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  1. dg666

    WTB 520d min 2014 reg

    What's your budget and mileage limit?
  2. dg666

    Champagne II on AT

    Was a good car vpt. My father regretted selling it. He still talks about it 2 years on haha
  3. dg666

    Champagne II on AT

    I bought this off you for 3k (i think? - rf03vpt) and then sold it 12m later for £4k, so £5k may be achieveable (albeit a long sell) but 7200!... dreaming!
  4. dg666

    E39 530i m sport suspension

    Not sure but he's asked a garage to adjust them nd apparently the adaptor rings (or something like that) are quite corroded. He's 62 and doesn't want coilovers, it just pops every divit and bump in to the cabin, own so much nicer
  5. dg666

    E39 530i m sport suspension

    As per the title, I (well my dad) is after a complete oem m sport suspension setup for his new 03 530i as it came on coilovers.
  6. Ok thanks, if you decided to split could I have first refusal on glove box, b pillars and door cards?
  7. As per the title, looking for a friend. Please send me a message if you have any (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  8. dg666

    Bmw e39 M5 titanium interior trim

    Hi I don't have the titanium trim you're after but would be interested in your birch should you decide to sell it
  9. To some 100k is merely a nice holiday.
  10. dg666

    E39 M5 OEM Exhaust

    Ah I'm up in Bolton- quite a distance!
  11. dg666

    E39 M5 OEM Exhaust

    I have. Where are you located?
  12. dg666

    E39 M5 OEM Exhaust

    Any bit in specific? I.e. back box only... I have a full system chopped up in my garage.
  13. dg666

    How much to ask?

    Nice! 53 plate too... I want! Hellrot?
  14. dg666

    Alcantara headlining

    That changes things then! Thanks for the heads up!!