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  1. Good evening all, Looking for a set of staggered sport wheels for a E39. Wheels must be straight, free of any buckles or repairs. I'll be getting them refurbed. so flakey paint and light kerb marks are no issues. Let me know what have. Stu
  2. stu08

    Alloy wheel dilemma

    I'm very close to fitting 12.5mm spacers (hubcentric if possible in that size) and lowering it further on a B12 kit. Think with a nice drop and a bit more spacing out on the front to fill the arches, with a refurb. they'll be my best option for now. Oh why BMW, did you not spec. these in 18" as an optional extra.
  3. stu08

    Alloy wheel dilemma

    I like the style of them, but struggle again with a couple of issues: 1) They have to be shadow chrome because... 2) Black or dark colours hide the design 3) Silver makes them look too fussy This then leads me to the issue that I don't want people thinking it's a M5 (as they'd have to be shadow chrome) and being disappointed when a 530i goes past. Another wheel I really like the look of, and suits the sport nicely (same front and rear bumpers etc.) but is best left on a M5 (only my opinion, those who fit them to non M5's is absolutely fine and it's their choice).
  4. stu08

    Alloy wheel dilemma

    Good evening all, I have been in a bit of dilemma regarding wheels for my car for some time. Is the E39 sport shape very sensitive to wheel design? Here's what I have considered so far - 1) 18" Style 5's - unicorn wheel, love the design, but is it best intended for SE's? Does the slightly more aggressive styling of the sport not work with the classy BBS cross spoke design? 2) 18" Style 69 - like the look of the wheel in isolation and has a great dished effect on the rear, however, spokes are a bit soft if that makes sense. Again, not sure it would suit the sport. 3) 18" M Parra's - don't know why, but can't get on with this design on the E39. Think it looks great on E38 7 series and the old 8 series. Same as above, love the design in isolation. 4) 18" Style 42 - again, has all the features of a classic wheel (deep dish, split rim etc.) but for some reason doesn't give me that wow factor. 5) 18" Style 32 - design is too simplistic for my liking. This leaves me therefore looking at aftermarket (BBS, Beyern etc.) although still haven't found an aftermarket wheel I really like yet. At the moment the style 66's look to be the best suited (just wish they came in 18"). When I had my SE, I had a list of several wheels I wanted to fit, for the sport? None, that I REALLY REALLY want, bar the style 66's - admittedly wheels are very subjective though. What sort of features in a wheel design suits the sport lines? I think it definitely has to be deep dish, but from there I'm lost. Any ideas? Thanks, Stu
  5. Good evening all, Are the shadow line sport door bump strips the same regardless of whether they are fitted to the earlier preface or facelift models? I understand the earlier models may have had M/// badges on the front door strips. Are they all fixed on the same (clips etc.)? Thanks, Stu
  6. Interestingly, I went out to my car earlier to find it unlocked and all 4 windows open. Went to start it and nothing but clicking. Radio, climate control etc. all worked. Turns out the battery was dead. Fitted a new one and it seems a bit happier. Is that just a coincidence? Still planning on CCV, VANOS etc.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I've changed both rubber boots on air system recently (MAF and Intake Manifold) did resonator delete at the same time. The DISA is also a new BMW part fitted in the last few hundred miles. I'll do the rubber grommets next and it's due the CCV overhaul and VANOS at the same time.
  8. Good evening all, I've noticed quite recently that the idle sometimes drops down below 500 RPM then immediately goes back to normal. When pulling off in 1st gear, I've also noticed if I don't give enough throttle it nearly stalls and then sorts itself out. I don't recall having to rev a 3.0 when moving off - this is also intermittent. The 3rd thing is how quickly the revs drop between gear changes. Earlier on I changed into 4th at 30 (flat road, no incline) and by the time I had done the change the revs dipped to idle, they just seemed to fall off very quickly when I depressed the clutch. Does this sound like a vacuum leak somewhere? Thanks for any advice. Stu
  9. stu08

    Fitting Facelift Sport Kidney Grills

    I attempted to split the new Kidney Grills before fitting - I think I'd have done more damage to the paint work this way. I tried to line the frame and the grill then press together as per option 2. Once again, I just couldn't see how this would work effectively or seat the grills as well as fitting them as an assembled unit. I went with option 1 - lined them up, checked all tabs were lined up with the correct sections on the panel and pressed home. Used the palm of my hand to then tap them all around the frame to ensure they were both fully fitted. OEM for the win on this occasion.
  10. stu08

    Replacing bonnet latch

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... That makes so much more sense. I was scratching my head looking at the mechanism trying to figure out where the cable attached to...........
  11. stu08

    E39 Nav Knob Upgrade

    I phoned to order a set of the Stormwerks ones too, so disappointed they're no longer available. I'll also be interested in an alternative knob.
  12. stu08

    Replacing bonnet latch

    Good afternoon all, Next thing I need help with (before attempting to fit the grills - will update that thread after). I have a nice shiny new bonnet latch (the one which has the handle attached and is used to open the bonnet). I'm assuming there is a cable attached to the latch which is what is operated when you pull the handle inside the car. Has anyone replaced the latch before, and do you have any advice before I dive in, and end up starting another thread: 'How do you replace bonnet latch cable when bonnet is seized shut?' Thanks for any advice. Stu
  13. stu08

    Fitting Facelift Sport Kidney Grills

    Thanks Dan, tempted to split them. Although I don't yet know what the issue with the latch is, so holding off fitting until I know it's resolved. Which way did you do it? Knowing my luck I'll choose the method which isn't successful.....for me.
  14. Good evening all, I am going to fit a new set of genuine BMW kidney grills tomorrow. Reading up online there appears to be two methods used to fit the grills: 1) With the grills and frames assembled, press in through the front opening until they click 2) Split the grills and frame, open bonnet, fit grills from inside of opening and press frame over the front until they click together Any ideas on which is best? I.e. I don't want to damage my freshly painted bonnet. Thanks, Stu
  15. They do have different connectors. I had a preface car which had some aftermarket angel eyes fitted. These were for a facelift design, so the previous owner cut off the plugs and soldered in facelift versions. When I put the headlights back to the correct preface ambers, I had to buy new preface connector plugs from BMW and have them soldered back on.