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  1. claudio

    E36 525 Auto Box problems - advice needed

    will see on tuesday and keep my optons open , the car is worth it as its so well kept and immaculate, previous owner has 18k worth of maintenance reports , car needs nothing, he just never changed geart oil but bmw always said its lifetime etc etc, which im strongly against to be honest, i did get it done few days ago but seem like i was already too late and wasted my money will update more next week on this thread
  2. claudio

    E36 525 Auto Box problems - advice needed

    thanks for the reply, will have a more specific answer tue after a visit to gearbox specialist, if i find a second hand box does it need ecu or is it inside the box?/
  3. claudio

    E36 525 Auto Box problems - advice needed

    Have the car a month and spent a nice sum buying it because of its immacualte condition and spec Car has 167 k on it mostly motorways it'd has extensive service history and I got the gearbox oil and filter changed last week but the automatic trans place scanned it that day and gave no errors and drove fine It seems to be intermittent issue Am absolutely gutted now if it's needs s rebuild
  4. claudio

    E36 525 Auto Box problems - advice needed

    sorry about thread title i mispelled e39 can anyone shed some light as to what these errors may be, Have checked the battery and its ok also checked all the plugs going into the box and they are fine also, yesterday i let the car warm up and drove in tiptronic mode to test it, car was smooth as silk up to fourth and when i accelerated and tried to knock it into 5th it was like it got stuck on 3k revs and dropped back into 4th from 5th, drove on another bit and it changes inot 5th no problem, tested it continously up and down the gears and say 8 out of 10 times its ok, im really confused now and not an iisue that happens every single time and my mechanic insists on it being a sliping gear hence a rebuild which i cannot afford right now
  5. Hello Im a e39 newbie and purchased a very very well maintained a 02 reg 525i auto a month ago from a friend of mine, the car has a mountaion of service history and has been very well maintaned all its life , went to leave the estate the other day and noticed around 3 or 4 the gear it was hanging and have a slight shudder and yellow limp mode light came on so i scanned it and reset the codes and booked it into a auto tranmission place for oil and filter refresh, so took a long drive there and got him to scan it and nothing, they did the service and he said all seemed ok, i drove another hour home and car was fine, the day after i went to leave the house again the car was started from cold and the same issue car went up the gears fine until about 4th and thats where it acts strange like it hangs in th rev range and wont chage up but soemtimes it does and from my testing in tip tronic mode there seems to be no issues, so got back to the house and turned ignition off and back on and no yellow light but i scanned it again and could just get 2 codes from the gearbox 49 symptom gear check 55 gear check 5 i didnt clear these yet as i dont know what to do now, the box was always smooth and never got abused so its hard to narrow it down unless its a electrical issue can anyone who ever had these codes please advise of any findings thanks battery is healty as i just checked that