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    Moved to the relevant audio section for you
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    As above, 15 or 20mm will work fine... If your cars fully loaded a lot, could be that 15s suit best as you’ll not get rubbing then of the tyres on the inner arch... Precision Engineering sell these, on eBay & Amazon; but Mteconlineshop, on eBay sell decent spacers too and personally, I’d recommend their 82mm stud conversion kit over longer bolts too. It’s a safer option and makes life a doddle when it comes to taking off/putting back on alloys etc If you want named spacers; then Bimecc are very good, but so’s their price, if you follow me!
  3. d_a_n1979

    New owner - 535D LCI M Sport Touring

    Yeah; the ones I test drove really impressed me, just unfortunate that they were overpriced at that time. One of them is still for sale, a year on! The seller clearly has £££ to burn. See my comment re Spiders on your wanted ad; personally, I wouldn’t touch them, everyone I know who’s had them, has had nothing but issues... If you fancied decent aftermarket alloys, BMAutosport are highly regarded and they usually have some great alloys in; worlds your oyster. Or sod it all and get some BBS alloys
  4. d_a_n1979

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Looks belting that Keith
  5. d_a_n1979

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    In English/layman’s terms please...
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    Can’t help you with the alloys; but be careful as these alloys love to crack. So you’ll need to make sure they’re either undamaged or if they have cracked, that they’ve been repaired professionally.
  7. d_a_n1979

    New owner - 535D LCI M Sport Touring

    Welcome on in Looks a lovely motor; I’m a fan of these and was tempted by a few a year ago until I bought a 7 series land barge instead...! IMO the alloys suit the car; maybe just change their colour to a darker anthracite or shadow chrome maybe?
  8. d_a_n1979

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    This, this & this... May car is exceptionally maintained IMO; but I’d never go anywhere without breakdown recovery... Peace of mind etc
  9. This one: https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/chemical-guys-wooly-mammoth-drying-towel
  10. d_a_n1979

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    Nope; leave it IMO The orange sealant would have been hard/brittle and not doing its job anyways. Just replace the o ring to where X8R show you to and bolt the DISA back in place; should be find after that. As long as no air is being dragged in, you're fine @stu08
  11. d_a_n1979

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    Agree; if there's one left... Like you, there wasn't on mine either
  12. d_a_n1979

    Top radiator hose split

    Sounds like to me it's all just got a bit hot and gone; gone at the weakest point. As you switched the car off; the engine should be ok. But change the hose out, refill with coolant, bleed the system and make sure it runs fine/comes up to pressure fine with no further leaks. I'd say in that heat; leaving the car to idle is a no-no; the radiator isn't getting any air through it, as the cars not moving... No air, no cooling! Might be worth getting the whole cooling system overhauled, for peace of mine. So water pump, thermostat, top and bottom hoses at a minimum. Hopefully the radiator will be ok, but do give it a thorough check over and make sure it's not cracked at the top connection, where they're prone to cracking
  13. d_a_n1979

    Carly - reliable/trustworthy?

    I bought a cheap Honor android handset just to have Carly on (its used as a back up mobile too); but for £50, it's come in handy a few times now
  14. d_a_n1979

    530i Auto or Manual

    It's been up for a sale for a good while now that; was on eBay not so long ago, look in the eBay/Autotrader section on here, you'll see it mentioned. Looks a nice car; but if it were that good, it'd have sold by now IMO Something just doesn't right with it for me and no, it's not the box
  15. d_a_n1979

    530i Auto or Manual

    I wouldn;t; waste of time IMO. Change is still the same speed and I found I never used them on my Slate Green one... They just looked good
  16. d_a_n1979

    E39 540 sale value

    IMO the price sounds about right; but against it is it's age, it's a V8 and it goes against everything the car market advises currently... Selling these cars is a niche market; it takes time! Pay for your membership on here (£10) and get it advertised How else have you advertised it?
  17. d_a_n1979

    530i Auto or Manual

    See again; personally, I've never had any issues with the autoboxes and don't believe in the 'not if but when' theory; yes, get it serviced (fluid and filter), but they're strong enough to run for 200k plus miles in many cars with no issues... It's the few that have gone, unfortunately, that IMO, cause the concerns based on more rumour than anything else...
  18. d_a_n1979

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Sounds a good trip Keith; have fun We're off to anglesey ourselves on Saturday (tomorrow); so I'll be doing the same with the touring later today. All fluids checked, tyres already inflated to their new pressures and the wheels have been given a clean as the rest of the car is clean already
  19. d_a_n1979

    530i Auto or Manual

    See I've never got that @chicaneuk - all my auto boxes have been great to respond, kickdown is brilliant and like you said, they really come to life in Sport mode. Different boxes though maybe between the 523i and 530i?
  20. d_a_n1979

    530i Auto or Manual

    Hi Marc Welcome to the forums Glad you made it over via PH As I said on there; for me personally; I work from home, but do c5k miles a year, some longer trips (Anglesey and Dunkeld usually); but the rest is day to day B roads and a few junctions of the M6 to training and back etc... The Auto does everything I want; smooth effortless driving, plenty of poke when needed etc... I've now got a touring, an E39 I've been after for years and it's about my favourite of the 3 I've owned. But the saloons are cracking cars too Mine have all been auto's, I'm not interested in pudding sticks any more, more so in a large saloon/touring etc... Ok, if it's the M5, different story as more of a hoon machine I'd be happy with a manual in a sports car; a decent 2 seater of sorts, but not in my daily waft bus! The auto is great in Sport mode too; really lets you use the full rev range and they shift too; so there is that capability for some spirited B road driving There is plenty of info on these forums about buying an E39; my advice would be buy with your brain, not your heart. See a few good examples and pick the best from the bunch. Be prepared that there probably will be some work that's needed (unless you buy from an OCD riddled enthusiast like me, where it's already been done); but make sure there is plenty of receipts/paperwork to back this up and a good MOT history (can be checked online easy enough). Don;t go off stamped books, they mean squat to me personally and can easily be fudged . Check for rust, everywhere, but mainly arches, sills and jacking points etc. Make sure the cooling system has been well maintained and the same with the suspension. If the latter 2 haven't; budget c£1k for repairs or preventative maintenance. Parts are easy to source using RealOEM for the part numbers and specialist resellers on eBay such as C3BMW and BMWmotormec
  21. d_a_n1979

    Looking to add an e39 to the fleet

    Welcome on in @Marc P Twas I that told you to get signed up on here Glad you made it across
  22. d_a_n1979

    Carly - reliable/trustworthy?

    Carly is very good with diagnostics too IMO; helped me massively with my E65 7 land barge etc... Good for coding too and for c£55 for the app and same for the dongle, it soon pays for itself. If you don't use it much thereafter; the dongle will sell and you'll get some good money back off that The good thing with Carly is that it's very portable; leave it in the car and you have it wherever you are etc...
  23. d_a_n1979

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    No worries; glad you’re all sorted
  24. d_a_n1979

    Odd water leak in Touring boot

    Is the window seal leaking maybe? Could do with someone in the car watching as someone else uses a hose and puts water all over the rear and see if they can spot the leak entry point etc
  25. d_a_n1979

    What were you doing when Chernobyl blew up?

    It was on Sky News and it was a bit boring TBH; just a dragged out 15min story, but over an hour IMO, not worth watching