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  1. Qasim

    E39 Hydraulic boot retrofit

    Thank you all. I guess that's out the window. I still have the electric steering column to retrofit. Too many things to do already.
  2. Hiya Just wondering if anyone has done a write up to retrofit on an E39. I've found a write up done on an E38 and assume it's pretty similar. Looked at the wiring diagrams as well and it doesn't seem too complicated. Thanks
  3. Qasim

    Headlight Connector Removal Help

    If you remove the blue retaining tab, shouldn't it pull out.
  4. Qasim

    Brittle vacuum hose - what is this one for?

    No worries. I'm glad I can help.
  5. Qasim

    Brittle vacuum hose - what is this one for?

    Yeah it's the same diameter and you should be able to replace them by removing the air intake. You'll have to feel around the area as you can't really see much. I'm not sure about the length but I think a metre would be enough. They are close to each other.
  6. Qasim

    Brittle vacuum hose - what is this one for?

    Did you replace all lines going to the turbo, so the one to the vaccum tank, then to the pressure converter, finally to the turbo actuator?
  7. Qasim

    New Alpine e60 Facelift daily and project

    Alpine white is referring to the colour. Not an Alpina
  8. Qasim

    Pad Wear Sensor connection

    The rear may be under the arch liner. It's only on one side front and rear so find out when and check under the liner. The front should be visible. Edit. They connect to a small black box which has a lid that is clipped on. Remove the lid and you'll see the connector
  9. Qasim

    2002 525d Hesitation problem

    I would start with the vaccum lines, it's a DIY job if you have some mechanical skills. In my own experience, if the cars not driven hard enough, the vanes become clogged. I ran it with some forte turbo cleaner in the tank and drove it hard, I noticed a vast improvement in acceleration. I just have a boost leak from my intercooler to sort out. Hopefully that will be that taken care of. Edit. After the vacuum lines, you should see a night and day difference. Then try the cleaner if you want.
  10. Qasim

    2002 525d Hesitation problem

    Do you have full power after 2500 rpm and will it keep on pulling.
  11. Qasim

    2002 525d Hesitation problem

    The same device (launch diagnostics) that gave the injector reading can also give live data. If it's available, check the actual charge pressure and the specified charge pressure. You'll see if the turbos producing enough air pressure. If not check the vaccum lines. I think the only way to actually get to them is by removing the intake manifold. Mine were completely collapsed when I changed them. Edit: This is the graph I got for mine when I was checking for boost issues. You'll get something similar. Drive it while it's connected. The injector values don't mean much to me. I don't understand why they're so off. Maybe do a leak off test.
  12. Qasim

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    How did you manage that, did you thread it back on with a ratchet. I made the same mistake with one of the calliper bolts. It takes one mistake to learn to thread it by hand. Good luck with the sump change
  13. Qasim

    Front Strut removal help (E39 Sport Touring)

    Hi I had the same issue on one side of my 525d. I ended up cutting the bolt through the middle and ordering a new one from BMW. I don't think you'll have much luck getting it out, I spent hours trying. Good luck
  14. Qasim

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yeah, that'll be fine, sorry my mistake. I thought you were going the other way. I'm planning on using wheels with a 72.6 CB on an E39 (74.1 CB) so would need a spacer instead of spigot rings.
  15. Qasim

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    You'll need hubcentric spacers that step it down from 74.1 to 72.6. Spigot rings only work in the opposite way, 72.6 to 74.1. You can find them, have a look on eBay. CMWheels do a Bimmec spacer kit for the E39, you can find it on eBay.