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  1. bmwmike

    Any quick fixes?

    pull it off and attempt to push the dent out from inside. It wont look perfect but wont cost 80 smackeroonies either.
  2. bmwmike

    Disc and pad replacement disaster!!

    Yeah length wise they must presumably fit in terms of stretching across the sliders/holder but not deep enough to sweep the disc. Surely B2J it would look wrong though and anyone who has done brakes before would look at it and think hmmm that doesnt look right!
  3. bmwmike

    Disc and pad replacement disaster!!

    So they fitted the wrong size pads? That shows either willful neglect or utter incompetence doesnt it... who doesnt compare old and new parts first? also can a 330mm pad even fit properly into a 348 carrier? Wouldnt it be obvious its the wrong part - genuine question as ive never managed to do that myself. I do agree everyone makes mistake but holy hell a garage is supposed to be competent and carry out work with due care. Its not really comparable to DIY. Glad its sorted anyway.
  4. bmwmike

    Wheel upgrade harsh ride

    Not sure tbh but mine (on 18's) gets squirmy as the tyre treads get worn out.
  5. bmwmike

    Disc and pad replacement disaster!!

    LOL no wonder the pad wasnt sweeping the full disk area.
  6. bmwmike

    Disc and pad replacement disaster!!

    Depending on forum policy i agree. That is appalling and no doubt a safety issue.
  7. bmwmike

    Bloody nice courtesy car!!

    IMO those volvos are nice looking but would look so much better if they hadn't sloped the rear wing edge with the rear light cluster and instead had it straight down. It just looks odd to me.
  8. bmwmike

    F10 Jacking on rear differential DIY

    Im still using a 40yr old snapon brand jack my dad bought when he had a garage. Never been serviced, has lifted lorry cabs far in excess of its lift limit of 2.5 tons (iirc) and is still going strong. Good tools last a lifetime.
  9. Not disagreeing with the efficacy of the 2 person method, but you really can't beat the pressure method - easier, cleaner, and less waste i find. Pays for itself over a few changes i think.
  10. Knew Andrew must have done a guide...
  11. I dont im afraid but its very easy if you have a pressure bleeder, to give you a rough idea: Siphon out master cylinder with clean syringe. Top up master cylinder. Connect pressure bleeder. Pour 1 litre of new fluid into bleeder and pump up to 20psi. Go round each bleed nipple and tap off 200ml or so. Job done. You can cycle the ABS pump too, i did last year but not this year. Keep everything utterly clean. Enjoy ever so slightly firmer pedal and clean fluid. @535i Andrew may have a proper write up iirc.
  12. Changed the brake fluid today, nice easy job with a sealey pressure bleeder. Obligatory old v new shot. Old fluid was two years old as I was last to change it. Not driven it yet so cant tell if I notice a difference yet
  13. bmwmike

    Rough Idle when Cold 525i N53

    Let us know what injectors you've got please, am curious to know. Mine (f10 530i) had a slight misfire on cold start the other day but not enough to cause an error on the DME. The injectors take a fair wack of current and a weak battery may cause issues too - worth checking.
  14. bmwmike

    Wobble 70-80mph thru seat

    70-80 wobble through seat is classic rear wheel imbalance - i was chasing one for ages and it turned out to be a dodgy rft tyre in the end. edit or or a combination of wheel rim balance and tyre. Seem to recall it went after getting new tyre
  15. Yours is a n20 engine i think? Never driven one tbh, but heard good things 70-90+ on probably the same private road as you is very quick in my n53 530i provided you are in the right gear for the power band. Sounds good too.