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  1. SamMubarak

    Random Bits

    Good Morning, Just after a price breakdown on a couple of random parts, Part numbers: 61131378410 - Plug 63131384100 - Bulb holder Thanks, Sam
  2. SamMubarak

    E39 540i Rocker cover gaskets

    Parts recieved, great service as always, please can i have a quote for a drivers side front wheel bearing for same car? Thanks, Sam
  3. SamMubarak

    E39 540i Rocker cover gaskets

    Sorry not been on here for years! Would it be possible for an up-to-date price on these, I never got round to them, Thanks, Sam
  4. SamMubarak

    Sam's return to BMW , imola red E39 540i sport

    It went back to Bowker BMW for the airbag recall, I lost the letter and totally forgetm, and found it a year later! They did the "Health check," and it got all green light oher than a slight oil leak, which i know is rocker cover gaskets. Just a few smaller jobs left to do, fresh plates, maybe rear spacers, and then do the rocker gaskets, I had a set of rockers done in crackle black powdercoat which i will then fit, Sam
  5. SamMubarak

    Sam's return to BMW , imola red E39 540i sport

    So I've not been on here for years! I bought a cheap non runner e46 coupe to play with for a few months, it was actually not bad to drive, 320cd 6 speed manual, which had been messed with and mapped. I still own the 540i, I cant really think what ive done with it, I also picked up some style 66 wheels, and had them powder coated in a shadow chrome last winter, as winter wheels, with 4 new lassa winter tyres, it performed great! Then had rust cut out of the arches, below boot and sill, new metal welded in, and a near full respray. n
  6. SamMubarak

    Sam's return to BMW , imola red E39 540i sport

    Thanks Dan . The coilovers are just budget ones, either raceland or ta-technix, a mate offered me them cheap so I just went for them, my sport shocks had started to leak, so it seemed a decent idea. The alignment was done by Bolton road tyres in Darwen, I've known the family a long time, the equipment is top of the range, but most importantly they are perfectionists with the adjustments, which is what matters the most I think personally, Sam
  7. SamMubarak

    Sam's return to BMW , imola red E39 540i sport

    And one i used to announce that me and the mrs are expecting our first baby, Sam
  8. SamMubarak

    Sam's return to BMW , imola red E39 540i sport

    So this month i did a bit of work on the 39. New front discs and pads, front to back brake lines, front brake hardlines, topmounts, coilovers, and a full hunter alignment set up, heres a few pics of how it now stands, Sam
  9. SamMubarak

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    A pic i used when i announced me and my mrs are expecting our first baby, Sam
  10. SamMubarak

    E39 540i Rocker cover gaskets

    Hi, im after the rocker cover gaskets for both sides (and whatever small gaskets are assosiated) , Registration P88SSM, Thanks, Sam
  11. SamMubarak

    Ok its not a 5, But M3 and M4 Goodness inside

    In which car ? The M4 was down towards Ribchester, and then back over Mellor way, The M3 more towards Great Harwood way, Sam
  12. A quick video i done of an M4, would of been great if my memory didnt corrupt and loose half my files! Also an E92 M3 Sound video. Please have a nosey and subscribe to my channel, Thanks, Sam
  13. SamMubarak

    WANTED E39 535/540/m5 Drivers side hub carrier

    Now sorted, Sam
  14. As above, snapped pinch bolt in mine, may be easier just to change the hub, nearer to lancashire a bonus, but can travel, or even better if post is an option, Thanks, Sam
  15. What model are they off? Thanks, Sam Sent from my LG-V500 using Tapatalk