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  1. DanRooms

    Window trim refurb

    Thanks, would that be 2 Pack or Cellulose? 2 Pack I guess?
  2. DanRooms

    Window trim refurb

    Hi, has anyone got any tips on removing the rust on the gloss black window trims I have? Can you remove the trim pieces, or is it less hassle to try and do it with them in situ? Any recommendations on type of paint to use? Any info appreciated!
  3. DanRooms

    Remaps on an V8, are they worth it?

    Excellent replies, thanks all! Yeah I don't think I'll be bothering with any remaps
  4. Hi, over on FB there is a chap who sounds like he's trying to sell me a remap for my 540i (auto). Obvs fuel economy isn't a strong point on these, but is a remap a magic fix for this? I was under the impression this sort of thing only really worked on turbo and diesel motors.
  5. DanRooms

    bmw e39 pixels repair

    Baris sorted it for me. All good
  6. DanRooms

    Pixel fixin'

    Thanks, I'll drop him a line!
  7. DanRooms

    Pixel fixin'

    I'm in Reading, so not a million miles away. Is there a specialist there who can do it?
  8. DanRooms

    Pixel fixin'

    The pixel readout for odometer, radio etc on my 540i has a few pixels missing. I believe this is pretty common. Is it a cheap and simple fix, or more hassle than it's worth? Does anyone know where to get the necessary parts? Any advice appreciated!
  9. DanRooms

    CD changer stuck

    A quick thump has sorted it! Thanks!
  10. DanRooms

    CD changer stuck

    I, being old, still listen to the occasional CD but the 6 CD changer in the boot is now refusing to eject. Tried levering it out a bit, but it seems pretty fragile so don't want to hamfistedly break anything in there. Anyone else had this issue and managed to retrieve the awkward piece of equipment? Apologies for the crummy pics.
  11. DanRooms

    540i leaky rocker covers

    Cool, I'll definitely try some genuine items – not sure what's on there at the minute. Did you get an occasional hot oily whiff in the cabin when yours were leaking? I'm hoping that's the cause of that, rather than something more serious.
  12. DanRooms

    540i leaky rocker covers

    Got a problem I need to address pretty soon I guess– a bit of an oil leak from the rocker covers. The gaskets on there were done two years ago, I guess they should last longer than that, so perhaps the covers themselves are warped? Anyone got any tips where to get them, or upgrades? Is it a DIY job for a mechanical doofus like myself or better to leave it to a pro?
  13. DanRooms

    Which service do I need?

    Cheers RDL. Yeah I got them to do a few bits, but left easy stuff like air filters for myself. Looking at the history it's had a new rad (I've heard about them blowing up at 100K miles!) There is a note about the viscous fan being weak though, this would make sense as the electric fan does seem to cut in more often than I feel is normal. New fan clutch next on the to do list!
  14. DanRooms

    Which service do I need?

    Jesus, yeah they are definitely trying to rip me off on those filters! Thanks for the links.
  15. DanRooms

    Which service do I need?

    Cool, I'll go for an Inspection 1 then. The Pollen filters, they want to charge £75 each for them – sounds steep! Is it worth the extra for a K&N air filter then?