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  1. MancFrank

    PAS Leak - Advice Sought.

    Thanks, Clav. She's been taken off on a flatbed this morning to 'Cheshire German' which is only around the corner from me to determine exactly what's needed. Am I right in thinking that Cotswold are the go - to supplier in the UK once I have part numbers?
  2. MancFrank

    PAS Leak - Advice Sought.

    Damn. Thanks, Clavurion.
  3. MancFrank

    PAS Leak - Advice Sought.

    Can someone tell me if there's any fundamental difference to the PAS setup between LHD & RHD on the 540i? Found this kit from an American vendor on fleabay - seems good value (even with import duty) - assuming it fits! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/361379248473?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  4. MancFrank

    PAS Leak - Advice Sought.

    Thanks, Jerome - yeah, that's over ten miles from me. Even if the steering remains operable (which it isn't over any real distance - it's damned heavy without assist!), I doubt the half hour or so drive would be possible without damaging the PAS pump.
  5. MancFrank

    PAS Leak - Advice Sought.

    Thanks, man. So, looking like it's just a hose that needs replacing, then? (You'll have gathered that I'm mechanically incompetent, I'm sure!). I'm keen to keep the costs low if possible - not least as I'll soon need new rear rubber & the top mounts could do with replacing, too. Does anyone else have any input or suggestions - particularly for a mechanic near me?
  6. MancFrank

    PAS Leak - Advice Sought.

    Well, after two trouble free years of 540i ownership, I hit my first real problem today. Whilst actually on the ramp for the MOT, the PAS decided to regurgitate all its fluid. Lovely. Made it back home & just made the driveway before losing all assist, accompanied by the pump gasping for air - needless to say, the reservoir is empty. Anyway, the tester noted the leak to be from reservoir to box, which I guess is the pressure hose & I wondered if anyone had a steer on where to get the relevant parts and / or knows of a competent mechanic near Stockport? I'd usually take the car to Darren Wood (local indy) but they're booked solid for four weeks and I'd prefer not to drive further than essential (if at all) as I don't wanna kill the pump or let air in the system to otherwise wreak havoc. Any / all ideas welcomed! Frank
  7. No, the tensioner hasn't been replaced in the twelve months I've had the car & nor do I remember seeing it as a line item in the (extensive) history file. As per my above post, if the issue doesn't abate, I'll get it done when I pop the covers as part of any investigation / pre - emptive action. I've not driven the car since Saturday, at which point she seemed fine, so I'm still inclined to think it may be (have been) a lack of oil pressure in the valvetrain owing to a few shortish runs.
  8. Oil was changed less than 4K ago, level fine. The noise (which is now, variously, less / same but not worsening) is emanating from the mid - two thirds point of the rocker cover, so my current assumption is less than optimum lubrication of the lifter. If that is so, I believe it isn't likely to be terminal and quite common on the M62. Obviously, I'm some way off the next, scheduled service but if it worsens or doesn't clear itself after a couple of longer runs / pissing the neighbours off with muchos 3K revs idling, further investigation may be needed. I might get the rocker gaskets done earlier than I was planning on for a look - see / replace the tensioner & move to a more viscous oil. Any / all further theories are welcome. Frank
  9. Update: So, a quick thirty mile run down the motorway at speed and using max revs (where appropriate!) seems to have improved matters (either that, or the fan noise is now drowning things out). In the absence of better (or any) opinions, could it be due to a lack of pressure in the valvetrain after a few, recent short - ish runs?
  10. Guys, I'd be really grateful for some pointers and advice on this one. My 540i is making some low - key, but decidedly agricultural sounds from what appears to be the left bank (looking from the front of the car) only. All the chain guide failures I've seen produce a more metallic rattle which seems to come from the front of the block, so I'm hoping I'm not gonna have to stump up for 'the big one'. Some of you will know that I'm a complete mechanical wuckfit so any / all guidance will be greatly appreciated. The only thing I can be pretty sure it ISN'T, is vanos - my '97 build doesn't have it! Vid of engine running here:
  11. MancFrank

    Whats the Insurance value on a 2003 E39 535i SE

    Yeah, that's a write - off for sure. Mine was Cat D for this (I shit you not!). Car valued at £2.5 K (108K, '97 540i) - paid out 2.3, kept 'salvage' for £200. I've not bothered having it sorted - there are the inevitable minor dings elsewhere anyway &, as a Cat D, all I had to do was tell my insurer - there's no worry with additional testing etc. It happened after I'd had the car a week, so initially I was pretty gutted. Felt much better when the dozy cows insurance paid out, though - basically, I got a 'free' car and a nice wad of spends - I paid less than half the insurance valuation to buy it in the first place! Clearly, that was quite a result for me - no reason why it shouldn't work as a positive for you, too.
  12. MancFrank

    Anyone in Stockport?

    Maybe I'm just spending more time pootling 'round my own patch recently, but there seem to be rather a lot of E39s around right now. Anyone fessin' up to the Orient Blue 525i SE regularly parked on Edgeley Road on weekday afternoons? Regards, Frank
  13. MancFrank

    Heart = broken

    Well, shit... Yeah, I can see why you might not be overly keen to invoke the insurance with a premium like that. My 'no claims' history is limited to 'named driver' & company policies, rather than a motor in my own name. I run my 540 on a classic policy on which, of course, you can't accrue any no claims - but my insurance is a mere fraction of yours... I feel your pain, mate.
  14. MancFrank

    Heart = broken

    Ouch! I hope the bastard who did this came off worse... Shame you'll never know. Re: Insurance. It might be worth claiming - I'm sure you'd get a 'Cat D' for this (mine was, for not much more than paint and a slightly compressed rear bumper!) but if you're keeping the car, you may well come out on top (assuming you have a protected NCD, anyway). I did - and by a very significant margin, too. Regards, Frank
  15. MancFrank

    Converting 3.0 > 4.4

    Yes, 'Arctic Silver' really suits these cars - personally, I also think they're prettier without the sport bodykit, too (although this is, in essence, a pre - sport, 'sport', with factory M Sport suspension & seats) and the style 66s certainly set her off nicely (originals, of course, being the gash turbines...). She's my first E39 - certainly won't be my last, though.