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  1. pidgeonpost

    Wipers stuck on, warnings all over the car

    What @DarkHorse said. It seems that the E60/61 can be a delicate flower at times when it comes to the electrics. Friday night I left the driver's door on the latch which probably pulled the battery down a bit. Saturday morning drove off as normal but a mile later got 'DBC failure drive moderately'. Scanned and cleared with Carly - been fine since. Do check for water ingress though. The passenger side is easy but the driver side not so - if drain is blocked I understand you have to remove the wheel arch liner.
  2. pidgeonpost

    Wheel bolt problem

    Good luck with the Torx. I could be mistaken but think I've read elsewhere on here that some owners have replaced the 'wiggly line' type of bolt with the splined type used on earlier models after similar failures.
  3. pidgeonpost

    Diesel fuel filter replacement

    I wonder if they are intended to be single-use items? But why would that be necessary?
  4. Apologies, my reply was misleading. I've only ever bought their 'value line' spares. The service offerings are way too salty for me - the local indy does my servicing.
  5. I'd agree about using the 'value' servicing options and have used genuine BMW 'value' spares on our 12-year-old E60. Have also used a local independent for service and the odd repair and they always reset any service indicators. It's a personal thing, but I think that once a car gets a few years and miles under its belt most people will be looking for good condition and a nice wad of receipts for regular servicing. Not saying that a book full of dealer stamps isn't nice to have, but it can come at a price.
  6. pidgeonpost

    740i - Seems a lot of car for the money.

    OK, so nobody loves it. Just no pleasing some people. So how about this little project? . It's NOT a diesel, it's NOT an E60, it's got a manual gearbox, and seems to have a full toolkit. Same owner 26 years. But rusty as f***. How did it manage to get through successive MOTs when it's clearly been a hazard to life and limb for a while?
  7. pidgeonpost

    Guess the mpg

    Last month I did a round trip Gloucestershire-East Riggs-Falkirk-St. Andrews - Skipton - Gloucestershire. 1021 miles and a good mix of roads. Got a TRUE (not OBC) 46.88mpg so yours is a pretty shrewd guess! (I wasn't going to mention it because I know the subject can get people over-excited).
  8. pidgeonpost

    Wiper blades?

    Bosch since early '70's. Not the cheapest but always work perfectly and good for 2-3 years with my sort of motoring.
  9. pidgeonpost

    oil level increase e60 525d m57 strange?

    I think so. I was bricking it about DPF blockage and failure to regenerate when I first got the car, and I did replace main and egr stats. No issues before or since despite two failed glow plugs - another oft-quoted cause for failure to regen. And there are posts quoting regens occuring just on cross-town trips! Go figure!
  10. pidgeonpost

    oil level increase e60 525d m57 strange?

    Worth reading the BMW pdf. Note that it says you need at least 20 minutes after regen starts to allow it to complete, so at a guess you're looking at (say) 20 minutes for the engine coolant to reach full temperature plus 20-30 mins for the regen.
  11. Been for sale for a while, but £2.5k seems a good deal for this if you can keep it fuelled.
  12. pidgeonpost

    White/grey smoke

    Lots of scope there for possible causes. Does it run on all cylinders? Nasty noises? Hopefully not rings or a holed piston.
  13. pidgeonpost

    What to use to remove overspray

    I guess these methods would still work on Hammerite overspray? I've tried Hammerite thinners and white spirit on a small area which had very little impact. Also tried Meguiars Ultimate Compound which was a bit more successful but slow. I've ordered a Megs clay bar and after seeing this video a bottle of the stuff. I just hope it works as I've got a biggish area treat (roughly E60 size) . Just don't ask....
  14. pidgeonpost

    What are you doing now?

    Watching a bit of IOM TT - 2018 due to bad weather on the Island. Scary speeds!
  15. pidgeonpost

    What are you doing now?

    Whisky is great for colds but rough cider is the stuff for coughs. Three pints of scrumpy preferably after a curry and you'll be afraid to cough.