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  1. Hi, Sorry to hear you've had this issue, Ive also just had the same albeit without any smoking or noise, just no power. I took the intake pipe off and theres no play on the spindle BUT it doesn't spin which Im led to believe is a complete siezure...? Do you mind telling me where you got your turbo from and the price? Also, was it a re-con turbo or did you get yours reconned? Thanks Jay
  2. MRJ

    Labda sensor fault

    Hi, I have cleared it a few times but it keeps coming back, but no lights on the dashboard or any other effects. I will leave it as it for some time and see what happens. Thank you
  3. MRJ

    Labda sensor fault

    Hi All, Ive got a 520D with the M47N2 engine. Ive had some work done on the Cat whereby the flax joint was blowing, so I had the flex joint replaced with a weld on piece that is available on ebay. However after the wrk was completed, I am getting an error code of '00447b lambda probe heating' on the BMW Carly app. Is it time to replace this sensor? and if so, whcih one do I need to replace, is there only 1? Ive looked on realOEM and I can only see 1 sensor on the cat on the following link: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=NX12-EUR-04-2007-E60N-BMW-520d&diagId=18_0759#13627791600 part number = 13627791600 any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  4. MRJ

    Smoking issue

    So eventually (Thursday last week) the car stopped smoking, and only threw out a small puff when I booted it but has been fine since hen and Ive driven it all round London with no issues. I took it back to the tuner who couldnt see anything wrong, and they checked the map applied to the car, made a few adjustments only to remove anything DPF related but nothing that would have caused this issue. They did advise me to replace the oil breather as they said it could have been blocked at first. I had already replaced this last year when i got the car, but it wasnt an original BMW item so I changed it yesterday for an original. The car seems to be behaving fine, no oil/water/power loss and no more smoking at the moment. Very strange! Thanks to those who commented.
  5. MRJ

    Smoking issue

    Hi, I thought the cat and DPF on my car were seperate. As far as I know the Cat is still in place too, because one the jobs I gave to this company was to weld on a a replacement flex joint that is connected to the Cat pipework, this was in order to save me having to replace the whole cat itself as it comes as 1 piece. Hopefully I will be visiting the tuner soon so Ill ask them to check the health of the turbo while they diagnose the issue. Thank you.
  6. MRJ

    Smoking issue

    I checked the oil again and its showing above the max mark on the dipstick and on the BMW Carly app it shows as 95%: Also, the following codes are showing too:
  7. MRJ

    Smoking issue

    Ive driven the car home and there was no smoke last night but this morning there is smoke again and it appears to be white smoke, Ive taken some videos: slow acceleration hard acceleration
  8. MRJ

    Smoking issue

    Thanks for your thoughts. I also thought it could be residue but can that be linked to the sudden loss of oil? (not being funny Im just asking as I have no clue)
  9. MRJ

    Smoking issue

    I also forgot to add that there has not been any loss of coolant, just in case anyone asks...
  10. MRJ

    Smoking issue

    Hi all, I have a 520D (E60 shape) with the M47N2 engine. I had the DPF and EGR deleted, and car remapped by a company at the weekend. Since the work was carried out, I drove 100 miles back home and throughout the journey it was smokey (blue/white). I swiped the black residue in the exhaust tail pipe with my finger and it smelt of oil. Up until yesterday evening the car was smoking and then it stopped. Drove to work this morning and no more smoke, so I assumed it was all gone and it was just a case of maybe the system being cleared out after having the work done. I checked the oil just now and it was on its minimum mark, so I topped it up. Also, the cars oil level between services always remained the same at the max mark. Contacted the tuner who advised me to keep an eye on it for the next few days. The tuner believes that the map is good because it was applied to another car with same engine and I’ve even messaged that person who says his car has been running fine since, no problems with smoke or oil. The car is on 120k and has had a fair bit of maintenance work carried out as follows: -serviced a few times all with relatively good quality branded products -New fuel injector seals/gaskets -oil breather updated to latest type -new main thermostat and EGR cooler -Swirl flap delete -DPF/EGR delete including remap -exhaust flex joint connecting cat to downpipe replaced with a new section, welded on, due to a leak When the thermostat was replaced about 6 months ago I checked the turbo spindle and couldn’t feel any play. I assume that because of the low level of oil, that the car was not able to burn much oil, and would continue to do so now that I have topped it back up. However I have yet to take it for a drive and see how it behaves now. If the car continues to smoke, can anyone advise as to what they think this could be? If it does continue to smoke I am going to take it back to the tuner and see what they can find but in the meantime im just seeing what peoples thoughts are Ive even thought that it could be the turbo on its way out based on things ive read here and elsewhere...
  11. Saw you going under the Northolt Target roundabout underpass. I distinctly remember you having a very dirty car, with the rear completely covered in black. I remember thinking I bet that persons had a DPF/EGR delete!
  12. Are these still for sale? Also, when these are turned on and you have the radio on, do these bulbs cause interference with the radio reception?
  13. MRJ

    Light/rain sensor fault

    Thank you for your help
  14. Hi All, last bnight I connected the BMWCarly / BMWWhat app and it shows the following 2 errors: Light/Rain control 00a8bc 00a8bd anyone know what this means? I have tried looking elsewhere cant find any details. Also, I know ever since getting the car the auto headlights function simply puts the lights on, it doesnt actually turn off when in full daylight. I have removed what I think is the light sensor from the rear view mirror to see if anything was blocking it and tried to re-adjust slightly, but still the auto lights dont work. With regards to the rain sensing wipers, its been working fine for me since day 1, but the car has been parked up for a week and ive not tested it since seeing the above codes. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. MRJ

    My E60 Build Thread

    Just read through this thread and your car now looks really good. Very well done.