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  1. alexrowe2000

    BMW E39 523i - auto transmission question

    Yes, it's quite possible you're on to something there. One of the fronts was a few years newer and although the same brand it was a different model so could well have been causing inconsistent sensor faults
  2. alexrowe2000

    BMW E39 523i - auto transmission question

    That's a very good point Dan and I thought potentially I had made a schoolboy error. I've just dug out the very detailed description and some good photos of all four wheels when I was purchasing and fortunately they were all at least the same brand - all Conti. My mistake thinking there was any type of mix and actually there were three of the tyres dating from 2005. Old tyres were as follows; N/S/F - 225/55 R16, Conti Premium Contact 2, 2005 N/S/R - 225/55 R16, Conti Premium Contact 2, 2005 O/S/F - 225/55 R16, Conti Eco Contact CP, 2010 O/S/R - 225/55 R16 Conti Premium Contact 2, 2005 The fronts had around 5mm left and the rears were down to around 3mm. I'm guessing given the age of all four it's quite possible they were causing indirect issues
  3. alexrowe2000

    BMW E39 523i - auto transmission question

    The plot (slightly) thickens. A couple of days back I picked her up from Lepsoms where she'd had a full wheel refurb plus 4 new Conti EcoContact 6 tyres fitted. The alloys weren't in a terrible state but obviously now look much smarter and apparently only one needed correction for a slight buckle. The previous tyres were a bit of a mix but all good brands - Conti, Michelin etc. - although one was very old dating from 2005. I've only driven her a few times since she was in Lepsoms but aside from the improvements afforded by the new tyres it also seems to have a) fixed the minor issues I was having with the transmission and b) fixed the intermittent - and increasingly permanent - issue I was having with a non-functioning cruise control. I still have her booked in for Dartford Transmissions on the 21st and I'm also managing my own expectations that it's possible this is a coincidence as I've only taken her out three times since this work was done but is it possible these other issues were resolved by the alloy refurb/new tyres? I'm usually pleasantly surprised by how much difference new tyres and a wheel refurb makes but this would be impressive!
  4. alexrowe2000

    BMW E39 523i - auto transmission question

    Booked in at Dartford Transmissions on the 21st April. Fingers crossed!
  5. alexrowe2000

    BMW E39 523i - auto transmission question

    Thanks for your replies chaps, I will keep you posted on how things go. I guess the sensible place to start is with the transmission service and then if there is still an issue work through the remaining possibilities from there. I was unaware of the delay in selecting 5th in cold weather but that's a possibility although still leaves me with the other issue of a reluctance of engaging 1st/2nd from a standing start As luck would have it, I had to take her out this morning and the auto was absolutely fine; no issues engaging 5th or 1st/2nd. The joys of an old(er) car!
  6. Hi all, Six months or so back I purchased an extremely good condition E39 1999 523i. She drives incredibly well with both the interior and exterior in fantastic condition and a stack of invoices to go along with the extremely comprehensive FBMWSH. Mileage is 97k The only thing that is causing me any notable concern is the transmission. I've owned several E38 and E39 autos in the past so reasonably familiar with how a good one drives and the feel of the auto. On my 523i she takes a very long time to shift from 4th to 5th and then at the other end of the spectrum is occasionally reluctant to engage 1st or 2nd when trying to accelerate away from a junction/traffic lights leading to me accelerating very slowly away until I've gathered some speed. There is no clunking when shifting between gears and when the auto is working correctly it feels tight as a drum; kick down works well and it slurs smoothly and quietly between gears. Steptronic also works absolutely fine and this is how I get around the issue; when in "D" and still in 4th I push the lever into Steptronic mode, shift to 5th and then back into "D" which works fine but obviously is not ideal. I would appreciate any views or expertise offered as from what I've read and experienced in other E38s and E39s this does feel like it might be a sensor issue rather than a direct problem with the transmission itself. If this is the case, does anyone has an idea of what sensor? In any event, I am going to get the transmission fully serviced at Dartford Transmissions as per what ZF recommend. Thanks in advance for any help! Cheers Alex
  7. Hi all, Looking for a set of style 32s for a recently purchased 740i. It's currently on the original 16" with huge balloons for tyres and I'd like to sharpen the look with some genuine e38 style 32s. Size Offset (ET) 8x18 ET 20 9x18 ET 22 Not too worried if tyres are required or if they need a refurb but ideally no cracked alloys etc. Cheers Alex
  8. alexrowe2000

    My First BMW

    Given the design is 17 years old the E60 is ageing gracefully in my opinion. Enjoy your new car!
  9. alexrowe2000

    parts for 1999 E38 740i

    Hi there, Please could you give me a quote on the following parts for a 1999 E38; Fuel cap hinge: 51171970450 Fuel tank cap: 16111184664 Fuel door spring: 51171969235 Many thanks Alex
  10. Trying to be generous but is an engine replacement a possibility? You'd think they'd mention it in the advert but this would have been in prime Nikasil territory
  11. alexrowe2000

    E38 - cheap waft-bus

    Agreed, that looks lovely. I have a massive soft spot for the E38. I'd want to refit the period correct rear lights/front indicators for the full OEM experience.
  12. alexrowe2000

    E39 V8 leaking fluid

    Hi all, I took a couple of photos today to help with the diagnosis. This isn't coolant or engine oil as neither has changed levels since I last checked. I switched the ignition on without firing her up and it sounded like the power steering pump was working over time. I'm still suspecting hose issues with the power steering but has anyone else experienced a fluid leak similar to the below? Thanks Alex
  13. alexrowe2000

    E39 V8 leaking fluid

    Yes, the pop was an interesting one. It was very quiet and as there was no immediate change I did wonder if I'd imagined it. However, within a mile it had started making the groaning noise which progressively got worse particularly when actually turning the wheel. On that basis I'm hoping/expecting that it's a hose come loose and the power steering is now running on empty and hence not very happy.
  14. alexrowe2000

    E39 V8 leaking fluid

    Hi all, I'd appreciate your feedback on an issue that came up this morning on the old girl. When approaching the 535i this morning from the front I noticed a small-ish amount of fluid under the car almost directly under the Offside headlight. After a quick visual and finger test I'm fairly sure it wasn't engine oil and thought it was either screenwash or most likely power steering fluid. I opened up the bonnet and nothing looked amiss so I took her out for a brief drive to see if anything nasty made itself known. I was out for around half an hour and all seemed normal until towards the end of the drive when I felt/heard something like a small pop. Then about a minute later and a mile from home I noticed some groaning noises when turning a corner and from then on there was a constant 'wrong' noise like a whirring noise made much worse whenever I turned the wheel. Thankfully I was close to home and she's parked up safe now. I did a quick visual after I got her back and there wasn't any under bonnet mess but I did notice some fluid a way down in the engine bay that would correspond to the fluid on the floor. Now, although I'm suspecting a power steering pump failure the actual weight of the steering doesn't seem to have materially changed and the fluid seems to be leaking in the wrong place relative to where the power steering pump is in the engine. Am I on the right track or should I be looking at something else entirely? Any help much appreciated! Many thanks Alex
  15. alexrowe2000

    BMW 535i V8 - my new steer

    Yes, really enjoying it. She's a lovely old girl and doesn't really need too much doing to her to get her tip top. The bit I'm not looking forward to is sorting the sills. They're not too bad at all on inspection but with the weather being so grim I haven't had the covers off yet to see how bad things are and I know the covers can hide a whole new world of pain. I've got my fingers crossed that it's as superficial as it appears. She's got enough mod-cons so doesn't feel sparse but it's interesting once you've been out driving for a while how you don't really miss all the extras we have on modern cars.