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  1. bmwmike

    F10 nearside scuttle drain point clean out.

    I cleaned my driver side out earlier and there wasn't much crud in there tbh. I posted a pic in the "what I did today" thread. The reason I took it off was because there was a tide mark, but when it (cover) was off there was no water behind. Hth.
  2. bmwmike

    Wheel bolt problem

    Hmmm. I may have put a bit of awkward force on this as the wheel was pointing inwards, so could be my fault rather than a failure. Not overtightened as I'm very careful (good job too as it was relatively easy to get out). But cackhanded lateral goofedness is a possibility of this bolts untimely failure. I understand the purpose of the slip ring, and it seems like the squiggly bit is just a press fit into the splined bolt. In which case I may reassemble if I can clean up the splines. Unless these are available individually - will have a look around. Edit these are cheap as chips as sets may just get a new set. Thought they'd be 80 quid odd or silly like that.
  3. Flushed the brake fluid and cleaned out the OSF arch. No pictures of the brake fluid change but it was really easy with a pressure bleeder. I did the DSC pump thing for the rears but forgot the fronts. Doh. Brakes feel great though so going to leave it. Old fluid was pretty cloudy, presented below through the medium of alcohol bottles. 330ml of new fluid left over so I only flushed 670ml odd, oh well. Always next time. Only hard thing was figuring out the final master cylinder level as I can't see any markings. No errors no worries.
  4. bmwmike

    Wheel bolt problem

    Got it. The bastid. Lucky mine failed in such a way I could hammer the squiggly bit back in. I'm getting shot of them all asap. Can anyone recommend decent security bolts that are equivalent for insurance purposes and that don't fail and don't cost a fortune? Otherwise I'll just use normal bolts but probably have to tell insurance.
  5. bmwmike

    Wheel bolt problem

    Yeah I'm just going to get rid of all 4 locking bolts for normal ones. I only got the 18 inch wheels, cars garaged, and never gets left anywhere overnight apart from airports occasionally. Pretty sure a determined thief can get past any locking bolt anyway..
  6. bmwmike

    Wheel bolt problem

    Hi all I'm bleeding the brakes today and all going well until the final wheel (OSF) security bolt thing fell apart when I was undoing it. Gosh darn I thought to myself. What a conundrum. Any tips? Anyone else had this happen? It's the back part stuck solid in the wheel. I may be able to get a large torx in there, will try later. Cheers Looking on the intertube it looks like bashing a torx in is the way to go..
  7. bmwmike

    Anyone else got a 528i F11?

    Presumably was a fair bit quicker than the 20d too?
  8. bmwmike

    Brake discs quote please

    Hey there Could you give me a price for front discs and pads for DN98021 please? Edit: Front pads and discs Rear pads and discs 4 wheel bolts Can you price separately pls if possible and delivery to Cardiff. Thanks Mike
  9. bmwmike

    Anyone else got a 528i F11?

    Nice one! Worth keeping the index 11 that came out. You're building quite a collection of injectors haha.
  10. bmwmike

    DIY service

    Already arrived. Pretty cool service but marks off for the oil filter box being ripped and the copper washer missing. Might have one spare.
  11. bmwmike

    DIY service

    No bother mate, just ordered 1L and an oil filter for £14 odd quid with free same day delivery (mind-blown if it actually happens) from ECP. Cheers!!
  12. bmwmike

    DIY service

    Thank you thats the exact spec of the BMW stuff, ISO 4925 c6, SAE 1704
  13. bmwmike

    DIY service

    Regarding the dot 5 point this is why I was surprised to see opieoils of all places saying dot 5.1 is the correct brake fluid for my car when I know it isn't. If I enter my reg dot 5.1 is the only brake fluid shown! Just rang bmw - 500ml of dot 4 LV is £7.20 so I'll just go with that.
  14. bmwmike

    Corrosion on F11 doors

    In what way was it faulty and how did you notice? When sytner checked mine the guy (masterpainter or somesuch) had used the depth meter incorrectly. I later (weeks later) asked them to repeat the test whilst I was watching and magically the specs were all good. Fast forward to Dick Loving last week and they got similar readings to the second sytner visit but kept telling me the car may have been repainted (it definitely hasnt). What was interesting this time was they kept calibrating the depth guage against a peice of metal - not seen that done before.
  15. bmwmike

    Corrosion on F11 doors

    Joke still works tho. And - wow, surprised.