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  1. NOZ

    DPF - remove or not?

    My old E60 dpf got clogged up so much the engine wouldn't even run. Until then it was smoking quite badly and was progressively limping on power. I had it gutted and coded out with a remap. My current E60 had it done before I purchased it. Both cars feel like the engine's less restrictive. Much of that is also down to the map, which you might as well get done if the dpf is getting deleted. Additionally there's hardly any soot from the back. With the MOT it's a visual inspection of the dpf box being there so it doesn't matter if it's been gutted out.
  2. I have a front and rear dash cam I'm trying to hardware into my E60. Through research I've gathered it's best to fit the live wire directly to the battery in the boot and use the cig lighter fuse for a tap. My problem is getting the cig lighter plug from the cabin into the boot. I've wired it to the C-pillar panels and down the side of the rear seat. I've managed to get it through the door trim and seat bolster where I can see a part of the loom. However it's impossible to get it through there. I've tried between the seat base and rear where the isofix is but there's no gap through there. Any ideas?
  3. NOZ

    E60 passenger side skirt

    Looking for a passenger E60 skirt. Will pay for delivery. 07749 4 five five 1 four 5 Noz
  4. NOZ

    VAGs to Beemers

    Don't get me wrong I still like the E60 but I think my serious modding days are over! Probably a few little touches here and there.
  5. NOZ

    VAGs to Beemers

    Certainly was gutted after all the money and time gone into it. Owned it 3.5 years and it sat on the street 40% of that time needing work done! Just happens to be one of the cars that always puts a smile on your face and want another. Standard weight it less than 1 tonne and I had pretty heavy rims on it too. http://www.retrocaricons.com/article/Volkswagen_Golf_GTi_Mk2_96 Looked at swirl flap and DPF issues already. Will need to do the swirls on this sooner than later, give it a good service and a map. Like to sort out all the niggly things before tackling anything else but overall a pretty solid motor. NOZ
  6. NOZ

    VAGs to Beemers

    Hi Guys, Used to be on the VAG scene for quite a few years organising meets and midnight cruises. Last project was my Golf MK2 with a 1.8T stage 2 conversion. Weighing around 950kg and 250bhp it felt like a beast of a go-kart! A lot of effort went into it but unfortunately got written off last September. Ended up looking for a 'grown-up' car but I wanted some power despite it likely being slower and sluggish. Got a BMW E60 530d which I quite like although not nimble at all! Hopefully get to attending the Kent meet at some point this summer. NOZ