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  1. ha, it just confused me on old laptop it was names something id expect, and what ever it pulled this time was a wtf moment. Hopefully wont have to update it again, cant believe it took me this long to find out why date was out
  2. cheers, Yeah i thing its a FTDI one. Not like i upgrade it often just seems so slow Odd thing was in device manager it showed as a standard serial interface, but in the firmware uploaded it showed as a blutooth something
  3. cheers, thought it was odd before, but set it to manual. Silly question, but witht he right adapter how long youd you expect this to take to upload? We have a old one at work but feels like it takes 3-4 minutes
  4. biojo

    Ipod - Restore ipod in Itunes

    Hi, I have had the intravee set up for a few years now, Now 6 month ago the hard drive in ipod failed so I swapped it for a SD card, this has been working fine since. Now over the past week the ipod (5th gen) keeps coming up with please restore ipod, but if i press the buttons to reboot it its fine. Ive tried using the ipod not connected to intravee and it never does this. Now i thought it might be the cold weather, but the error happened again after I kept the Ipod in house over night. It seems random when it happens it can be after 10 minutes or over a hour into me driving. Any suggestions what might be causing it?
  5. biojo

    Play Order

    ye it used to be copy to play order. As it then shows it correct on ipod so if yer playing it to head phones its fine, its just bizarre. Set it to random for now, just thought i was missing a trick or something ticked wrong somewhere
  6. biojo

    Play Order

    hi rich, its a ipod video, and the playlist is a smart playlist , where it picks the latest 20 from a playlist where all the songs go. Itunes\ipod shows random order (songs with similar bpm together)
  7. biojo

    Play Order

    Ive recently got a slight problem, my play order is always in alphabetical order, but on the ipod its in a different order Ive tried on itunes copy to play order. Which on ipod shows in correct order but soon as im in car its back to alphabetical Any ideas? thanks
  8. biojo

    ipod cable

    cheers richard, if it stops working i will, its a lastresort swapping it, and if i do i want to try the charging mod but have a backup incase
  9. biojo

    ipod cable

    wheres best place to get a replacement cable (alipine to ipod) came to unplug mine and all plastic fallen to bits
  10. biojo

    bmw bluetooth

    could it be possible to display the phone connection status (top right) on the info screen (one with temp/speed) ? Would just be nice to see connection status / signal strength the phone connects through the bmw assist if that helps
  11. biojo

    start screen

    only just fitted new battery, ye the source is remembered, it did it when it was cd player, some times showed tracks, other time showed computer screen didnt know if intravee could force it
  12. biojo

    start screen

    Rich you will prolly know if theres a answer to this when i usually start the car the default screen is "cars computer main screen", so i have to press button on radio to display my last intravee screen. on odd occasion it does start with intravee screen. Is there something im missing so it always displays intravee "now playing" or "car status page" as default? cheers
  13. biojo

    which USB/Serial

    but the ipod was unplugged lol , the screen did say no ipod connected i`ll get a vid next time it does it
  14. biojo

    which USB/Serial

    i disconnected it with radio off, no ignition on, then turned it on as i wanted to change some light settings, n noticed on the home now playing screen bottom right was switching between play/pause
  15. biojo

    which USB/Serial

    hi rich, that troni site got back to me come middle of april they should be doing royal mail postage so should be cheaper just noticed when you disconnect the ipod it show play / pause does yours do same.