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  1. Whiteston

    CCC Android replacement advice please.

    Well, here's my update as promised. I received the unit after about 20 days and fitted it. Turned it on and checked the specs in settings only to find it was a 7.1 android version with only 2/32gb memory. 2017 bios. I contacted the seller and they asked if I would like to keep it if they gave me a partial refund. I said no thanks and asked for a replacement. They agreed to send out a replacement. As of now no replacement has arrived and they say there was no tracking number to check progress. I have now requested a full refund to which they have agreed. The unit I received is slow and buggy. Reverse camera worked well though, switching on when selection reverse. (£8 bargain from amazon). So all in all a bit of a damp squib.
  2. Whiteston

    CCC Android replacement advice please.

    Thanks to all who have replied. I have ordered the unit and will get back with my progress.
  3. Whiteston

    CCC Android replacement advice please.

    Brilliant. Thanks again for all the advice. I am going to order it. Will report back.......................................!!
  4. Whiteston

    CCC Android replacement advice please.

    Thanks again for the advice. I did research the processor but did found it confusing. Android 9, 4/64 memory, 4k playback (reduced to fill lower res screen) and Bluetooth 4.1. So tempted.... Wife has e93 with CCC, so if I get rid of my car, it can go in hers. (don't suggest I just buy 2 units!) Regards, Michael.
  5. Whiteston

    CCC Android replacement advice please.

    Thanks for super quick reply. That's good to hear. The price seems a bargain compared to others, even Alibaba etc.
  6. Whiteston

    Possibly considering one of these....

    I agree with all above. My e61 535 d is now on 230k, though I have had to replace alot of items. Hoping to pass the 312k that I got on my e39 525tds.
  7. TOOGOO 8.8 Hd Car Gps Navigator 6-Core Android 9.0 Car Multimedia Player Car System for 5 Series E60 E61 E62 E63 / 3 Series E90 E91-CCC https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07VSP87XV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_A2kEDbEDFAD67 Hello. I'm considering this replacement screen from Amazon UK for my E61 2007 535d. The specs all look good, with android 9 and decent memory. I am not up to date on the processor though. My car has the required Aux input. It's alot cheaper than others, so I am wondering what the catch is. As I would be ordering through Amazon UK there will be no duty to pay even though delivered from China as it is in Amazon's seller's conditions that seller covers any extras. Please would someone be able to advise? Thanks in advance. Michael.