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  1. Qasim

    E39 component door speaker install

    Its pretty straight forward for the door rubber. Try and get a 8mm socket onto the nut and undo that and slide the rubber down and out. Then there's a clip on the connector that needs to slide up to get both sides apart. Everytime I've done it, I've never had to remove anything other than the 8mm. It might be easier if you could get the door full open.
  2. Qasim

    E39 component door speaker install

    One way I saw of getting the wires into the door is to cut the OEM speaker wire close to the door connector leaving enough wire to solder the aftermarket speaker wire on to. And then the same inside the door. I'm sure there are plenty of unpopulated spaces in the connector so all you would need is the right pins.
  3. Qasim

    E39 dash cam wiring

    Due to the E39s drop down fuse box. There isn't really any space for a fuse adapter. You can have a go but I've tried with one and it wouldn't close. What @Clavurion is saying is that the empty slots have either a constant or an accessory live to them. The other side of the fuse slot is empty. You can put a double spring leaf terminal for the power and ground it on a factory grounding point somewhere.
  4. Qasim

    E39 dash cam wiring

    Are you using a fuse adapter, because the fuse box won't close with one of those in. Edit:
  5. Qasim

    E39 component door speaker install

    I was searching on the internet yesterday and came across this thread. Cut into the vapour barrier and seal with dynamat. That way the door cavity is used effectively and you won't get waves coming from the back of the speakers
  6. Qasim

    E39 component door speaker install

    Hiya. I was looking to do this also. I was contemplating 6.5" components using these mounts or 5.25 in the standard housing. What amp are you running?
  7. Qasim

    Ant's 98 535i Project

    Rusted fuel pipe maybe seeing as it only leaks with the engine on and the fuel pump running
  8. Qasim

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I got a used topaz blue wing for £20. It looked better than the original on the other side
  9. Qasim

    Ant's 98 535i Project

    I know modlight do a sequence with the lights, there's a few videos on YouTube
  10. Qasim

    Ant's 98 535i Project

    That's looks very clean, no rust in sight which is always a good sign. Congratulations on the purchase
  11. Qasim

    E38 armrest tray

    Hi, what if this goes to NLA? Any information?
  12. Qasim

    E39 Black alpine amp problems

    I've connected it to the factory connector using g a connects2 adapter and the amp is receiving voltage inputs from the headunit. I've tried the original business tape deck and it has the same issue. The passenger front speaker works perfectly, the drivers front sounds dull and nothing from the rear. So right now I'm away at uni for quite a while but I've decided to spend some money on the audio. I'm planning on installing the following: Hertz HCP4D running 3 channels Focal ESK165K components in the front doors, and a sub in the rear. Unsure about the sub at the moment but the amp will give 290W RMS for the subwoofer. I'm also planning on getting a subwoofer enclosure for the E39 saloon, there's a few on eBay that sit in the boot against the rear seat and have an opening in the armrest.
  13. Qasim

    lights on when 0

    There are normally off in the 0 position. Unless you coded daytime running lights.
  14. Qasim

    3rd brake light not working

    http://www.lcm-repairs.co.uk/page1.html You have to remove the panel under the dash as well
  15. Qasim

    3rd brake light not working

    By the bonnet release under the plastic cover. Remove the screw for the bonnet release handle, and I think it should slide out. It's been a while since I've done it. Have a look on YouTube for a video