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  1. d_a_n1979

    Dodgy Ebay advert?

    Just search on Autotrader, it’s got a good search function
  2. d_a_n1979

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Did my first ever tip run in mine Did make sure the whole of the rear was covered with a large tarp to keep it spotless
  3. d_a_n1979

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Lovely; get a project up and running in the Projects section
  4. Scott 'Zion' on these forums used Walkers Autotech; I bought my first 530i via Scott and they'd really looked after the car mechanically; but they seem to be a respected garage, so could be worth looking into. Not exactly on your doorstep, but not that far either 'I think'
  5. d_a_n1979

    Dodgy Ebay advert?

    LEAVE IT ALONE... <<< Can I be any clearer?! IMO it's a shit advert, via a shitty seller; who either clearly cannot be arsed to sell it, or simply thinks it's ok to faff about and be as blase as possible... The details of the advert would make me forget it and move on within about 3 milliseconds... Keep looking, stop being desperate (as that's how you're coming across) and wait for the right car to crop up. Look on PH, Autotrader and Gumtree too... There are a good few out there, you just need to ensure that you go and view the right ones and ones that look like they're being sold by people who actually want to sell their car...!
  6. d_a_n1979

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    What about getting a clear wrap fitted to protect the new shiny paintwork? Just a thought... Looks stunning though, gorgeous colour
  7. Car back from BMW Bowker in Preston Airbag recall done; full clean bill of health given too and a lot of compliments on how clean the car is underneath and inside; the technician loved how the car sat in midst of all the modern BMWs and said the E39 still had the best lines No sales talk; just a guy who likes working on the older BMWs
  8. Lively alloys. Can you PM me with a price for them please? Cheers
  9. d_a_n1979

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Careful with those tyres; they're not very good and go rock hard, very quickly. I know a few folks that have run them and they've been bloody awful
  10. Thanks pal Are you able to send my details to whomever is selling them; so I can discuss/get pictures etc? Feel free to PM me re this Cheers
  11. d_a_n1979

    M5 Mirrors Genuine or fake?

    Yeah; there's always the hassle of what condition they're in though. Sometimes it's best to get brand new; least they'll have a warranty to them then and, as far as I can tell, they're plug n play! Mstyle ones: https://www.mstyle.co.uk/bmw-5-series/e39/exterior-styling/mirrors-mirror-covers-accessories/mstyle-mirrors-electric-fold-saloon-touring.html I'm probably going to go for these myself; I'd rather replace the fix TBH
  12. d_a_n1979

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Dropped off to Bowker BMW in Preston for the airbag recall Told them not to wash or valet the car seeing as I did it yesterday and they'd never get it to that level
  13. d_a_n1979

    M5 Mirrors Genuine or fake?

    What about aftermarket ones (SSDD, Mstyle)?
  14. d_a_n1979

    M5 Mirrors Genuine or fake?

    IIRC that's way over priced. If they were fully functional with everything needed, then maybe £250, but not a chance as it is £150 for the mirrors maybe, with luck. They're broken, so until fixed, they're not worth their normal prices IMO
  15. Not too hard when you know a decent engineering firm