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  1. Defblade

    To advertise you need to be a gold member.

    I've gone through the security message for this site, expecting the Paypal connection will go back to secure, but then I'm getting a red box message on the checkout saying "There was an error processing the payment. Please try a different payment method or contact us for assistance." Oh, look, it copy/pastes in red as well! As the checkout page is still not secure, still not keen to put my card number etc in there....
  2. Defblade

    High level brake light meltdown

    When mine had trouble, I discovered it was actually that the fitting was loose, causing arcing and failure messages. Squeezing it back tighter sorted it out!
  3. Too late now, but for anyone else who reads this - the wires can't be soldered back on, neither the wires or the pads accept standard solder, seems they are ultrasonically welded in manufacture. I had success repairing with silver epoxy, but it's a fiddly job
  4. Defblade

    To advertise you need to be a gold member.

    Still can't get gold membership! When I try to go from the cart to payment, the connection is no longer secure and my browser says don't enter any details...
  5. Defblade

    One brake light getting no power

    A very high chance that the headlight levelling fail is down to the internal adjusters, the OE ones are made of cream cheese. Grab the back of the bulb holders and see if you can easily wobble the whole unit around inside the outer casing. New adjusters cheap enough (approx £5 ebay) but a bit of a PITA to fix - either cutting into the top of the units, or heating the covers off the front.
  6. Defblade

    E39 m5 brake judder

    I've found myself fighting the steering wheel once when a caliper seized on properly. I think it's to do with suspension geometry - a little toe in and negative camber means the wheels try to push in together under acceleration which gives stability; but not so much under braking. So when one caliper seizes, one wheel is trying to go off at a different angle to the rest of the car For some reason, I've had at least one sticky caliper on each of my last 3 cars... I've got really good at changing them! Also, change the flexi-hose at the same time - it's possible that the interior of that is failing and causing a one-way valve effect, rather than the caliper itself being bad. And it's cheap! (unless you go braided )
  7. Defblade

    To advertise you need to be a gold member.

    Hi, I'd like to take gold membership to advertise my car, but it says there's a problem with Paypal, and there's no way I'm typing my card details into a site with the https crossed out in red due to no security cert... Help!
  8. Defblade

    speaker upgrade???

    If it helps, this https://www.talkstuff.net/ipb/index.php/topic/377431-my-bmw-530i-e39-saloon-install-thread/ is my install thread, it's a rip-it-all-out-and-go-aftermarket-without-spending-too-much-money install (I had most of the ICE kit already!). There is some discussion of things that might/can be done on that thread; there are several more E39 installs of various types on that forum if you want more ideas.
  9. Defblade


    Thanks for looking folks
  10. Defblade

    Possible ABS Module Error

    Follow the link I posted earlier and you're having trouble with the usual row of wires in the module. Even if you could keep your hand steady, it seems both the wires and their attachment points are of metals that won't take solder anyway, they were ultrasonically welded. The cheapest option is having a go yourself like I did but it's a bit of a gamble; otherwise BBA's service is far and away the most cost-effective way of sorting this out.
  11. Defblade

    Possible ABS Module Error

    If you're handy, read this thread: http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=451633 My contributions are page 7, several months on, still 100% fine (~touches wood~)
  12. Defblade

    Which ball joint splitter

    I broke the scissor type one I got from GSF without even bothering the ball joint. A cold chisel wedged in the gap that closes under it, and a few kicks to the top of the tyre once up in the air shifted it ok though
  13. Defblade

    Winter tyres

    I've been using Michelin Cross Climates - should be enough to get around in the few inches of snow we sometimes get here in SW Wales, fine the rest of the time too.
  14. Bought for £1350 year and a half ago. I fitted a decent stereo/amps/speakers, but that was mostly stuff I owned already or is 100% portable to the next car, so I ignore that as cost. Biggest cost, £400 on tyres (Michelin Cross Climates. I need to keep moving in winter!) but that's consumables on any car, so again I don't really count them. Other costs, from front to back, aux fan £100ish (didn't want cooling/aircon issues), headlight adjusters £5 and a lot of faff (can see at night now), LED side light bulbs £27 (OE one failed), refurb calliper and flexi hose £100ish (MOT advisory followed by getting much more seized a few days later), lower track arm £30 (MOT advisory), fixing 3 lights of doom on ABS £30 (would have scrapped the car come next MOT otherwise, plus gearbox and cruise issues), intermittent wipe relay £20 odd (kills the whole wiper system - interesting on the Mway in the rain...), flat wiper blades £17 (consumables), windscreen excess £75 (big crack), heater hedgehog £80 (battery drain), pixel repairs £18 each for dash and MID, rear ABS sensor £20 (trying to fix the 3 lights). That gives £540 on sorting things out, there'll be a few bodges and one oil service in there as well, but that's also just running a car, so I'd say it's cost me a bit under £2k altogether so far (or a bit over with the tyres). It'd be a lot more if I didn't do all the work myself! Since fixing the ABS module (which has, as I expected/hoped, cured the gearbox troubles) I'm loving it again Edited to add: how much more will I spend? Well, so long as it basically keeps running, anything that costs less than £200 will be fixed without worry, or any feeling that it "owes" me any time from that. £200 to maybe 600 or 800... would probably get done, but then it better had keep running well to justify it; also I'd expect that money to affect a reasonably permanent repair to whatever it was. Pushing on towards a grand or above... hmmm... you can get a whole other one for that sort of money... is it really worth it???
  15. Defblade

    Car won't start, can the battery fail that quickly??

    Every time you lock/unlock or open a door it wakes the car up for quarter of an hour, doesn't take a lot of that to upset the battery, especially if you've been starting it and stopping 30 secs later going in and out. Or your hedgehog has died I bought a lithium battery boost pack a while back which is fantastic at getting the thing going again, as well as being amazingly small (and with adaptors for laptops, usb, etc). Holds charge for months. Lives in the boot as there's few things more frustrating than a slightly down battery on an automatic that you therefore can't bump start