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  1. Schnitzer... Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  2. Black5

    show us yer wheels!

    Quite likely. I posted lot's of photo's of her. Loved that car. Sadly, long gone...
  3. Black5

    show us yer wheels!

    I know. Still funny that a photo I took of my car found it's way onto a forum on the other side of the world. Carry on...
  4. Black5

    show us yer wheels!

    Weird that I just found this on a UK forum of all places. That's a photo of my old car! Where did you find this?
  5. Black5

    Captions invited

    "Practice makes perfect" So many watches, so little time...
  6. Was directed here by a friend on another forum who recognised the car. This was my old car. Sadly now gone. Here's the original image.