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  1. Ayaba

    Spotted BMW E28’s

    Spotted in Romford near the station- red E28. If that guy has checked his mirrors to see someone is literally running after him, I would probably provide some info too lol
  2. Ayaba

    My E28 M30B28

  3. Ayaba

    My E28 m20b20

    A freaky rat proj :)
  4. Ayaba

    Goodwood Breakfast Club - Sun Nov 1st

    Good luck for everyone accepted! Please post pictures or video after the event, unfortunately I cant go.
  5. Ayaba

    Boby E28 owner near Canterbury

    There it is! When I bought her, she was almost completely dead on bodywork, but that is fixed already The car proj. is with repaired underbody, still have some more to do, also paintjob should be done For that m30b28 I am thinking a lot about an itb intake vision will be clean, air susp. is for sure Thanks mate, I'll ask the mods. Perhaps I have to start a new one for the blue babe as well.
  6. Ayaba

    Boby E28 owner near Canterbury

    So... thats the start of the rat part ... You say you like it or not And last info for saying hallo in this topic is showing you the blue E28
  7. Ayaba

    Boby E28 owner near Canterbury

    Complete vergin Has never been unassembled before Somehow the idea of a hoodride project appears in my head slowly rising as an idea for a rat project... So I started step by step to change the car to something crazy. Usualy weekends or a little bit after work cuz that car has not been stoped for a day since that idea of mine I gotta go now. I'll be back with the rest of the pics ) Hope you will enjoy it ))
  8. Ayaba

    Boby E28 owner near Canterbury

    little attention here: epoxy primer bpdy 950: paint: jack wont go inside now Aint proud of what I've done but the fun is irreplacable still driving with the original ones before-> after->
  9. Ayaba

    Boby E28 owner near Canterbury

    Hy guys, Dont have much time till next working shift but decided to upoad more photos of the work on the white baby and of my beloved blue one. So... there's the begining of the white E28. I first saw the car on a national bmw meeting in Bulgaria 2 years ago and find out for this cheap offer I could not resist. Unfortanately wasnt able to buy the rims as well so i had to change them shortly after that. I started a quick renovation process... well not that quick as I suspected but most important is that the underbody is fixed. I changed the cuted springs with original front and with E12 rear, ugly standing but it has such a nice driving feeling on the broken bulgarian roads. I make a lot of custom changes of some of the broken parts. I wont be able to explain everything I've made on my car in english language, so see some pics: Who the f*** have been working on that rear axcle, I asked myself when I saw that unfinished work?! So changing them immediately
  10. Ayaba

    Boby E28 owner near Canterbury

    Hi guys, Thank you for the warm welcome I hope I will be able to take a day off of my stupid job and come to the meeting. Just cant wait to see all the cars from the list. I dont have much time but I will try to upload more photos.
  11. Ayaba

    Boby E28 owner near Canterbury

    The white baby I have for two years now. I repaired the underbody and started a rat project which aint complete but I hope I will get back in Bulgaria some day and continue my ideas. I will show you more
  12. Ayaba

    Boby E28 owner near Canterbury

    Hi guys, My name is Borislava and I arrived in England a weak ago. I am wondering if there are people with old bmw's like E12,E28,E24 or else of the generation near Canterbury. Do you have monthly meetings and may I come see your cars? I am a huge fan and an owner of two E28s. One of them is m30b28 in deep restoration process and the other one is m20b20 lpg (rat project) witch I used as a daily drive back in Bulgaria. If interested I can show you pics of my projects and of the work I have done.