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  1. stu08

    BMW E39 Sunroof Headroom

    Thanks all. I've decided on a different route with the car now. Need to try a true M car at least once in my life. Going to look at a M4 once this is lockdown and social isolation is finished.
  2. stu08

    BMW E39 Sunroof Headroom

    Glad to hear you fitted the trims. I've still got a set ready for when I find my next Sport. I'll take a look at your thread.
  3. stu08

    BMW E39 Sunroof Headroom

    Thanks Dan, it's one of the best forums out there. Good to be in search of another E39. I'm looking for a Sport project ideally - given I still have half of the BMW stock room in my garage! Ideally a 3.0 Sport, but am not ruling out a 2.8 Sport or a 535i of some spec. Budget around 2k as I'm looking for one which needs a bit of TLC, but can be rescued.
  4. stu08

    BMW E39 Sunroof Headroom

    Thanks Dan, I thought as much unfortunately. I'll have to keep searching.
  5. stu08

    BMW E39 Sunroof Headroom

    Afternoon all, Hope everyone is keeping healthy! I'm looking to return to E39's - sold my Sport in December and regret it. I have seen a couple of E39's which I like the look of - the only issue is they have sunroofs. I am just over 6'4 with quite a long torso. I fitted okay in previous E39's, but they didn't have a sunroof. Are there any 6 foot + people on here who have sunroofs and can you tell me what the headroom is like. Thanks for any information. Stu
  6. Afternoon all, I have x 4 brand new window switch packs for sale. Bought as spares for my E39 Sport (2002 manufactured). The set consists of - x 1 drivers side window switch pack (not for heated or folding wing mirrors) x 3 passenger side single window switches Can't remember the exact cost (may have receipt somewhere), but I recall the small window switches being around £30 each and the drivers one being around £70 - so total of £160 for the set - I'm selling them at half price. They really do freshen up the interior, especially if your current ones are worn and delaminating. Photos to follow. Stu
  7. stu08

    E39 Auto Gear Knob

    I'll see if I have the receipt from BMW and I'll post up the part number.
  8. stu08

    E39 Auto Gear Knob

    When I compared the two they were identical design (plastic shaft). It pressed on and clicked home just like the one which came on the car. No modifications needed.
  9. stu08

    E39 Auto Gear Knob

    I fitted a brand new all leather auto knob from an E46 to my E39 535i this year - bought directly from BMW.
  10. stu08

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Sold it. Replacement due next year.
  11. Good afternoon all, Brand new genuine BMW E39 sport A-pillar trim panels in Anthracite. These are the trims which cover the airbags on the A-pillar. These make a complete set of pillar trim panels with the B and C versions which I also have listed on here. They are £50 each from BMW - £100 for a pair. I'm selling these as the others at half price for a set. Photos are proof I have them. If you're really interested, PM me and I'll take photos unwrapped. The parts are brand new and unmarked.
  12. Good afternoon all, As part of the same kit as listed in an earlier sales thread, I also have brand new genuine sport B-Pillar trims. These retail at £80 each (have BMW receipts) £160 for a set. I'm selling both trims for £80 total. Once again, photos are purely to show I have the parts. If you're interested in them and want more photos please PM me.
  13. Good afternoon all, Genuine new Anthracite C-Pillar trims (part of headlining kit). These are the trim panels which house the rear interior lights behind the back seat passengers. Photo is purely proof I have them. If you are really interested PM me and I'll unwrap them. They are however brand new and unmarked. These retail for £90 EACH from BMW, a set is £180 from BMW - I have receipts as proof.
  14. stu08

    e39 bumper trims

    Are any of the new ones for a sport saloon rear bumper? Do you have any new ones for a sport front bumper?
  15. stu08

    E39 540i

    Pah. Barely run in at 206k, I'm heading to 230k and wanting to hit 300k! Looks really nice though.