main concern is if my suspension has been damaged and I’ll have to wait until the morning for that. Quite impressed how the F11 took it - the impact shoved it forward 8 feet....
  8. daniboy71

    535d vs M5

    No - fully insured according to my insurers so should be ok.... looking forward to driving a 1.0 Corsa for a while
  9. daniboy71

    535d vs M5

    ....but not in a good way I’m afraid . Not what you expect when you leave your car parked outside home...
  10. daniboy71

    coolant leak

    My EGR was changed last year, then I started getting slow coolant loss in January. Rang the BMW garage, as I was also getting exhaust smells on start up in cold weather, they booked it in and changed the EGR cooler the next day. No coolant leak since.
  11. daniboy71

    Fresh wave of EGR coolers

    No complaints from me - spoke to the local dealership on Monday morning and explained the coolant loss and smell on start up. Car booked in for Tuesday morning, ready Tuesday evening. Replaced the EGR Cooler under warranty (its a 2012 car). The explanation was that last years recall changed the EGR valve and this is now a recall item for the cooler assembly. Even gave it a nice wash. Did get into a discussion about getting a 540i though so could be an expensive visit
  12. daniboy71

    Fresh wave of EGR coolers

    I’ve starting to lose a bit of coolant recently - had a recall to change the EGR last summer and received a low coolant level warning just after Xmas. Obviously I’m suspicious of the EGR cooler given this thread, so I spoke to the local dealer who confirmed the second recall, but my car wasn’t on the list (600 others in the local area are however!!). Is there a way of visually checking the EGR (I have a 535d)? I’ll probably book it in anyway as it is losing coolant somewhere (not a huge amount - about 500ml in the last 2000 miles or so) but it might move me up the urgency list if there’s an obvious EGR issue...
  13. daniboy71

    Fuse for luggage cover

    Just after my kids were messing about with it (...), my car (2012 F11) appears to have blown a couple of fuses. The ciggie lighters stopped working in the front, but there’s no way I can get my hand to those fuses to check, and they can wait til its mot. However, the luggage cover has also stopped working after they removed it to get a load of rubbish in the boot and for the life of me I can’t work out which fuse that would be. I’d assume it’s in the rear box but there doesn’t seem to be a fuse associated with it on the diagram. My only thoughts are that it might be the ones listed for the panoramic roof, which mine doesn’t have.... any ideas? thx in advance
  14. daniboy71

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Thanks - will do. I'll cancel my Eurostar to the Ruhr.
  15. daniboy71

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Nothing against Dortmund but was hoping for somewhere a little closer to home :-)