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  1. jal1234

    Side skirt damage

    I had one of the mobile body shop franchise's available here in the states repair mine after the previous owner punched a hole in it shortly before I bought it. He repaired the hole, and resprayed the shirt, and you can't tell it was ever repaired.
  2. jal1234

    iPod interface

    Short answer, yes. Needs to be added to the VO and default coding set for the CCC or MASK. Fairly trivial with NCS Expert and a cheap INPA cable. Reports are that the interface may not work correctly with some later iPod touch models. I've used mine with an old iPod photo, and an iPOD mini that I upgraded to 64gb. I've also used it with a Bluetooth dongle for linking to my cellphone and streaming Pandora.
  3. AFAIK, the interface will only recognize tracks loaded thru iTunes. But I'd think it still ought to see it, just with empty music. But we are talking BMW vs. Apple!
  4. Don't know where you live, but in the US we can download owners manuals here: http://m.bmwusa.com/#manuals It won't cover your Diesel engine because we didn't get them, but it ought to cover the various other systems on your car. Couldn't find downloads on the BMW UK site, the FAQ talks about ordering them from a dealer.
  5. Here's a link to the iPod users manual. Use the portion for idrive, except 7 series. http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28682 And here is a link for the installation instructions. Use it to make sure everything is connected properly in the car. https://www.bavauto.com/Assets/inst_pages/ins360.pdf Could just a bad cable between the iPod and the interface unit.
  6. My car with CCC doesn't need anything in the CD slot.
  7. Your iPod should also show the BMW logo on its screen. Sounds like the unit may have been physically installed, but the car wasn't coded to add it to the VO and CCC or M-ASK unit.
  8. jal1234


    I checked ETK, (the BMW parts system), TIS,( the older repair system), and ISPI,( the new BMW repair system), and NONE of them have any detail on the internals of the gearbox. There are no internal gearbox parts available in the BMW parts system. You can get a few external seals, switches, etc, but no internal parts. And there is zero internal repair information in the factory repair system. Believe what you want, but from BMW at least, nothing is available for the E60 manual boxes. There may be a way to get parts from ZF or whoever makes the gearboxes, but not from BMW.
  9. jal1234


    In other cars, that is a sign of the first hear syncho being bunged up, and not allowing the teeth to fully engage. Things tend to get worse with time due to edges getting rounded off each time it jumps out of gear. I've repaired numerous older Porsche transmissions in the past myself, as synchros are a common wear problem. But, as I outline below, that option may not be available to you. The really bad news, is at least here in the states, BMW does not provide internal spares for the manual transmission for the E60s, and the service manuals don't cover internal repairs. BMWs solution is to exchange the entire transmission. I don't know if any independent shops have figured out how to repair them or not. You best solution may be finding a transmission from a wrecking yard.
  10. jal1234

    CCC fan unit?

    BMW part number 65836933200
  11. I bought the BMW mat, 51470309119, for my E61. Very nice, fits great, raised outer lip. I thought the price was reasonable for what I got.
  12. jal1234

    Advice for a 1st time E60 buyer.

    See this:http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=731460 So You Just Bought an E60
  13. jal1234

    Removing the phone cradle

    Thanks for this thread. My E61 had phone prep, but no wiring in the cradle. Glad to be rid of that useless crap. Console is a lot more useable now.