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  1. I've not owned my e61 a year and hands down its been one of the best cars I've owned. Certainly not the fastest, prettiest or handle the best but it was a comfortable all rounder with apples of room. I bought the car as a practical family car after a silly v8 4.2 supercharged jag and before that various mx5s. It has done what I needed it to do which was to provide a safe large car I felt my first born would be safe in but now circumstances change I've had to sell it for a car which will be cheaper to run day to day with cheaper tax and insurance as I'm now only working part time whilst being daddy day care in the day. Chopped it for a Saab 9-3 aero wagon which isn't a patch on the BMW but it will do until I'm in a better position financially. Literally half the road tax a chunk off the insurance and at least 10-15mpg more. Sad few days and a few bottles of wine to compensate. See you guys again one day.
  2. Humm, a guy put in a local car trading website a 330ci cabriolet for swap earlier. It's a 2003 with 120k on the clock. I fancied a change and wouldn't mind a slightly faster engine. I've got an e61 525i toruing which is in great Nick but done 152k. It's on a 54 plate so a little newer but more miles. Guy is interested in my car but I can't weigh up the pros and cons of the swap. I can't decide which is worth more and whether it's a case of better the devil you know. I've been etching to get back in another convertable for a while. I'll try and get a bit more info on the 330ci I'm not even sure what model it is ?
  3. guitarjon

    Help my friend get a graduate job at EVO

    I was a little bored without being disrespectful. I understand it's his first one. It's not something I could do well either. I could have told you all that having never driven in a golf r. I feel he needs to get across more of the feel of the car, talk more about handling characteristics, if he's excited about something, maybe show it more?
  4. guitarjon

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Got my wheel bearing done and front discs and pads yesterday much better now. I plugged in my obd device thing in and it's coming back with sensor bank 2. Is this the o2 sensor after the cat? If so does £50 for the part sound right? I always thought o2 sensors were a hit cheaper than that. It's a 2004 525i e61.
  5. guitarjon

    Anyone replaced air springs with coil springs?

    Let me know how you get on buddy. I'm thinking of doing this. My air bags seem noisier than usual so could be on their way out which worries me. Any idea of the cost differences?
  6. guitarjon

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Sorry guys, not much of an update but I've had a funny few weeks. Couple of jobs have been bugging me on the car and out of the blue was looking at mx5s again the other day (had mx5s of different variety for a few years) and suddenly the wife noticed and said I can get one. Trouble is it would be a very unpractical time for me to get a 2 seater sports car - which is what co fused me when my wife said to look for one. A few things have changed in our personal circumstances over the last year. I no longer have a full time comtract/ regular work im more freelance now. Some months I don't earn a deal others I earn enough. My wife's been in maternity leave and has had her wages reduced - this month been just statutory and finally we've had a little boy. I'll be stopping home and looking after him in January which is why I'm now not working what I was. Then combined with a couple of issues with the e61 I got a bit fed up and started looking else where. Heart was saying get an mx5 but head said stick with the e61. I've decided I'm gonna start fixing things up on the BMW tomorrow. I'll start with the front wheel bearing and front discs and pads. If I get chance I'm going to change out the front struts also. Other jobs that are niggling. I think there could be a wobbly rear bush... I need to inspect further, there is some sort of error showing up on Carly (map sensor 2 or something). Fobs aren't working and radio stations aren't saving as are any of the entertainment settings being saved. I believe this could be diversity aeriel but this is an expensive part. Also an ongoing parking sensor is dodgy but I can live with that. Rear suspension struts started to look a little wet but fronts are worse. All money being spent but the rest of the cars good. If I get a new used car I'll have more issues hidden somewhere, case of better the devil you know. My e61 is so practical. Even if it does drink a litre of oil every 600 miles. Does this sound right?
  7. guitarjon

    E61 2004 diversity aeriel

    Hi, what's the best price for a diversity aeriel/ antenna for my e61 please.
  8. As above, I've a 525i e61. It desperately needs front discs and pads changing as well as the front near side wheel bearing. 310mm or 324mm discs? Also while we are here. Are all budget discs the same or would I be better paying another £20 for brembo discs? To be it's a run of the mill car, no extra power and not particulary powerful so I'm happy with standard stuff for the time being. Not sure how much longer I'll have the car to be honest but wouldn't want to sell it with problems.
  9. guitarjon

    Remote fob stopped working...

    Do you know where the antenna is on the e61? When me and my friend loomed the other evening we couldn't see what I thought I was looking for he suggested it's probably in the headlining.
  10. guitarjon

    Remote fob stopped working...

    I've not had chance to do it. I've since found out how to turn the alarm off before I open the door with the key though.its becoming one of those less important things in life right now.
  11. guitarjon

    OMG an app that works with my BMW

    Oh dear, do you have any engine lights or anything on the car to suggest you have these faults? Poor mpg or anything?
  12. guitarjon


    I feel the majority of the detailing market is created in this way.
  13. guitarjon


    Hi Rick, there's nothing wrong with them, except they aren't cheap. Autofinesse generally make some good stuff and very well packaged/ marketed. There are plenty of rumours around that other co of it's make the same product but under different labels and packaging at a much cheaper price. Take from that what you will. I have no hard evidence to back it up except I've used angle wax desirable and autofinesse desire which are very similar... One costs £60 and the autofinesse one was supposed to be a limited edition number batch and cost over £100. They then released more making the numbered batch worthless.
  14. guitarjon


    Ok matey, well I'm only in rotherham and can travel. If you need any help then give me a bell. My company is www.jdetailing.co.uk not been updated in a while but you'll find facebook links etc which does get updated more frequently. Im away working down in London for a few days at the end of the week and got a big job on a Range Rover at the beginning of next week but if you need any help / advice get in touch. I don't know the detailer and he may well know what he's doing but Id just advice that there are a lot of 'start up detailers' and whilst polishing may not be rocket science it's easy to mess up or quickly get out of your depth without some experience. Valeting is one thing, knowing the ins and outs of it is another. I often go round correcting work for people who have had their cars wrecked by machine polishing magicians. It costs them twice as much as it would have done to go to somebody who knows what they're doing and charges that bit more.
  15. guitarjon

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Vlady, I occasionally get a similar error message but for the ring lights not the dipped ones. Seems to be a bad connection as it intermittently goes on and off when I wiggle the wire.