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  1. stu08

    BMW E39 Sport kidney grilles - £45

    Being sold elsewhere too.
  2. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Sold it. Replacement due next year.
  3. stu08

    2003 BMW E39 530i Sport Manual - Sold

    Sold. Please see threads in parts and breakers for all the brand new spares available. Open to offers, but they are all genuine and brand new so sensible ones are appreciated.
  4. stu08

    2003 BMW E39 530i Sport Manual - Sold

    Car is located in Worcester.
  5. stu08

    2003 BMW E39 530i Sport Manual - Sold

    The boot lid as can be seen has the common rust issue. I have a rust free boot lid also in topaz blue which will be sold with the car, no additional price.
  6. stu08

    2003 BMW E39 530i Sport Manual - Sold

    I should add, whilst the mileage is over 200000 miles, I think the service history shows how well it has been looked after. The first 100000 miles were done in its first 4 years.
  7. stu08

    2003 BMW E39 530i Sport Manual - Sold

    Front number plate fell off, hence there being no plate in some pics. Original plates will be refitted on sale.
  8. Good afternoon all, Brand new genuine BMW E39 sport A-pillar trim panels in Anthracite. These are the trims which cover the airbags on the A-pillar. These make a complete set of pillar trim panels with the B and C versions which I also have listed on here. They are £50 each from BMW - £100 for a pair. I'm selling these as the others at half price for a set. Photos are proof I have them. If you're really interested, PM me and I'll take photos unwrapped. The parts are brand new and unmarked.
  9. Good afternoon all, As part of the same kit as listed in an earlier sales thread, I also have brand new genuine sport B-Pillar trims. These retail at £80 each (have BMW receipts) £160 for a set. I'm selling both trims for £80 total. Once again, photos are purely to show I have the parts. If you're interested in them and want more photos please PM me.
  10. Good afternoon all, Genuine new Anthracite C-Pillar trims (part of headlining kit). These are the trim panels which house the rear interior lights behind the back seat passengers. Photo is purely proof I have them. If you are really interested PM me and I'll unwrap them. They are however brand new and unmarked. These retail for £90 EACH from BMW, a set is £180 from BMW - I have receipts as proof.
  11. Good afternoon all, New splash guards for BMW E39 sport. These are the ones which usually take damage and end up smashed. They are usually around £170 per piece from BMW - £340 per set. Looking for £170, collected only, unless you want to arrange the courier and accept liability for damage.
  12. Good afternoon all, Genuine sport kidney grilles, brand new from BMW - retail at £84. £45 + postage