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  1. Kentish

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Re-connolised (sp?) my leather on the drivers seat. It was quite tired looking but has come up really well. I'll try and take a few pics to post.
  2. Kentish

    ABS issues; I'm at a loss!

    My 1999 523i auto Touring started to suddenly have ABS and gearbox issues. I only had 3rd gear and reverse and the ABS and transmission lights on (no speedo or econometer). It was OK from cold but did this whenever it got warm. Went to the garage and they said it was the fluid and filter so they changed those at a cost of around £250; apparently the fluid is special and really expensive. They gave the car back with the same fault saying give it a while to settle down. Nothing changed. I scanned it with INPA and cleared the codes. It was no different after warm up, still had the exact same issue. I went to a one man band mechanic who said it was the ABS wheel speed sensors so he did all those which cost me £200. I sourced them after checking on the colour (blue) and fitment (single bolt). He brought it back saying that it was all OK, or it would be after the codes were cleared which he didn't have any software to do. He also said he had to modify the plug on one of the sensors to make it fit. I cleared the codes again, went out for a spin and it was the same again after it warmed up. I did some reading and it looked likely that it was the ABS controller so off it went to BBA Reman. By now the fault was there all of the time and not just when warmed up. Got a call saying they couldn't fix it but could get a new one for about £550 which would also need coding to the car for about £180. They kept my old unit. I found a place called BM parts who I could buy one from outright for £400 and for £30 extra they supplied it coded which can be done off the car if you have ASC and not DSC. I have ASC, result! That arrived and I fitted it and immediately saw the speedo, econometer and wipers worked normally again. But I still had the ABS lights on. I cleared the fault and the lights went off. Great I thought until I drove off and back they came! I scanned the car and it said that the front right ABS wheel speed sensor is at fault, so I bought an new one and fitted it and cleared the code and tested the car and the fault came back (ABS lights back on). I suspected the plug so I removed the plug from the cars loom and from the sensor and soldered them directly together and insulated them. Cleared the code and road tested the car and the ABS lights came on again (same fault on INPA). Jusst a thought; it says front right. Is that from inside the car or form the front looking under the bonnet. Maybe I should replace the other side too? Bear in mind I have just paid more to fix this fault than I paid for the car 18 months ago so it'd be nice to get this fault sorted as I'm pretty sure it's an MOT failure to have an ABS fault. My wife is saying that I should get rid of it now but the car is rather nice and I've done new discs and pads all round, new rad and fan, new HID xenon headlights, new BMW cellis LED rear lights, new lower springs all round (removing the old air bag system), new bluetooth pioneer headunit with integrated phone function, refurbished M Parallel alloys with brand new winter tyres, new poly bush rear axle carrier bushes. So it's getting quite sorted and I like it. Any ideas on the ABS issue folks? Any help much appreciated!
  3. Kentish

    Autobox limp mode?

    Thanks for the replies. The limp mode appears to have been down to a low battery as the car is used infrequently. A solar charger plugged into a permanently connected 12v socket has sorted that The ride height has also settled and now only slightly different side to side but I still may have this sorted. Thanks again for all the help; this is a great forum with great members.
  4. Kentish

    Autobox limp mode?

    Thanks guys. I'll scan the car myself with NCS Expert when I get some time to do it. I would have thought there should be something stored. WRT the suspension; I believe it was reassembled on a 4 poster whilst jacked up, or at best resting under it's own weight on the ramp but certainly not loaded up.. Does this have much affect on the ride height; I'm assuming this is why you were asking that question? I actually prefer the height on the side that's been replaced. If I unbolt the other side whilst on axle stands and then bolt them up tight again, would this raise the side that is lower? I guess it would be trial and error with the height
  5. Kentish

    Autobox limp mode?

    Firstly thank you all for your help. Secondly, apologies for taking so long to return to thank you! I did have the codes read and the gearbox oil and filter changed (£80 for the oil btw)! I also had new discs and pads all round whilst it was in and that lot came to £400. No codes were stored and they handed it back as resolved as it was running fine. I used the car the same night and the same thing happened again; unfortunately on my way home a rear suspension arm snapped and I had to be recovered to the garage but I noticed all the same lights came on (ESP, ABS and gearbox). These have all been done now at the same garage (another £400). I notice now that the car sits about 1.5 - 2" higher on the side with the new control arm and stabiliser link (any ideas)? The original fault of gearbox limp mode still persists. It happens after a few miles, not straight away (any further thoughts on this)? Is it worth taking it back and spending more money chasing the fault replacing more parts? I've spent more than double what the car cost me (£950) last year just recently!
  6. Kentish

    Autobox limp mode?

    Would the auto box on a 1999 523i have a limp mode? My car had a few amber warning lights come on and the speedo stopped working. The lights all went off except the gearbox warning light and the speedo started working. With the gearbox light remaining on all I appear to have is 3rd and reverse and no other gears, tiptronic also does not work and no gear selection or D in auto is shown on the dash now. It did the same a few days ago but all was fine when I next drove the car. Any ideas as to what this could be? I'm thinking, change the fluid and filter and reset the codes and see whether it is ok again. I've not scanned the codes yet.
  7. Kentish

    Rear parking sensors

    Sorry to jump in on your post but I have parking sensor issues too. Probably best to list similar faults in the same thread than have lots of different posts, hope you don't mind! I get a long beep when I go into reverse but I get no beeping sound as I reverse closer to any obstacles. Does this mean that all 4 sensors are faulty? Can you get to them easily on a Touring (SE) model? Could I retro fit an aftermarket kit and use the existing OEM sensor holes?
  8. Kentish

    E39 owners with winter tyres/alloys

    I can highly recommend Avon Ice Touring winter tyres. I went from Kent to mid-Wales (holiday cottage) in the last heavy snow we had. Everyone said we were mad & wouldn't make it out of Kent. There was 2 feet of snow at Clacket Lane services in the areas that hadn't been driven on (paths & benches). When we drove over the Brecon Beacons we could hardly tell where the road was as it was several inches deep & still snowing hard & there were several Land Rovers & Land Cruisers who had gone off into ditches. We had no problems at all on those Avons, they were really awesome.
  9. Kentish

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Passed my MOT! Had advisories for new pads & discs front & rear.
  10. Kentish

    M Para refurb in Berkshire

    That's what I'd do (powder coat the entire wheel the same colour). Request lots of lacquer on the final finish which makes them look quite shiny.
  11. Kentish

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Touched in the paint gouges (down to metal) from when some moron decided they couldn't open their door a couple of times on the door I only had resprayed last week (£300). It was flawless and an absolutely perfect match until today, now it has obvious touch ins and the dickhead managed to gouge nicks in the side strips whilst they were at it. It's not fucking rocket science is it; is the space wide enough to park in AND do I still have space to open the door without inflicting damage to the car next to me. Fucking morons! Apologies for the expletives!
  12. Thanks. You might be onto something with the lose caliper. It has crossed my mind. I just need to find some time now to give it a good check over.
  13. When I brake to a stop I get a clank come from the nearside front. It does it in Drive or in Neutral so I'm ruling out a gearbox noise. Any idea what it could be? Edited too add:- I also have a judder when braking, it disappears more when braking harder. Could the noise and the judder be related?
  14. Kentish

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Last week now but got my nearside rear arch bubbles sorted. They repainted the rear quarter to match in perfectly with colour and finish.
  15. Kentish

    Someone buy this and look after it!

    I can't reply to your PM you sent about the wheels for some reason; just wanted to say no worries & thanks for letting me know. Sorry to go OT OP!