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  1. d_a_n1979

    Wing mirror glass

    I do have an auto dim rear view mirror, neither of the wing mirrors do this though and TBH I'm not that fussed Can they be replaced with normal wing mirror glass (as long as it's still heated etc)?
  2. d_a_n1979

    E39 530i Sport Facelift

    I get bored, easily Plus it was black and for me, I couldn't cope with it, so it had to go
  3. d_a_n1979

    E39 530i Sport Facelift

    You and me both; TBH I had a love/hate relationship with my previous 530i; with it being black, it damaged my OCD Super clean and then 5 milliseconds it was dusty as hell again That's why I love my current silver touring, it looks clean even when it's filthy FYI this was my previous 530i:
  4. I've run D2 coilovers for years; on a lot of Hondas and then on an E38 7 series and both my previous E39 530i's and found them to be superb on big cars; the big 7 was great on them, hilarious to chuck such a big car round bends like it was on rails Personally I'd go coilovers, they'll fit with no issues as they're generally plug n play, they save on labour costs when it comes to fitting as it's a bolt off/bolt on case and as already said; they're fully adjustable etc Plus with a professional set up (fast road set up); your car will handle and ride superbly
  5. d_a_n1979

    E39 530i Sport Facelift

    Hi Marc If you edit your profile so it shows your location here too: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< That will help a lot when looking for help/advice/cars etc
  6. d_a_n1979

    E39 530i Sport Facelift

    Doesn't look 'rough' pal at all; typical black car, it probably needs a thorough washing, clay barring and then a very good, in-depth polish and waxing. Headlights need polishing too; but all easily sorted, if you're good with your hands etc IMO it's far from rough and E39s at this age, it looks very well looked after. I know pics can be deceiving, but they look good initially
  7. d_a_n1979

    E39 530i Sport Facelift

    Nice looking Champagne here too @Marc P https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2003-bmw-530i-e39-m-sport-champagne-ll-edition/153555638911?hash=item23c0a11a7f:g:aEQAAOSw-fldIOaf
  8. d_a_n1979

    E39 530i Sport Facelift

    Where in the world are you @Marc P - You can edit your profile to show this FYI If I were looking at decent 530i E39s currently; I'd certainly been entertaining this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2001-Y-BMW-5-SERIES-3-0-530I-SPORT-4D-AUTO-228-BHP/173958591694?hash=item2880bd74ce:g:q4cAAOSw6TtdI9M-
  9. You could go OEM Sachs spec; they'll work perfectly well with the Eibach springs as they don't lower too much. Otherwise you'd be best to look at Bilstein B6 or B8 dampers FYI my E39 touring is on all new Sachs Sport spec dampers and Eibach lowering springs (up front) and the car rides superbly FYI; when you've added up the cost of springs and dampers (and IMO at least new front top mounts, may as well replace them as it's all coming off anyways); you'll be well within the region of good coilovers (ie BCs or D2s etc); they're very much plug n play on the BMW saloons with top mounts included all round and you can set these to your hearts content (ride height and damper rating adjustability); yes, they'll be firmer than OEM but not by a massive amount. Well worth considering IMO
  10. I'm going to get the Style 37s refurbed to a different colour soon unless someone offers me what I'm asking for them... Anyways; the refurb place will be refitting the PS4s on them, thought I may as well get the use out of them too and will be having stainless valves fitted as well They've offered nitrogen, for free, to fill em; but I'm very much in the habit of checking my tyre pressures at least fortnightly etc... What are folks thoughts on nitrogen vs air in tyres etc? Any real pros and cons / major pros and cons etc? Cheers
  11. d_a_n1979

    Tyres - Nitrogen vs air - what gets your vote?

    No issues round here like that thankfully
  12. d_a_n1979

    Tyres - Nitrogen vs air - what gets your vote?

    Ah no, I’ve just got their normal stainless valves. They’re shorter than the normal black rubber valves though
  13. d_a_n1979

    Tyres - Nitrogen vs air - what gets your vote?

    Oi... I’m chunky ok, I know that... No need to rub it in though.
  14. d_a_n1979

    Tyres - Nitrogen vs air - what gets your vote?

    Decided I’m going with this...
  15. d_a_n1979

    Newbie 535i

    Welcome on in Which flavour of a 5 series are you getting (E34/39/60 etc)?
  16. d_a_n1979

    E39 540i saloon - Jap import

    What do you mean 'out'? Looks unblemished to me
  17. d_a_n1979

    E39 540i saloon - Jap import

    I think if it were manual; maybe yes. But it's an auto and with the beige interior (although that's not hard to change/re-dy and change the dash out etc) It's current price is too high IMO; a price I'd expect from a dealer like GMS or Hexagon Classics etc Unless you can get a good few £k off it, I'd say you'll not make anything on it at all; more likely to lose on it unfortunately However, I could be very wrong
  18. d_a_n1979

    M54B25 - More Torque?

    Unbless you add forced induction... No A remap on an NA engine is a waste of c£300... Unfortunately as with most petrol engines, no forced induction means low'ish torque...
  19. d_a_n1979

    Rear suspension refresh questions - please help

    Which arms are you looking to change? Meyle HD or Lemforder are more than adequate; Moog are very good too and come with a 2 year warranty minimum! Find your part numbers via RealOEM and search for the parts on eBay; try and source via BMWmotormec or C3BMW For Moog; either eBay or try your local motorfactors
  20. d_a_n1979

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 04/06/19

    He's won an award for it today also I think; as per one of his FB posts
  21. d_a_n1979

    What is these connectors help please

    Wondering if you've issues with the LCM? @Clavurion - any input?
  22. d_a_n1979

    What is these connectors help please

    What issues are you having Chris; any error codes stored?
  23. d_a_n1979

    What is these connectors help please

    No; they're blanked off so not needed on your car. If they needed to be connected; you'd have experienced issues or warning lights by now
  24. d_a_n1979

    Treat for the car after 1 year ownership

    They are dusty; but not like cheap brake pads that tend to look like they're falling apart It's mainly the grooves of the discs that make them a bit dustier; as they're keeping the face of the pad clean from deposits etc. If you're like me and always cleaning your car, then it's fine. With a good clean and decent wax, they're easy to keep clean Shame re the lines; but least you've got them on order. Although 2 weeks is a fair wait!
  25. d_a_n1979

    Hey from Australia

    Welcome on board There's a whole section dedicated to the E39 further down the homepage; feel free to ask all questions in there