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  1. TerryTibbs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    @Ray112 bought a roll of 8mm cunifer pipe, used less than half the roll, cost £25 and the pipe to the aux heater is standard copper brake pipe
  2. TerryTibbs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally got round to doing the fuel lines and prop rubber
  3. TerryTibbs

    E39 replacing oem with old school?

    Thanks @DennisCooper I found the bits I needed on the bay, including the plug adapter and it’s on its way, the changer and cables are all in and waiting, totally agree on having music on tap, I’ve got a Bluetooth cassette haha yes like back in the day but instead of a jack plug it’s Bluetooth, This Sony setup was in my Sierra xr4x4 when I met my now wife over 20 years ago so there’s a sentimental attachment to it plus I’m a vintage hifi nut, 70s jap stuff is amazing quality! have you seen the price of metal tapes these days wow! I’ll let ya know if it works cheers
  4. The oem kit has now lost both left channels and tbh it wasn’t the best quality when it worked, I’m wondering if I can do away with it all and fit an old Sony dbass head unit and 10 disc changer? Is there a fascia plate to accommodate it and would it have to be on completely fresh wiring? I don’t want new thing that plays dvds or Bluetooth, I’m a vintage hifi fan and still use tapes
  5. TerryTibbs

    E39 525d weird engine noise

    Could be slack in the timing chain, have someone Rev it while you try and pin the noise down to an area in the engine bay, take the oil cap off and see if the rattle is internal
  6. TerryTibbs

    e39 530d no rail pressure?

    If it runs there must be some pressure, I’d be looking at trying a borrowed pressure sensor, the high pressure pumps aren’t a common failure
  7. TerryTibbs

    Rear view mirror knocked off

    Cheers, good idea , after watching that vid I think I’ll glue it myself, And cheers mashmanu, the lots has come off but I didn’t know the mirror came apart like that, I can take it off now instead of it flopping around
  8. TerryTibbs

    Rear view mirror knocked off

    I was wiping the inside of my screen and managed to knock it of with my elbow, has anyone done the same , and what have you stuck it back on with? very annoyed with myself and more annoying is the thing is swinging around.
  9. TerryTibbs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Oh the luxury! P*#ses me off that my saloon rear seats don’t fold down
  10. TerryTibbs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fixed the boot lid wiring at last, got to the point I was having to put the key in the boot lock n twist it! Far too much effort to get into the boot.
  11. TerryTibbs

    Idle vibration

    Is it manual?
  12. TerryTibbs

    E39 530d died

    Crank sensor could cause this problem and not throw a fault code up
  13. TerryTibbs

    Mitivac for oil change?

    Just buy a sump plug repair kit from the well known auction site and fix the problem, I don’t rate the vac oil recovery pumps, take forever in comparison to a bowl and a Jack, the repair kits are about £20 and come with many replacement plugs
  14. TerryTibbs

    Bmw e61 530d turbo opinion needed

    They whistle louder if the exhaust flexi’s are blowing, you may not notice it as an exhaust blow though, check for soot build up in that area
  15. TerryTibbs

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yes I’ve read the same today, my tester is a “glass half empty” kinda guy tbh (miserable bast@rd)