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  1. D4EWW

    AC basic to AC high retrofit DIY.

    Hi blood when it's coded does it give you the vent options in idrive ie top, middle, bottom as I only have centre vent temp. I have done retrofit ie changing of the pins to new plugs(26pin & 2pin) I haven't done solar sensor not sure where its meant to go and the rest button doesnt function will it function after cocing. Cheers
  2. D4EWW

    Success! AC basic to AC high.

    Hi Gunars, I've just fitted same ac to mine pre lci basic to pre lci high. Does your rest button work mine don't do anything the led doesn't light up and like on your video I can't manually choose vent location ie feet, middle and windscreen. I ask as your idrive display looks the same as mine. I can only select temp for centre vents in idrive. So can't have feet and windscreen at same time
  3. Nah cause I'm getting one with power fold button as well. So I need the right cover plate
  4. Yeah you deffo have a mulf, especially if you've got the buttons. It would be where max535 said. if the wiring is there then look for a module with the same year or maybe before 2007 shouldn't think it would need coding. I've changed mine
  5. Ok cheers its the cover plate that I can't get.
  6. Sorry for late reply. Is it just the switch or do you have the cover plate as well. Cheers
  7. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    Aux has to coded if you don't have so it displays on the idrive "FM AM CD AUX INPUT" then just buy an android unit. Easy to fit with plenty of other stuff. Ie Google maps, amazon prime etc etc. You still have access to your standard idrive
  8. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    The Bluetooth module is in the boot on the left behind the carpet side panels. It has a big white connector at the bottom and if I remember 2 small ones on top. It's the big one they pull out from bottom
  9. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    Mine never had aux, got it retrofitted. So I can connect my phone for music. Couldn't listen to music from phone when the bluetooth did work
  10. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    This is quite common to be unplugged cause when they normally go wrong the idrive starts freezing which means the radio cuts in and out. So people just unplug them.... Like mine is now. Lol
  11. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    Maybe check it's not been unplugged from boot
  12. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    You say you like your music. I don't think you can use the Bluetooth for music only for phone calls you have to use aux input with a jack lead
  13. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    You have to go into communication from the home screen and then scroll across to bluetooth and then activate it if its not ticked. Mine only ever used to say fm, am and CD. I have an android unit now which uses its own bluetooth
  14. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    Mine does the same. I can't tick the Bluetooth box in the menu. My fault is the module in the boot. You could try changing it, or get it repaired
  15. Hi max do you still have pre lci switch