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  1. Sdemon

    Interference in a mini r50

    Hi guys. Iv read a few threads about interference and inwas wandering if anyone who what the issue might be in the case of this Mini Cooper r50 the interference is mimicking the rubble of the car and when I accelerate the noise gets higher as if it’s accelerating through the intravee and sound system. I have inspected the kca. This sits under the driver seat on top of the sat Dvd unit. The cable which connects to the connects to the iPod, the plastic head is coming apart. Is this the possible problem? or should I be looking for a specific earthing point of the car. If so does anyone know where this is in a Mini Cooper r50??? thanks in advance
  2. Sdemon

    KCA-420i wake-up mod

    Hi Richard. Do you mind sorting out a wake up mod for me? Currently using gen5 video iPod. Many thanks
  3. Sdemon

    Adding aux input along intravee

    Thanks Richard for your quick reply. Are you talking about the thread where ppl are attempting to use the tune2air product and ultimately a member is trying to develop his own product? Cheers
  4. Sdemon

    Adding aux input along intravee

    Hi pps. I have a Mini Cooper 03 plate with mk4 sat nav with harman kardon mini boost CD player. the intravee 2 is connected via the cd changer cable in the boot. I would like to achieve two further things: 1) additional aux input so that I can connect devices via aux. this doesn't have to go through the intravee per se. Would like to know the best solution for this 2) Bluetooth connectivity so that can play music via Bluetooth Many thanks