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  1. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    The Bluetooth module is in the boot on the left behind the carpet side panels. It has a big white connector at the bottom and if I remember 2 small ones on top. It's the big one they pull out from bottom
  2. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    Mine never had aux, got it retrofitted. So I can connect my phone for music. Couldn't listen to music from phone when the bluetooth did work
  3. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    This is quite common to be unplugged cause when they normally go wrong the idrive starts freezing which means the radio cuts in and out. So people just unplug them.... Like mine is now. Lol
  4. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    Maybe check it's not been unplugged from boot
  5. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    You say you like your music. I don't think you can use the Bluetooth for music only for phone calls you have to use aux input with a jack lead
  6. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    You have to go into communication from the home screen and then scroll across to bluetooth and then activate it if its not ticked. Mine only ever used to say fm, am and CD. I have an android unit now which uses its own bluetooth
  7. D4EWW

    E60 2005 525d Bluetooth not showing up

    Mine does the same. I can't tick the Bluetooth box in the menu. My fault is the module in the boot. You could try changing it, or get it repaired
  8. Hi max do you still have pre lci switch
  9. D4EWW

    M5 / M sport steering wheel swap

    Hi BoB r Did you manage to get your steering wheel sorted, bet it was frustrating trying to find info on. I'm about to do the same (lci m5 wheel on pre lci) there isn't much info on it, all topics slowly fade onto lci on lci might have to ask you some questions if you sorted it. I'll give it a go first.
  10. D4EWW

    M5 style fleabay bumper

    No I don't think it sits any lower, I've got one on mine. (m5 on msport) Had to snap the polystyrene in half behind the bumper, nothing drastic. But sits quite nice and looks oem.
  11. D4EWW

    Dpf delete 2005 535d

    As long as a DPF is visible on car it should pass. If your mate mots it you could put a straight through pipe on, but you will still need the DPF coded out
  12. D4EWW

    E60 530D Specs

    Mine is euro 4 with DPF with 218hp registered Nov 2004
  13. D4EWW

    E60 530D Specs

    Mine is, or was 218hp e60 2004 530d Sent from my G3121 using Tapatalk
  14. D4EWW

    M5/paddle steering wheel retrofit..

    Philly did you sort your wheel out.. I think you have just got to run wires to gear shift so levers mimick the shifter. If you got it sorted what slip ri g did you use, was just an lci one or lci m5
  15. D4EWW

    Thermo Thermo why do you hate me?

    Hi I have never heard about this. I knew thermostats should be changed to keep engine running at correct temp, but didn't know it affects transmission. I change egr thermostat (that's the easy one at top of engine if I'm right) but have never had the main one changed. I'll have to check what temp car gets to. What are these thermostat mods you speak of. I have alot to learn