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  1. Great photos and excellent work on the car.

    1. V_MAX


      Cheers Load master,  yous are not bad either.


  2. Hello all For 2 days now the drivers had frozen shut (all the others are fine) - both the lock mechanism and the door as a whole. Problem disappears when the car is thoroughly warmed up (though took 2 hours yesterday before I could open having climbed across from the passenger side). BMW say the freezing door is due to the cold conditions coupled with water somehow getting trapped in the seals. They don't however understand why the door mechanism itself isn't working - they've...

    1. V_MAX


      From my experience it usually the cable leding from the handel to the latch mechanism. When old it condenses and has a tendency to get frozen stuck. Usually it is of no use to spray lubricant in the locking mechanism. What you have to do is take of the door cover, out with the locking mechanism and put in a new cable. This is not a 2 minnst job, more like 1 2 hours and be cerfull not to be any thing. Look at my pictures and you can see pictures of my broken rear door cable, they look the sa...

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