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    MD of mobile dpf solutions ltd


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  1. Adam Gillie Megill

    Terraclean reccomendations Dorset

    As mentioned use the website, I'm a terraclean agent but your a little far from me unless you had a group of you?
  2. Adam Gillie Megill

    DPF 525d Sport

    I run my own company that deals with dpfs on a daily basis, if you have a glow plug faults the dpf won't regen as previously stated it has a check list to go through. If your dpf keeps coming back on we have a cleaning system that sees brilliant results and will take a dpf back down to nearly new.
  3. Adam Gillie Megill

    my m sport

    I've put the lci trim in but it's obviously to big for my stereo but I'm thinking of changing that anyway.
  4. Adam Gillie Megill

    Basic heater control to pre-lci climate control

    Yes it is fairly easy to do I'm rubbish with wiring but I managed to follow a simple step by step guide off google, I just need to code mine, you can buy all the bits from bmw http://5series.net/forums/diy-do-yourself-14/ac-basic-ac-high-retrofit-diy-rev-3-a-117450/
  5. I have a pre lci m sport with the silver cheque trim that looks like it belongs in an Astra, been looking for ideas of what I can do with it to make it look it less cheap.
  6. Adam Gillie Megill

    my m sport

    I will do pickle I'm thinking of changing them next year just got to find something I like that's different
  7. Adam Gillie Megill

    my m sport

    The ride is really smooth, for such a big car it isn't bouncy.
  8. Adam Gillie Megill

    Re-map to de-dpf or not? 535d

    You gain around 15bhp if you remove the dpf, I run my own company give me a shout if you want a quote or any other info.
  9. Adam Gillie Megill

    Long shot, but you never know.......

    I'm based in Derby run my own company called mobile dpf solutions give me a shout we can clear your codes and do a force regen
  10. Adam Gillie Megill

    Long shot, but you never know.......

    Whereabouts are you based? Have you had the dpf guttered? Why's the light on
  11. Adam Gillie Megill

    Retrofitting dual climate control

    Hi I'm guessing you mean changing from basic ac to high ac like this If so it's fairly easy I managed to do it it just needs coding afterwards
  12. Adam Gillie Megill

    Just for a change....... 520d DPF advice please

    As previously mentioned in other posts give m a shout if you are struggling with a regen, my company can come to you do what we call call a force regen. Problem with these cars is they don't tell you the soot content of the dpf filter.
  13. Adam Gillie Megill

    Coding newbie with Windows 7

    sorry jimmy have now used support email thanks for your patience
  14. Adam Gillie Megill

    Coding newbie with Windows 7

    right so now ive gone to plug the car in and it wont let me upload expertmode comes up with profilversion 2.0 so i tried a didnt profile and it came up wiht faulty vin, have i done something wrong?
  15. Adam Gillie Megill

    E60 2006 530 D DPF

    That all depends on what the customer wants, we can do everything from removing it to cleaning it mainly or force regen get with state of the art equipment