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  1. Scousebastard

    Misfire + fuel trim bank?

    Could also be O-rings on air distribution piece.
  2. Scousebastard

    e39 Auto no reverse gear

    Had similar and is why I scrapped my touring. Topped up the fluid to no avail. Broken lip on D Clutch Reverse Drum is likely your problem. The issue was addressed I think in 2002 not sure what month, but a bit of googling and you should find out easy enough. Replacement gearbox with the upgraded drum is what I now realise I should have done. Tough decision time unfortunately.
  3. Scousebastard


    I followed Dan's advice and upgraded to xenon the other day. The difference is astounding and well worth the money. I live in the new forest where ponies/deer roam free day and night. I now feel much safer and far less likely to get a deer come through my windscreen. I've got the dash warning, no big deal as I can now see where I'm going!
  4. Scousebastard

    Touring boot strut replacement

    Agree with everything Supertramp said. I did mine with a set of cheap orange handled pry bars. Took a few hours and getting the covers on again was the most tiresome part. Do them one side at a time.
  5. Scousebastard

    Latest verdict on CCV parts?

    I deleted mine, bought some proper oil pipes and an alloy catch can (with dipstick, never the one with the "fill level" tube on the side, they don't hold vacuum). I blocked the intake on the distribution piece with a silicone cap, and blocked the dipstick tube. I took the vacuum feed from one of the two small (factory capped) feeds at the rear of the intake manifold. Prior to fix I was burning oil at about 1/2l per 500miles, now I hardly ever have to top up. Have run my CCV delete for 6 months now, and recently emptied the catch can. It was 3/4 full with brownish whipped cream baileys mayonnaise which would otherwise have been sucked into my intake manifold. UK weather is too damp and shitty for ccv's imo, and with their multiple failure modes are not worth the risk/effort/cost to keep replacing. If you CCV delete make sure your rocker gasket is good. I used an Elring gasket, nice and fat, doesn't leak vacuum. I will get round to posting a how to, with a part list soonish but have a look at Nathan's DIY in YouTube. There is one guy in the UK on YouTube who has done a similar job to mine but he used silicone pipes. You have to use proper oil pipes, oil vapour condensing back to oil eats silicone pipes. Hope this helps.
  6. Scousebastard

    Coolant leak

    Also I did a lot of reading up about what coolant/antifreeze to use and the pink stuff is the conclusion I came to so if you go that route always have some spare with you as you can't buy pink from the forecourt. The temperature gauge lies. It shows in the middle for a wide temperature range (sort of averaged) 88-105c i think. If it's showing hot then you are about to cook your engine.
  7. Scousebastard

    Coolant leak

    If its done more than 100k the cooling system will be ready fir a overhaul anyway. Likely to be the plastic on the rad where the hose connects, hairline crack. I had the same, wiggle it and it gets worse. I got a nissen rad, really well made. You will need a clutch fan removing tool off fleabay and whilst you're in there after fighting with the shroud you might as well do the thermostat and water pump and inspect the pulleys/belts closely. Also worth considering new header tank. Good time too for chopping the leaky ATF pipes on the steering fluid reservoir and replacing the stupid clamp things with Jubilee clips. The new rad pipes you will fitting are hard to push on WD40 helps.
  8. Scousebastard

    A few questions re head-unit install - E39

    YouTube..... e39 radio removal
  9. Scousebastard

    Rear PDC Sensor Change

    I was getting a constant bleep but not every time I reversed. All sensors were clicking OK. Baffled I looked here and discovered the trick of "tap them a bit then squirt them with WD40." Lo and behold, fingers crossed all is OK today. Worth a try.
  10. Scousebastard

    Shell fuel save 95

    325i touring was getting about 15mpg on 95ron that the previous owner was using. As soon as I switched to the 98ron stuff my mpg went up to 23mpg urban (mostly short runs), and about 28-35mpg on the motorway.
  11. Scousebastard

    E39 525i SE Touring 2002

  12. Scousebastard

    The Eonon GA5166 Head Unit..

    To get the steering wheel buttons to work on third party apps such as Poweramp, install the app CarService so you can use track up/down/pause/mute whatever as well as volume. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=53678587&postcount=1179 This app can be set to run on startup and will restart the music where you left off. Video streaming works for me from my Motorola Moto G using the supplied AirPlay app. Miracast not supported by my phone. I can confirm USB port/cable takes a memory stick and you can run music from there should you wish, I use the Micro SD slot with a 32gb card in it. I have not use the front miniUSB so can't comment. GPS sometimes/rarely gets stuck in seek mode. Just go to settings/gps turn off google permissions and turn on again, GPS then locks immediately. For free GPS app I use Maps.Me app, free and you download offline maps, works great I used it to go to Switzerland and back very accurate and clean maps. Google play store pre-installed on my device. Latest models have higher resolution screen, not sure what the resolution is, but it's hard to believe the unit is 800x480 as Dennis correctly reported, the screen is very sharp.
  13. Scousebastard

    Locking / Unlocking the car

    If you press lock twice it does not deadlock as above, what it does is turn off the internal sensor so you can leave dog/kids in the car whilst you pop into Halford for more wax. This will confirm by the led on your mirror going solid for a few seconds before flashing. If you press the bottom button (diamond key) it opens the boot only. If your alarm is on it will temporarily disable it until you close the tailgate again. Once the alarm has been on for a while you can use the "where is my car" function at night by pressing the middle button and the interior lights will come on for a while. Individual keys can be set for each drivers preference. I believe this does seat memory and lights flashing or not. I too would like to know if there's a way to open the boot glass.
  14. Scousebastard

    The Eonon GA5166 Head Unit..

    So briefly it appears that these units share motherboard and other bits with other units from other manufacturers. Because it's like a tablet, but not a tablet because it has buttons, a radio, a sound card, dvd player etc, it needs an interface to co-ordinate these things, this software is called an MCU. If you go to your "settings... about" you can find out who built your unit,. Probably "Klyde" (KLD) mine says MTCB-KLD-V2.02 which is a Klyde MCU version 2.02. There are newer versions available and you can just upgrade to those if you want to or you can install one that's been improved or whatever by a helpful nerd/hacker type person. You can also upgrade to KitKat and if you want to you can also brick your unit if you don't know what you're doing, lol. I think I will keep my unit as is for now and will consider upgrading the MCU at some point after my warranty has expired! Jamie, heres the link to the XDA thing, now don't go getting all distracted now,... there is a LOT to read, ... we're all still waiting for your 5 page review!! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2660662 and here's the files and a bit of an explaination if you're feeling brave http://www.therebel.eu/android-car-stereo-hacks/upgrading-os-and-mcu-firmware/ https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxmzvLRI7-eNeVA2SWkwM1pLZ28&usp=sharing#listv Regards, Roy
  15. Scousebastard

    The Eonon GA5166 Head Unit..

    Yeah Jamie Eonon are a bit dodgy with the customs thing aren't they, tchkk. I think they sell on the bay under different user ids, some from Hong Kong and some that say they are UK, like the official Eonon eBay which is where I got mine. You pay more initially but supposedly have the UK warranty. I complained about no brackets and was fobbed off by "Jessica" saying they are not listed as coming with the unit. Velcro still doing a fine job keeping mine in place anyway for now at least til I'm decided where I want to go with my upgrades. I've been reading an interesting but mostly over my head thread on the xda developers forum about these units, there are people out there rewriting the software for them and ironing out problems and offering updated files, both oem and some that have been fiddled with to remove bloat etc. It is possible to update these to kitkat too ☺