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  1. Qasim

    newTIS no more

    Send them an email on the contact page and they'll help you out.
  2. Qasim

    Webasto Noises

    So quite a few things happened after my last post, I tried changing the o ring and due to the new o ring being a bit thicker, the housing cracked so T7 design provided another one at half price. I had it on the car and all was fine until the car started overheating, it was touching 3/4 on the coolant gauge so I checked the water and it was empty. So even with the hose clips tight, there was a small drip from the pump outlet. I have since put a straight connector in place and removed the pump. I need to order a reducing silicon elbow as the outlet on the pump is smaller than the original.
  3. Qasim

    530d 324mm Callipers

    It'll say on the top of the calliper, the 296mm have 60/22/296 on the top. The 324mm have 60/30 on the top And a final pic on my 324mm discs and callipers installed
  4. Qasim


    Second that with turning the key the extra bit. I remember when mine was sitting for a while, I couldn't open it with the door lock as it would only go to 45 degrees and I was worried about the key snapping in the lock. In the end I tried it again and it finally turned 90 degrees and the door unlocked. Maybe try spraying something inside the lock in case it's seized.
  5. Qasim

    How to start a car properly?

    A year isn't that long for things to go wrong, turn it over by hand a few times and then do as the others said. Battery, fuel and a service. And then start it up
  6. Qasim

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I just replaced mine last week with 324mm disc and the bigger Callipers in silver, goodridge brake hoses. They do fill out the 17s a lot better and it looks a lot better than the rusty stuff before
  7. Qasim

    Classic legends Northampton

    Ok thanks for that, I'll get in touch with them. It isn't too far from me either so that's great.
  8. Qasim

    Classic legends Northampton

    The location isn't a main factors as I don't mind sending the car away, they came recommended from someone who has given an m535i to them and currently has an E30 that they're doing for him. Just wondering if anyone else had any experiences or if anyone else has any recommendations as I don't know the guy personally and this was mentioned in passing. I was looking at those who deal with classic beemers and focus on restorations.
  9. Hiya. Just wondering if anyone has ever used Classic Legends Automotive in Northampton. I'm planning on giving my E30 to them for a full respray. https://instagram.com/classiclegends_uk?igshid=u5xhuz1yw5ls Thanks
  10. Qasim

    530d 324mm Callipers

    I've got a set on the way, I replaced the rear discs, pad and sensor over this past week. I've also changed the rear over to goodridge braided brake lines. Just waiting on the callipers to get the front done.
  11. Qasim

    Webasto Noises

    So I'll post some pictures of the pump and how I've mounted it tomorrow if anyone is going down this route. The T7 design pump works well, however I did notice a leak in from the pump housing, I opened it up and found a split O ring. I'll get that changed tomorrow and hopefully it'll be back together and I can put INPA on it. Thanks
  12. Qasim

    530d 324mm Callipers

    I'm upgrading from 296mm discs and callipers so carriers are needed also. I have found a used set complete with carriers which I will most probably order tomorrow. Hopefully give them a clean up and put them on the car. Thanks
  13. Qasim

    530d 324mm Callipers

    Hi all So I'm trying to find some 530d callipers that will fit a 324mm disc but I'm struggling at the moment. The only ones I'm finding are 296mm callipers. Are the callipers the same with the carrier's being different or is it different completely. Anyone with a set available? Thanks
  14. Qasim

    Webasto Noises

    Hello again so I fitted the new webasto pump and no terrible noises as of yet. The temperature still climbs up to 125 degrees and then the flame cuts out while the pump stays on. I am switching it on using the diagnostic machine so maybe that's why it's going up to 125 degree Celsius. I'll double check it tomorrow with INPA. I have also connected a telestart which gives 12v to pin 1, right now the waterpump comes on and that is all. I haven't checked the coding to see if aux heating is active. Which module am I changing the settings in? Edit. So I've found this thread. Is that all the coding needed? And another thing, how does it switch from heating to ventilation, is that dependent on the outside and engine temperature?
  15. Qasim

    e39 525/30d ecotune decat pipe

    If I remember correctly it works out to £115 when you send your old cat back to ecotune. They give you 80 quid back.