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  1. Most economical car I've owned
  2. My n53 uses so little as to be hard to calculate so I've started putting oil top ups in a spreadsheet since doing an oil change. So far 3000 miles and its dropped 1/4 on the idrive. I know others use a lot more. So it's either early run in procedure or something other than piston rings IMO. Which brings leaks or more likely the crank breather system into focus - if it's blocked or not functioning properly it'll suck (more) oil into the inlet. Are you tracking oil usage to know the exact consumption? Or just visually off idrive , because that display can be wildly inaccurate. I'd not be happy with more than a litre per 1000 miles personally but that's because I'm an eco freak and can't stand to see engines smoke. Doesn't mean yours does, btw. Edit sorry should have read the whole thread lol so nobody is actually using too much oil right? 1 litre per 8000 miles is perfecto. The engines are designed to use some oil. It's a question of balance.
  3. Tbh I've only had them a few weeks which for me means about 200 miles so a bit early to tell..
  4. Got khumo on back of mine and quite happy with them. Better than the supposedly premium Dunlop they replaced.
  5. They'll be dated on new cars soon enough too! Car manufacturers need to stop trying (and failing) to be tech companies.
  6. Ooh didn't know you could do that. I'd been happy with my auto wipers until recently when they seem to have gotten lazy. I tried cleaning the sensor but no improvement. Wonder if the adaptations thingie is in ISTA ..
  7. bmwmike

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    If I keep mine (lol because I've been saying that for four years already) I'll look to get this done. Nowhere local to me but a mate is an MOT tester so may attempt it myself if I can slip him some beer tokens for ramp time.
  8. I had the sport maxx RFT on the back o' mine and thought they were awful tbh. That's what swayed me toward khumo from dunlop.
  9. I've got 18s and have good year eagle on the front and khumo ps71 on rear. No complaints so far.
  10. bmwmike

    F10 535i Rear spring replacement DIY

    Nice write up!! For the life of me I didn't notice the hole in the parcel shelf so I used a swivel socket. Haha.
  11. You might be right tbh. I just always thought exhausts were supposed to stay clean. I'm probably behind the times
  12. N55 gets a sooty exhaust - quickly or takes ages? N53 stays fairly clean inside unless there is something wrong. At least a few hundred miles and it'll stay shiney inside. I've looked at a few m5s and they all seem to have sooty exhausts too. Maybe it's a turbo thing.
  13. Same here on my 2012. The black Chrome is wearing off though.
  14. Hmm good idea! Didn't think of that. Will give it a go.
  15. Mate you'll need a "bendy socket thing" to get at those strut top bolts. Oh and top tip mark the top hat alignment before you disassemble so you don't make the same mistake I made and have to put the strut in and out 3 times or whatever it was!