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  1. Qasim

    E39 Sedan Audio Upgrade

    Hi My previous setup was the factory business tape deck . I decided to upgrade it all. I installed a Hertz HCP4D amp, two mid bass speakers in the front door with tweeters (Hertz MPK165P.3 and a JL audio sub fitted into an E39 sub box firing into the cabin through the ski hatch. For the head unit I installed a Kenwood DMX7018DAB. The wiring I ran was 2 core cables one down either side for the two front speakers. I utilised the factory speaker cables to get it throught the door harness. The amp is in the same location of the stock amp, installed into the metal frame. Sound is pretty great although the tweeters do need to be moved up to the corner of the doors as they are currently in the door cards. I didn't take any pictures of the install if I'm honest. The reason I went with only the front speakers was due to not having any rear passengers. I didn't want to add an extra amp for the sub so used 1 channel for each of the fronts, and bridged 2 channels for the sub.
  2. Qasim

    E39 Saloon towbar

    Hi all Anyone have a tow bar for a saloon for sale, preferably around Yorkshire. Thanks Qasim
  3. Qasim

    M57 Rough idle

    I tackled this job on Sunday, took about an hour all in to get everything replaced. I did a leak off test and injector 2 was the worst followed by injector 6. In the lead up to the weekend, it was becoming difficult to start and taking about 10 to 15 seconds of cranking before starting, followed by plumes of smoke. After swapping the injector the values are still stable on inpa, I'll probably have to do another leak off test to confirm which to send off for refurbing next year. I bought a new bosch injector for 250 this time and I have a spare injector lying around from previously that can be refurbed so that the car isn't off the road for too long. It was smoking quite a bit after I installed the injector but that sorted itself out, I still have a lot of smoke on start up but I guess that'll be due to injector 6 now. No more rough running now, probably time for a remap.
  4. Qasim

    M57 Rough idle

    Thanks a lot for that Ray. Yeah Egr is deleted, glow plugs I'm not planning on changing, I'm planning of getting hold of a leak off tester next week and check it all again. I'll definitely have a look at the injector seal however I've had a loud boost leak for a long time now. Replaced the intercooler and associated piping but still no closer to solving the leak. I'm guessing this is it.
  5. Qasim

    M57 Rough idle

    Hi all So I've been having some issues with the E39 after a long while of it being faultless. It has been running rough more often lately than before. When starting it cold, it will shake the whole car until you switch off and start again. Then it's fine. I was doing motorway miles until recently where it's just been around town for the past month. I did check the codes previously and the injector adjustment values and it showed one of the injectors (injector 4 if I remember correctly) out by quite a significant amount. However while checking it today, it doesn't show which injector is the culprit on the adjustment values, it did also run rough on starting it today after sitting for a week, I then switched it off and started again and it was fine. I had a look at the loom and injectors and it seems that around injector 4 it has quite a bit of oil buildup, it looks as if there's some heat damage on the intake manifold but could possibly be due to the manufacturing process. I've tried moving the loom to get it to run rough again but it hasn't done anything. These are the injectors values today and I'm unsure of where to go from here. I've got a new injector as that's what I thought it was but I've read about some loom issues also.
  6. Mine is a late 2002 build but had a mk3 Nav. I did look for the aux as I've done that in my E39 before but decided against it as it was a bit of a faff connecting a Bluetooth unit to it, that's what pushed me towards a double din for the E39. The only reason I went towards the Grom was that there was a used one fairly cheap on eBay. It's plug and play in the back of the car, the only thing that needs some time is routing it to the front of the car but I managed it while changing the interior. I think it's perfect for what it is and it streams well and you have the steering wheel functionality as well. I still need to route the mic but hands free as well.
  7. Hi Duncan I've recently bought a phoenix yellow M3 with HK and Nav. I upgraded to a MK4 nav and a Grom unit. It's works perfectly fine, only issue I've had is it doesn't allow you to switch to the Map or any other screen as it changes back to the now playing screen. I've emailed Grom and waiting for a reply. Congrats on the purchase, looks like a genuinely decent car
  8. Qasim

    E39 Sports seats

    No difference to standard seats as far as I know
  9. Qasim

    E30 PFL rear lights

    63211370677 And 63211370678 And 63171374883 Thanks
  10. I had that on mine recently. One of the holes in the backing plate had corroded and the pin ended up coming loose and finally dropped. I had the ticking and grinding from the pin being ground away.
  11. Qasim

    E39 530d noise when revved

    I had something similar on my m57 Range Rover Vogue. A stud for the intake manifold broke and it sounded as if the turbo fan was scraping the housing.
  12. Qasim

    Wheel wobble

    So I inspected the upper arms. Driver's side has a lot of play in it. Passenger side has a little. The ball joint side doesn't have much play. I've seen some people have used polybushes for these. What do you think? Passenger side https://youtube.com/shorts/9zMwmqO2RnU Driver's side https://youtu.be/knUbNCLe_yg
  13. Qasim

    Wheel wobble

    Hi all. I've developed a wheel wobble on the front end. I've changed the wheel bearings for FAG units and the cruise control is now working perfectly. I have a wobble that can be felt at around 80ish and is worse on braking at any high speeds, literally the front wheels shaking and can be felt through the steering wheel. I've changed the front lower control arms on both sides as there was one ball joint with some play. I got both front tyres balanced again yesterday and it has improved a little. I currently have winter tyres and wheels so will be changing them this weekend back to my style 66s so it will rule out any wheels/tyre issues. I upgraded to 324 mm mintex discs and pagid pads in September and braided brake hoses. I did buy used callipers and they looked ok. No evidence of any heat spots or uneven wear on the discs. I am also getting 4 wheel alignment this weekend and changing the propshaft center bearing and vibration damper. I know there are topics about this previously but I've not really found anything that helps.
  14. Qasim

    Royal Steering Wheels

    I'd say definitely one of the best upgrades you can do to an E39 along with the weighted ZHP shift knob. Definitely brings up the interior to a more modern feel.
  15. Qasim

    Royal Steering Wheels

    Mine definitely feels thicker than the original and it feels a lot better, and the plastic is still marked. I was thinking of respraying it in satin black but I've never got around to it.