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  1. soorooshg

    New owner 3.6 M5

    Cheers Dave, absolutely in love. Sorry man I completely forgot to shout you out when talking about the suspension, my mistake.
  2. soorooshg

    E34 M5 YouTube Video With LivingLifeFast

    Oh sorry just saw that. Good shout, will get documented with all the rest of the stuff in the thread Thank you, my dream car
  3. Hi all, been a while since I’ve posted here, hope you’re all well. Just wanted to bring this to your attention, a couple weeks ago Ricky & I shot a feature video on my M5 for his channel, went pretty in depth with the details and took her out for a nice drive. Thought you guys might be interested in watching. Enjoy
  4. Last week I got my car back from the garage after having its starter motor replaced due to it not starting when hot, everything was ok for a few days until one time it failed to start when cold. The battery was fully charged and there was no crank, no starter click. It failed to jump off a spare battery so I had to bump start it in the end, once started it came up with 'oil level sensor' on the dash but was driving fine. Tried to start it again the following morning and in addition to the oil level, it also flashed up 'oil pressure sensor' too. Now I very much doubt if both of these have suddenly failed overnight, and that it would cause a no start. After some research I concluded that it must be a bad earth somewhere, and after struggling to find any info on the earth strap locations I'm fairly certain I found the main engine earth strap but it seems to be ok, both sides are firmly secured and there appears to be no corrosion or any damage to it (although it is not a bare woven cable but has brown insulation on it.) I've attached pics of what I found, could someone confirm that this is the correct part, and any suggestions on what could be causing this no start?
  5. soorooshg

    M5 Starting Issues...Looking for advice

    I've actually been told by a few people to do this before, same with my friend's Subaru which had a similar problem, but how do you even get to the starter? Am I right in thinking just underneath the exhaust manifold on the driver's side (RHD)? I never bump it when the battery is flat, I carry a spare battery with me for when the battery goes dead. I only bump it when the starter fails because of course jumping the battery will make no difference. I'll test the alternator like you said and see what happens, thanks for the advice
  6. soorooshg

    M5 Starting Issues...Looking for advice

    100%, everyone on this forum and the car community in general is incredibly helpful and of course very knowledgable. I appreciate every response, thank you for putting in the time to help out someone you don’t even know. Means a lot genuinely
  7. soorooshg

    M5 Starting Issues...Looking for advice

    None of my boot lights or interior lights (only visor) work, and the previous owner had the alarm & immobiliser professionally removed, due to funnily enough, a non starting issue. Someone on Facebook mentioned he has the same issue on his M5 where whoever removed the immobiliser forgot or left out the crank inhibitor init, between the barrel & relay apparently? Haven’t read much in to this yet but could it be a possibility? Also again quite a few people have suggested it’s a bad starter solenoid due to heat, which annoyingly again my dad seems to refuse to believe. I said to him it must be the starter not working due to temperature, and he seems to believe a starter will be cold because it’s not constantly running. Even though it’s basically bolted to the back of the engine/gearbox. The furthest he will accept is that the heat is causing a malfunction in the unit controlling the starter, not the starter itself. He doesn’t believe it can be affected so much just by heat. You’re probably the 6th person to mention it so it could very well be a possibility. Thank you for the advice, much appreciated
  8. soorooshg

    M5 Starting Issues...Looking for advice

    Funnily enough none of the internal boot lights work, and neither do the 3 interior lights at the front in the middle. Thanks that’s sounds like a good idea for eliminating possible causes. Will give it a go, many thanks
  9. soorooshg

    M5 Starting Issues...Looking for advice

    Yeah it is unlocked, that’s one thing I will try tomorrow, it should read 14v at idle correct? Also regarding this matter I mentioned it to my dad who is very clued up about electrics but not specifically car electrics. He’s adamant that you need to measure the alternator’s power in amps, even though multiple people have said colts. As I don’t fully understand myself either can someone briefly give me an explanation I can pass on to him please?
  10. In a massive conundrum as is standard for BMW owners unfortunately. My M5 has developed 2 separate starting issues which I’m pretty sure are not related to each other, and have got worse over time. The first one is a dead battery issue. Since I bought the car the battery was very weak, to the extent that leaving the ignition on for even 10 seconds would cause the battery to go completely flat and not start the car. I bought a new battery (stronger than the OEM one that was already in it) and for a few weeks it sorted the issue, I could do the windows etc with ignition on and it would be fine. Then after about 2-3 weeks, after leaving it overnight it would not start, cranking very weakly and then eventually dying. Jumping it with a spare battery will start the car. The fact that it’s a new battery and I NEVER leave the ignition or lights on tells me that there is power being lost somewhere when the car is off. This gets worse when the temperature gets colder. Also I decided to disconnect the battery overnight a few times and it started fine when I reconnected. Any ideas what could be taking power from the battery? Second, and more important issue. This occurred once every couple of weeks but got more and more frequent to the point where it does it pretty much every time I drive the car. After driving for a good amount of time (an hour or so, fully up to temperature) when I park up and come back the car is completely dead. No crank no click nothing at all. This has actually happened literally 5 minutes after turning the car off after a long drive so battery isn’t the problem here. Also jumping with another car or spare battery also doesn’t do anything, still no crank no click of the starter and all lights and other electrics work. In this instance the only option is to have someone push it and bump start which is less than ideal. The problem with this is that I have taken it to get looked at but they couldn’t make the problem occur so it’s very hard to diagnose. Any ideas on what this could be as I don’t want to spend tons of money just guessing things. I assume that it is a starter related issue, but not necessarily a faulty starter itself. What other electronics/components control the starter and what is likely to be at fault. I know of course you guys can’t diagnose it over the internet but anyone experienced similar issues or have any pointers as to what it could be? Apologies for the seriously long post but I had to describe everything properly. Car is a 1991 3.6 M5. Really appreciate any response and thanks in advance
  11. soorooshg

    Self Levelling Suspension spares

    I’ve got a set of rear SLS shocks for a saloon, dunno if they’re the same
  12. soorooshg

    My New M5 3.6

    I’d be happy with 18mpg haha, getting pretty much half of that during spirited driving. Maybe 13-14 around town
  13. soorooshg

    My New M5 3.6

    A bit far for me but if it’s going to be a solid turnout I’m sure it’d be worth the drive
  14. soorooshg

    My New M5 3.6

    Thanks, I’ll give it a look at when I get some time. She’s going to BM Sport for a new clutch master cylinder next week so I might get them to check out the sunroof while they’re at it. Thanks, yeah I was a bit iffy at the lack of spoiler at first as my 525 has one and I really like the look of it. However with the car being black on black I think it definitely gives it a much smarter look, I guess it’s down to personal preference. I need to find some good meets/shows to attend now, although it’s not really the right season. Or even if we could arrange a Small forum meet somewhere near London.
  15. soorooshg

    My New M5 3.6

    Where are the bulkhead drains located? Not an expert on this unfortunately. Funnily enough when I bought the car the sunroof wasn’t functioning, the seller said he doesn’t know the issue as he never got round to looking at it. Only yesterday I decided to take the panel off to find it was never plugged in! However it only opens but doesn’t tilt, are they all supposed to tilt? When it’s closed if I press the button the back lifts up about half an inch and then stops, like it’s going to tilt. Does it have a separate motor for that? Re. The sunroof drains honestly I have no idea, will have to investigate further. Thanks Carl, and perfect! Just what I wanted to hear. Thank you! Don’t think I’ll ever get bored of this, just the sound alone is addictive.