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  1. Qasim

    Durability of E39 diesel manual boxes?

    The clunking will definitely be the propshaft guibo, the sloppy gear shift is probably due to the rubber bushes on the shift linkage. It is expected after that many miles, mine is still on the original linkage and although there is some play, it's not too bad
  2. Qasim

    BMW Recalls?

    Yeah just ring them up and give them your reg and maybe the vin and they'll book you in, is it for the steering wheel airbag?
  3. Qasim

    Folding mirrors, switch & control module

    Hiya How much for the mirrors alone? Edit: And are they memory mirrors
  4. Qasim

    E38 armrest tray

    Done Thank you
  5. Qasim

    E38 armrest tray

    Part number 8215770 Thanks
  6. Qasim

    E38 armrest tray

    E38 armrest tray Part number 8215770
  7. I believe everything is on the passenger side in the boot, so that's the side you would want to run the loom. And I'm sure when you get the loom, you'll know exactly where it goes
  8. Same here Hahaha Dan must be an official retailer by now
  9. Qasim

    how to hack into blocked m57 dde4?

    Yes there is special equipment, after speaking to one of the technicians, I found out that they pay many thousands for different types of equipment to read and edit ECU data. The E39 doesn't have a DPF, Im not sure about blocking access. Have you checked the connection to the ECU, fuses etc. There must be some other explanation for you not being able to connect.
  10. Qasim

    how to hack into blocked m57 dde4?

    I've seen it done before on other ECUs. They open the case and use pins to connect to the ECU directly. The same way they remove DPF coding and to remap. Not something you could do yourself.
  11. Qasim

    Topaz E39 525d Sport

    So I went home for a weekend and got a few things done, took a couple of photos and installed my double din, my factory amp is playing up so I only have sound at the passenger front speaker, nothing anywhere else. I'm planning on installing a 4 channel amp (Hertz HCP4D), one channel for each front component set (Focal ES165K) and 2 bridged channels for my sub. I still have the issue with the illumination on the double din, when I go back I'll have to check all the voltages again on the illumination wire and check all connections. I did manage to find a way around it by setting it manually. And I need to install a reverse camera also. Hopefully all that will be done by the summer and in the winter I want to take it off the road and start on the sills.
  12. Qasim

    M5 Mirrors Genuine or fake?

    What's the weak point? Is it the motors themselves or the gears inside as I know there are repair kits for the gears available on eBay
  13. Qasim

    M5 Mirrors Genuine or fake?

    SSDD motorsports are still selling the reps, I don't think they've updated their website yet but you can drop them an email. "E39 the M5 look mirrors with powerfold and memory function they are 249.95 inc delivery. made to order 2-3 weeks delivery time. they come with anti glaring glasses, but do not have auto dimming function" "they are made in Taiwan. 12 month warranty on motor"
  14. You can have a look at the modlight box, that allows you to turn on the webasto for 30 minutes using the factory key. And you solder three wires in and its done