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  1. I need new rears.. are those 18s or 19s and how do you find them?
  2. I thought the f10 were supposed to be super rigid. I guess it has to move though, and if there was no movement at all that may have consequences with expansion and contraction through heating and cooling cycles. Or summat.
  3. The wheezing is the operator but the car rubbers around the door definitely creak slightly, like the car is bending
  4. Anyone else notice their f10 creaks a tiny bit when jacking up on the passenger side front jack support?
  5. bmwmike

    F11 won’t Rev past 2800rpm

    about right for a diesel isnt it
  6. Wierd. Probably wouldnt be too hard to hack off the bush, if powerflex etc make replacements. In this day and age of eco re-use im surprised its done that way.
  7. Had mine 5yrs and 6 months No plans to change either, its superb for what i need.
  8. That is wierd. Wonder if the m5 one is the same.
  9. bmwmike

    Pre LCI halogen headlights

    mines going in soon so i'll report back.
  10. Stuck some new front pads on the old girl. Quick and easy job, the f10 is so easy for stuff like this. Discs still in spec so left them for now, recognising i wont get a full use out of these pads, probably. 71800 miles and thats original front disc and 1st front pad replacement. I must drive like miss daisy's driver's driving instructor.
  11. bmwmike

    Locking wheel key snapped

    +1 to a new set FoC from mcguard. Even if you flog em on ebay to pay for better ones
  12. bmwmike

    F10 LEDs or HID Kit

    Now that ive driven quite a bit at night these HID are a lot brighter than the LED. To the point where standing water/puddles in the road project onto buildings as i go down the road. Stupid question perhaps but never had lights this bright before - is that normal? Got a MOT tester friend, might get him to check the beam pattern etc. Ive been flashed once but its making me paranoid that im blinding everyone. Like all the 2020 audis.
  13. bmwmike

    F10 LEDs or HID Kit

    Thanks for confirming. Ive been looking at ways to get a projector so i can mount my old LED h7's to the front of my mountain bike.
  14. bmwmike

    F10 LEDs or HID Kit

    @BFlemingjust for you hows it looking?
  15. bmwmike

    F10 LEDs or HID Kit

    Just driven at night, much better than the LED's which in fairness were a few years old anyway.