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  1. how are everyones door edges holding up in terms of corrosion? i had mine fixed last year and so far i dont see any recurrence
  2. bmwmike

    AUC and Brake Fluid

    i do about 9k per year the fluid will get dirty regardless of mileage i would think , its also hydroscopic so absorbs water from air. Best thing about a brake fluid change is the improved pedal feel afterward.. edit to add if i get this right a picture of before and after fluid should appear.
  3. bmwmike

    AUC and Brake Fluid

    the old fluid gets dirty so is a different colour
  4. @Munzy123 that looks good - i'm about to do rear discs and pads so might do this too. Would you mind posting a link to where you got your paint from please?
  5. i have pro nav but that does look tempting or if i bought a new car the small nav wouldnt put me off. what are the specs, got a link pls? is it responsive?
  6. do you get all the old idrive stuff accessible via that?
  7. Been tracking my n53 oil usage on a spreadsheet and ive topped up 800ml of oil over 10249 miles. Most recently it had required 250ml after 1901 miles. To explain, yes, i am a very sad man. Yes i use a measuring jug and a spreadsheet on my phone, and its all approx because i tend to keep the idrive oil level at max and top up at half. Ive never left it get to low or asking for oil. Also over the 10249 miles there were two oil changes involved, so its cheating a bit because i didnt record exactly how much oil was drained.
  8. f10 side profile is similar to an sd1..
  9. bmwmike

    F11 Front Discs

    corrosion could be the aberdeen salt. The f10 eats rear brakes due to the traction control IMO. When i had a broken spring i could feel a difference with the TC off. I can feel it ever so slightly if the tyre pressures are off a bit too.
  10. bmwmike

    F11 Front Discs

    my front discs and pads are original at 69k!
  11. always wanted an SD1, straight six would have been acceptable back in the day but always wanted the v8. The sport one (vitesse or vanden plas?) in red ideally. The youtube has a video of one with a spitfire engine - 36L v12 iirc, worth a look..
  12. bmwmike

    F11 Front Discs

    70k miles on rear pads?! my car hasnt tipped past 70k yet and the rear pads are nearly worn out - those are these second set in 69000 miles so the rear discs are close to the limit. My local garage mate thinks im mad putting new discs on as the current ones are fine, but i didnt fancy putting new pads onto an old disc as i dont think the disc would take another 35k miles. and shiney
  13. bmwmike

    F10 riding high

    haha!! yeah if a front spring snaps im sticking eibach on there anyway. As i say, the ride height seems to vary a lot. some days it looks fine, others like a 4x4. I got used to it. Car is sat on a slope at moment.
  14. bmwmike

    F10 riding high

    yeah i can get my arm in to the gap skinny arms and higher than spec ride height just measured mine, 640mm to arch with 90mm (~5mm either way - newtis is vague on exact point). Piqued my interest in this, wonder where the extra mm are coming from. also 16cm from ground to sill immediately behind OSF wheel. 16.5cm from ground to bumper (not the flappy thing that hangs down) immediately in front of OSF wheel. I occasionally catch tarmac coming off speed bumps, not sure id want it much lower. curious what measurements others get from ground to bumper/sill.
  15. bmwmike

    Confusion on coolant diy

    Oil temp is interesting. I changed my oil recently and used a different viscosity. Ive noticed a drop in temps and a increase in fuel consumption for same trips. Im using 5w30. I used to use 5w40 or even 0w40, and on a 40 could easily get oil temps past the middle (120c?). Seems to be harder to do so on the 30. Id never have believed oil viscosity could make a difference but id noticed the change in consumption and temp and scratched my head for what it could be before finally twigging the only thing i had changed was the oil. Could be wrong, seems unbelievable to me. May switch back to 40 next oil change.