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  1. Good that you corrected your mistakes To answer the question, yes you can go to many places that perform stage 1 tunes, from chip tuning boxes to proper ECU flashes. I used https://www.e-maps.co.uk/ to do mine, where Simon came down to London from Birmingham to do a map based on my car. I would recommend a place that does the map and also a dyno before and after. can expect to go from 190bhp to 220+ on your B47 engine The above can be done with no air filter or mods. To do exhaust stuff that would need custom exhaust systems typically that have valve controlled stuff.
  2. Yes, you can tune one turbo, but not the imaginary second one
  3. IINexusII

    Disc and pad replacement disaster!!

    How many miles did you do before this occured? as it looks like the inner half never touched the pads like you said. But yes as above that spring clip needs to be seated in properly otherwise it will pop out and cause the damage. interested to hear what the damage report is
  4. I know its alot higher mileage, but dont think it should be 8k less than the next 540i on autotrader, i assume something else is up thats not shown in the ads. Service history looks too stretched for a petrol also IMO
  5. old school or more "hacky" worked for me last week when changing a self-inflicted broken thermostat housing. I filled to max, and drove around the block to heat the car up rather than waiting at idle, can hear the sloshing and coolant warning pop up. park up immediately, wait for it to cool and re-fill. Re-checked a few times later and topped up again until it was no longer dropping the level in the expansion tank. Even though i can see the "electric coolant pump", the cooling fan on the radiator did spin at full speed using the procedure above, but no pump noise. According to TIS the bleeding procedure for N47/B47 is more old school 17 00 039 Bleed cooling system (B47).pdf 17 00 039 Bleeding cooling system and checking for watertightness (N57 D30 S 1).pdf
  6. IINexusII

    VIN from Reg. Number

    Yeah the bmw warranty site had this, which they removed, then the MINI page, good to see theres another alternative. Useful when looking at cars to buy and checking the build spec as sellers dont usually get everything noted
  7. IINexusII

    My BMW

    They replaced the connected app with "My BMW": https://www.bmw.com/en/footer/mybmw-app.html
  8. IINexusII

    F10 coolant parts

    Sure, have sent via DM
  9. IINexusII

    F10 coolant parts

    Hello again, Can i please have a quote for each individual item and postage please? 11518512234 x1 11518516207 x1 11518516204 x1 07119906123 x7 83190404517 x1 Many thanks
  10. IINexusII

    Weak windscreen washer jets

    Its on the bottle, depends on the desired freezing temp No on the F10 they're not adjustable
  11. IINexusII

    Weak windscreen washer jets

    Ive just used original BMW screenwash and never had issues in the last 4 years: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133386915041
  12. IINexusII

    Where does this harness belong?

    There would be one in the footwell also
  13. Well wouldnt you be far better off getting it refurbished / remanufactured from a reputable company than taking a risk on eBay?
  14. Youre expecting... but what should it be? BMW's technical documenation BMW TIS (newTIS) attached Diesel particulate filter.pdf Diesel particle filter service instructions.pdf
  15. Whats the problem exactly? What are you assuming the mileage between regens should be? Really depends on driving conditions and condition of fuel used. I get the same regen ranges roughly as you and dont see it as an issue? Are you getting around the expected MPG?