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  1. Chris Kay

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    Mine has always done that occasionally. If you have your foot on the break pedal then you can feel it through the pedal. I was going to take it to the dealer, but read on here I think others with the same noise and assumed it was normal. 30,000 miles later it still does it occasionally and haven’t had any other issues.
  2. Chris Kay

    25% of BMW servicing until 18th Nov

    Thanks, I’ve booked it with the air filter and fuel filter. £414, which does sound cheap. I’m sure they will find other things to add on when I get there.
  3. Had an email from BMW yesterday promoting their 25% of all services offer. Seems genuine enough, going to the BMW service web site does show prices that are significantly cheaper than they were. Checking the T’s and C’s, just have to book the service before tomorrow night and schedule it before Christmas. But what to book? My car is currently on 34000, currently says oil and inspection required in 1800 miles, but do I need the ‘Engine oil service with micro filter’ or the more expensive ‘engine oil server with micro filter, air filter and fuel filter’. Since there appears to be no service schedule, and everything is condition based, I guess you only know when you take it to the dealer. So how can you ever book online. Anybody know what it will need at 36000 miles (it will be 2 years old at that point if that’s relevant)
  4. Chris Kay

    Run flat tyre choice

    The Falken’s have a rim protector, but what they don’t say is how big. Years ago I had a Merc on Dunlop SP Sports which had a nice chunky rim protector. Swapped them to Continental Sport Contacts and the rim protector was so small it was useless. I ended up curbing an alloy and it ended up costing me more than I had saved on tyres.
  5. Chris Kay

    Run flat tyre choice

    Has anybody had the Falken’s fitted? Reviews are good, but I’m worried they won’t have the very large rim protection lip that my current Primacy 3’s have.