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  1. bmwmike

    Buying Foxwell NT530 code reader

    Summers over too soon but there is something lovely about wood burner in evenings and bum burner in mornings against crisp air. Sorry not sorry off topic.
  2. bmwmike

    Buying Foxwell NT530 code reader

    Get ISTA it's free iNPa works on F too
  3. Worth knowing that Sytner own carshop. I looked at an "AUC" car in sytner and it was a dog. I looked at a car in carshop and it was a gem, but I missed out on it. iMO AUC is worth slightly more than carshop but there are definitely edge cases where carshop (et al) are better value and a safer bet. Not all cars advertised on AUC are actually AUC!
  4. Ah are you saying a map update causes the issue which then needs a FW update to fix? That would make some sense . I haven't bothered updating my maps and haven't had any issues either.
  5. Does anyone know the actual reason this happens? A firmware update is probably either a) masking the underlying problem or b) fixing an existing but latent bug in the prior firmware. Be interested to know.
  6. bmwmike

    Click/Snapping Noise in reverse

    Off topic sorry but what gives them permission to disconnect equipment. If not be happy with that.
  7. On my old m52tu I bent the last 2 inches of the suction pipe and could twist the suction pipe to ferret around inside the sump and there was often a few nuggets of black gold left to suction out. Quite satisfying. Another option is to raise the front slightly to encourage the oil to one end of the sump. No oil change replaces 100% of the old oil so the benefit is easier and more frequent chnaegs with a sucker imo.
  8. Agree which is why I like the suction method as it's quick and easy and clean. I do sometimes change filter only just for a look, also. See if any metal etc.
  9. No idea sorry I don't do diesel. My m52tu held 6 litres and I could do a oil and filter change in 20 minutes or so.
  10. They are great if you have a dipstick!! My n53 doesn't have one but my old m52tu engine did and I always used the sucker pump to get the oil out. Even if you only get 90% out it's so easy to do, can do it more often. Easier when oil hot.
  11. Yeah its a pity there is no interesting engine choice. The 508 got a lot of attention even parked up next to good company in Cannes! People stopping to have a second look etc.
  12. Back in my F10 yesterday after it was sat in an airport car park for a week. Started on the button as you'd expect. Thought I had a flat tyre because the steering was so heavy after spending the week rattling around Cote D'Azur in a 2019 pug 508. Lovely looking car and got a lot of attention but wowza the steering was so light I could spin it lock to lock with a flick of my finger. It had a diesel engine and was absolutely gutless. I thought diesels were supposed to have torque in absentia of power. I think it was the 1.6 in fairness. The auto was dim witted and had to use it in manual on the hills. Anyone know if they use the zf8 (unlikely if fwd I guess). Very glad to be back in my F10 with its zf8 and nasp 3.0 n53. And RWD. Have heard people on PH say they can't tell the difference when driving a RWD Vs FWD. Absolutely unbelievable that someone couldn't tell. It's so obvious. From parking to cornering, to overall balance tootling along. Overall though I did like the pug 508. It's a looker and the suspension was very good. Just not the engine box or steering weight (though the handling was good).
  13. Thanks. I've noticed on mine (530i, 64k) a bit of a transmission looseness at times and suspected the rear diff bush. I'm weighing up a few jobs that'll need doing next Vs wbac and something newer. Then I'll drive it and realise it's perfect for what I need. Doubt i would tackle diff bush either tbh. Not a bad price all said and done.
  14. What mileage out of interest? Thanks. Did you diy or garage..
  15. That's ridiculous.