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  1. d_a_n1979

    RWD driving style

    No; that's not normal, but it's also not a serviceable part, so you may be able to claim If you're handy with spanners; it's a DIY job. But you need to make sure what it is that's failed (ie bags, compressor, lines etc). It's more than likely one of the bags that has failed and you need to see which and also replace with a quality bag (Arnott, Areosus or OEM BMW); please don't go for an eBay cheap jobby, they're cheap for a reason
  2. TBH every time I've bought a petrol car; I change the plugs as part of its first full overhaul under my ownership; peace of mind and all that. They're not expensive and if you're doing the oil/filters et al; may as well do the spark plugs too, if the cars new to you and you don't know the full history Basic NGK plugs: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NGK-Spark-Plugs-BKR6EQUP-3199-x6-Fits-BMW-E39-5-Series-12120037607/372630572108?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Plat_Gen%3AE39&epid=7005411194&hash=item56c2834c4c:g:31MAAOSwGDNcj3we Platinum NGK plugs: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-x-NGK-BKR6EQUP-LASER-PLATINUM-SPARK-PLUGS-WHOLESALE-PRICE-FAST-SHIPPING/163403445345?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Plat_Gen%3AE39&epid=7005411194&hash=item260b9ab461:g:3TcAAOSwkelcBPK5
  3. Interesting watch: Great exhaust and sound too...
  4. d_a_n1979

    Running car without brake disc back plates

    I've run many cars without the disc back plate, my previous E38 and first E39 too. They'd rusted right through and were clanging everytime I drove, just snapped them off and dremmel'd the remnants away etc They're not really that essential; they do stop bits flying around, but I never noticed any issues at all with them missing and it also stopped the chance of getting a stone stuck between it and the brake disc! Horses for courses. Rum them if you feel you need/want to, but you'll be fine without also
  5. d_a_n1979

    Crankcase Breather advice needed

    For the i6 engines, the Febi & Meyle kits are the ones to go for if you don't want to spend silly £££ on OEM BMW My advice has always been (even though it's more work and you need the gaskets too) is to remove the inlet mani so it gives you more space to work in and you're not having to reconnect/disconnect parts by 'feel' etc...!
  6. d_a_n1979

    Crankcase Breather advice needed

    C3BMW are a trusted reseller; they sell Meyle which is a solid brand: https://www.c3bmw.co.uk/crankcase-engine-breather-valve-e31-e38-e39-m62/p/846 I'd personally stick with tried and tested, and well known. They know their stuff, so if advice is needed, they're great to deal with
  7. d_a_n1979

    Government Extension to MOT Test/Renewal

    If you're not going to use it, may as well not bother. We've got ours both taxed as we may need to do separate journeys etc
  8. d_a_n1979


    I'm just going off what's been advised: “You are entitled to exercise once daily. This should be by walking, running or cycling from your home address. You should not be driving to a location away from home to carry this out.” Various police forces’ have stated that member of the public should not be driving somewhere with the intent of doing exercise or walking their dog – and with new powers being granted to police to arrest those who ignore lockdown rules, you should follow the rules from the police. The Environment Department also stated that the public should “stay local and use open spaces near to your home where possible – do not travel unnecessarily”. You should not be driving to a separate location to exercise or walk your dog.
  9. d_a_n1979

    Tracing battery drain - residual current in sleep mode?

    And this is with the boot latch flipped, so it thinks the boot is shut? Is the boot light going out ok? Have you a dash cam fitted at all? What about pulling Fuse 4 (I think it's that)? https://www.m5board.com/threads/fuse-4-battery-drain-general-module.598222/
  10. d_a_n1979

    Tracing battery drain - residual current in sleep mode?

    So; after 5/20mins the light by the gear selector is still lit? See mine was going to sleep fine, but there was still the drain! Have you tried it with the heater valve unplugged? Try that and the HVAC panel as you said and come back with what happens... @Clavurion - any thoughts/suggestions on this pal?
  11. d_a_n1979


    I think it just falls under the 'non essential' travel etc Less people op the roads; less issues to deal with and so on
  12. d_a_n1979


    Completely get that; but still goes against the 'exercise from home' rule... We've neighbours, that have dogs, and daily they load them into the car and take them wherever; against what's being asked. It's a simple rule and not hard to follow, but some folk seem to care less and still do what they want
  13. d_a_n1979

    Warning; S62 Engine on eBay.

    No worries pal; I've stuck it on all the others to warn folk...
  14. d_a_n1979

    Who's on Instagram

    I'm on Insta as it's my preferred platform for stuff I'm interested in and to follow fellow 'idiots' that do the stuff I do (with some car & gardening stuff thrown in there too) FB - I'm on there to 'stalk' candidates as my business revolves around Digital & Social Media; so if candidates I deal with profess to be 'Social Media Gods/Guru's ) I need to be able to see that as that's exactly what my client(s) will do; but I'm also on the E39 pages as they come in handy at times Twitter; on there as a business to follow other businesses etc WhatsApp; just for messaging and sending pictures rather than forking out MMS messaging prices etc That's about it; not interested in other platforms
  15. d_a_n1979

    Government Extension to MOT Test/Renewal

    ^^ To update; it's sorted. This is what is stated on the MOT gov.uk site: BMW 530 Check another vehicle ColourSilver Fuel typePetrol Date registered14 November 2002 MOT valid until3 October 2020