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  1. pidgeonpost

    Prospective F11 buyer - should I?

    Thanks Andrew - helpful as ever! I feel slightly reassured about the Yellow Peril. It must be mighty frustrating for owners to discover such a potentially damaging problem, particularly when it's a grommet that would not normally be disturbed once the car is off the assembly line. In terms of performance it's likely a 320i would be exciting enough for an old git like me, though I do like the rumble and reliability of the 6-pot. And I don't know the timeline of timing chain problems on the 2.0 engine, and which models were affected. The 3-Touring, being a bit smaller than the 5, might be bit more wife-friendly. She never gelled with the E60, but that was more to do with the variety of bells and whistles than the size of the thing. I'll try to keep an open mind for now - keep reading, watch the ads and see how things shape up. Viewing and driving cars for sale isn't so easy during The Pestilence, and my Mrs has to be very careful, but hopefully things will ease up before too long. All the best to you and the regulars - I'll keep you posted. p.s. thanks for the DM - will reply later. I'm going to keep looking and reading for now and see what pans out.
  2. pidgeonpost

    Prospective F11 buyer - should I?

    Hello fellas. Not been around these parts since exchanging our E60 just over 18 months ago. The replacement (a VAG one) has proved comfortable, reliable, and economical to run, but the itch for another BMW has returned. Problem is, should I scratch it? A 330d Touring 2012-2014 might fit the bill I thought. Not too many around though, which naturally led me to browsing the 530d Touring ads. After owning the E60 I'm reasonably familiar with some of the things to look out for on an E61 - though chances are I'd be looking at an F11 unless the E61 was really exceptional. That's what got me to this thread - and The Yellow Grommet Experience! Jeez, I'd forgotten that! But with a car on a forecourt how can you tell if it hasn't had the problem (but will fail within a week), or if it's already had the problem and been resolved? Obviously if the car smells like a pond it's a clue. Any other F10/F11 nasties to avoid - tailgate wiring maybe? And returning to the 3 Series Touring (2012-13), are there any ex-owners on here with the knowledge? Does it have a Yellow Grommet equivalent in some shape or form? I've yet to find a decent 'buyer's guide' on 3-series of that vintage. Any clues appreciated.
  3. Well folks it'll be a sad day tomorrow as I'll be saying goodbye to our E60 525d after 4½ years of ownership. During that time I've enjoyed it every time I've driven it even if I haven’t enjoyed every journey. It's been such a hugely capable car and has largely avoided the problems often associated with the E60. It really has been one of the good ones. I shall miss all that lowdown torque and the rumble of that 6-pot diesel engine. I've put heart and soul (and a bit of money!) into keeping it in as good a condition as I can, but circumstances change. My wife has always been strangely nervous about driving it and we now need a main car that she's happy to drive. I considered selling it privately but time was a consideration, and I couldn't cope with a string of whining nit-picking tyre-kickers. The dealer offered me more than WBAC so that was an easy way out. If anyone in the Glos/Hereford/Worcs/Avon area is looking for a very tidy E60 I can post a link to the dealer. The replacement will, for the time being, be a Eurobox. I'd like to return to the blue and white roundel again at some point, but I can't disappear without saying a big thank you to everyone on here. It's such a good forum. It has been a great source of help and entertainment these past few years, and you might still spot me with my nose pressed to the window from time to time. Anyway, as the title says - 'So long and thanks for all the fish'.
  4. pidgeonpost

    Hi I'm new!

    Welcome along! I really like that colour of paintwork on the E60. We'll done for rescuing it.
  5. pidgeonpost

    Third Party Warranty

    I'm pretty wary of them and certainly wouldn't cough for £1500/year. When we bought the 5 series we had a warranty with The Warranty Group as it seemed like a good deal when buying the car but the only occasion I tried to claim it didn't work out. The only time a warranty has worked in the past is when the one-man specialist acted as an intermediary. He got the claim through every time.
  6. pidgeonpost

    Flood in the battery well

    You could try placing a few wads of kitchen paper in strategic locations to see which become damp or wet? Not very scientific, but has been known to work,
  7. pidgeonpost

    People do the strangest things.

    Yes, 4x4 man was perhaps just trying to be helpful and ended up being too helpful. I've always treated the dashed line on the edge of the filter as a 'give way'.
  8. I was coming down the slip to join the M5 at the weekend. Looking down the embankment I could see a 4x4 towing a caravan and we seemed to be converging at roughly the same speed so I thought I'd just ease the throttle and slip in behind him. But he sees me and decides to slow down presumably to let me in front. We're almost parallel by now. I'm running out of filter lane, he has slowed almost to a stop, and 38 tons of Eddie Stobart that's almost in my boot would rather like to get onto the motorway too. If I'd known he was going to behave like this I could easily have floored it and got out of the situation, but you don't expect people to STOP to let you filter. WTF?
  9. pidgeonpost

    How to tell if car is doing DPF regen?

    I never see, hear, or smell regens on our car yet Carly tells me they are being done, and how often, but other than that I wouldn't know. The only time I've ever seen anything that could have been a regen taking place was after putting a bottle of DPF cleaner in the tank not long after buying the car 4.5 years ago. On that occasion I got a fair amount of grey smoke but I don't know how long it lasted as it stopped not long after I spotted it in the rear view mirror.
  10. pidgeonpost

    Automatic Transmission Misbehaving

    It cost me £300 all in on my 6HP26 box two years ago so that figure doesn't sound too far adrift. Opinions vary on whether resetting adaptations is a good thing on a high-mileage box - not that yours is particularly high mileage. I don't know if the later box has the same mechatronics sleeve and bridge seals as the '26 but worth investigating.
  11. pidgeonpost

    Just died on me. Got some codes - any clues please?

    Had an hour to spare last night so removed the passenger side filter and scuttle trim to check for water - nothing there I'm pleased to say. While it was apart I took the lid off the ECM (or whatever it's called) and checked in there too. Again, all dry and no sign of water ingress. Also removed and refitted the blue relay which looks as new, but I gave it the old British Standard gentle tap with a screwdriver handle in case of stuck contacts. Put everything back together, reran Carly, and still had ABS/DSC/Brake 005F74, 006DCB, 006E24 Went through the clearing process, and this time they cleared OK. Don't know if they will stay cleared. I'll try starting the car again later if I can, but with a few days away coming up (using second car) I can do without taking it out and getting stranded. Couple of pics
  12. pidgeonpost

    Deleting attachments - how?

    Thanks - just had a look at this. Seems good - will give it a go.
  13. pidgeonpost

    Deleting attachments - how?

    Posted originally in Queries and Issues, but figured it might get a bit more exposure here. Seems I've reached my 100Mb limit near as dammit and there seems to be no way of deleting old/irrelevant stuff unless admins can do it. A while back I read that the facility had been disabled for some reason - any clues/info please folks? TIA.
  14. pidgeonpost

    Just died on me. Got some codes - any clues please?

    Nice thought, but no tow pack on mine.
  15. pidgeonpost

    Just died on me. Got some codes - any clues please?

    Pic should be there now - old habit of 'click then think'! I checked the scuttle drains a couple of months ago, but will have to expose this area again to find the DDE (I think?), so will check again. The car has been living outdoors most of the summer due to nesting swallows and consequent crap. I'm not good on electrics, but off the top it looks like the battery voltage is good and the alternator seems to crank up output from 67A to 132A when a load is put on. Carly is still a bit clunky in some areas, but it's getting better with every update.