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  1. si-g

    Battery dead

    Mine just died too, I bought a Bosch battery with 5 year warranty.
  2. si-g

    E39 M5 Exhaust Manifold

    I don't think there are virtually any gains to be had with the sports cats. My concern though is that my oem cats are now nearly 19 years old, done over 100,000 miles, would they now not be performing at their best and causing a restriction... Im also curious over the quality of the sports cats vs standard, Evolves sports cats are £900, Russ Fellows £600 and supersprints are a lot more! Is there something I'm missing? Are some better than others? Should I just keep standard cats... I can't decide!!
  3. si-g

    E39 M5 Exhaust Manifold

    Very impressive! Who did your mapping? Was that with 200 cell cats?
  4. si-g

    E39 M5 Exhaust Manifold

    Hi all, I want to buy new performance exhaust manifolds for my E39 M5 but undecided whether to go for replacement cats. A part of me would like to retain the original cats but im worried as to how the new manifolds would attach to them, I wouldn't want a single piece exhaust from the engine back to the cans, would want to be able to unbolt the cats from the new manifolds as you can do today. Has anyone fitted them like this? Do the original cats cause a performance concern over the sports cats? The option is there to go for 200 cell sports cats but im worried that it might make the system too loud, im not really after the noise, i want the performance gains that come from the headers, although a slight little bit more noise that stock would be nice . Do you have to get the car remapped to take advantage of the new manifolds, or are there gains there straight away? Thanks
  5. si-g

    Evolve Headers

    The installer that Russ recommends is ACspeedtech in warrington http://www.acspeedtech.co/
  6. @PhoenixGasServ Do you cover Market Drayton, Shropshire?

  7. @Parcel2Go received an email saying I under declared the size of my parcel, and your going to charge extra due to i… https://t.co/DPze8ecxaZ

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  10. @mafiagame will my progress from the mafia 3 demo on ps4 be carried over if I buy the physical copy of the game?

  11. @BMW So pleased with my new 3 Series Touring! Awesome car! https://t.co/bQmwuVNzRz

  12. what they’re told obliterates 99 percent of their value.

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