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  1. TerryTibbs

    E39 clear out

    Re wings? Pm regarding collection not had a reply
  2. TerryTibbs

    E39 clear out

    Where abouts are you?
  3. TerryTibbs

    For those in the know - E39 M57 engine into an E34

    Be a better conversion if you used a e34td tho, less hassle with mot and you wouldn’t have to go thru the red tape of the ministry
  4. TerryTibbs

    Btw e39 525i cuts out....

    You need to test the fuel pressure, even tho you maybe able to hear the pump running it might not be doing it’s job,
  5. TerryTibbs

    Btw e39 525i cuts out....

    I’d be looking at the fuel pump to rule it out, they can be as intermittent as your problem when on there last legs
  6. TerryTibbs

    M5 Touring stolen and Torched

    Scum! Sub human scum!
  7. TerryTibbs

    Strange noise !

    Had similar with mine also did when turning right into junctions, thought it was the handbrake shoes as my handbrake was useless so I changed the shoes as they were knackered and rubbing, still had the noise!! Turned out to be a heat shield over the prop shaft that had dropped down at one end and was resting on the prop
  8. TerryTibbs

    £500 banger rally

    A mate of mine has done the ‘ Benidorm or bust run, always watched his progress on unsocial media and it’s always looked like a good laugh, most of the cars get dumped in the airport car park as they all fly home, quite a funny scene, mk5 escort dressed as Thomas the tank engine, Toyota carola with a ridiculous plywood ‘fast n furious’ Home made body kit and many others all abandoned in a car park corner, all for charity too
  9. TerryTibbs

    New hella’s

    Is it a lhd car? If so the vin number will give you lhd lamps?
  10. TerryTibbs

    Have I damaged my battery?!

    It just needs a good charge
  11. TerryTibbs

    100k miles of fuel economy data

    Dedication to the pump!!! I get 500 miles per fill of 60 litres, but managed 600 in the last fill as we been on various family days out as well as my 12 mile round trip to work over 9 days, I could get more mpg but I’m heavy footed, mine is 2.5d sport and I’ve never put fuel in it n thought “ffs”
  12. TerryTibbs

    A hack for fuzzy alcantara seats

    Done them and they look tons better, good call!!!!
  13. TerryTibbs

    A hack for fuzzy alcantara seats

    I have those seats , one of those bobble off gadgets and the aforementioned sand paper! I’ll be back in a bit!
  14. TerryTibbs

    Halfords discount????

    I’ve never been refused anything yet! Only ever seem to need gear sets replacing in ratchets, and the occasional deep sockets,I once bought an old n rusty and seized 3/8 snap on long ratchet at an auto jumble, presented it to my snap on man, he gave me a brand new superseded version the week after, I did the same with an old 1/2 facom ratchet too , old as the hills didn’t work, presented it to my Indy tool man, week later got a brand new one
  15. TerryTibbs

    Halfords discount????

    Just thought. If you’re on machine Marts mailing list they have vat free days on all Clarke products, decent quality too, saved a small fortune on a mig welder a few months ago