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  1. slackworth

    Xmas Present - JCW Fob & Lanyard

    Hey Guys - Just had an email from Mini directly saying there's 30% off all Mini accessories for BF week - will this change the price?
  2. slackworth

    Xmas Present - JCW Fob & Lanyard

    Hi Guys, Can you add 5x 07147145753 as well to this and then I'll ring and pay
  3. slackworth

    Xmas Present - JCW Fob & Lanyard

    Hey Guys, Please could you let me know your best price on 1x 82292469990 and 1x 82292469989 for the other half for Xmas Might be worth doing some BF Merch deals for us all for Xmas Pressies!
  4. slackworth


    Hey Guys, Can you let me know if BMW have stock of the ICOM NEXT in either the UK or Germany at the moment? Thanks
  5. slackworth

    Door Grip Switch Holder

    Managed to grab myself a set of folding mirrors so need a new switch plate - can you let me know the price of 51417225874 and if stock is available? Thanks
  6. slackworth


    Hey, Can you let me know what price is doable on a genuine ICOM Next A? Part number should be 81312360883 I believe Thanks
  7. slackworth

    Android replacement

    That's the way I'd go - put all back to stock and replace the fuse and see if it works. If it does then start the retrofit again to see if it works 2nd time round. If it doesn't but it all works at stock then you have a faulty unit/harness - if it doesn't work at stock then you've buggered up the cars original harness along the way.
  8. slackworth

    Android replacement

    Assuming you're pulling power from the headunit wiring harness it's likely to be Fuse 119 as per the wiring diagrams here: https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f11-530d-tou/components-connectors/components/components-with-a/a42-headunit/ - just pick the right headunit depending on age but they all use F119 mainly - odd exception which uses 105.
  9. slackworth

    ConnectedDrive Store on idrive

    I don't feel the desire to update the Maps every year and the Online side of things seems a waste of time so I think I'll splash out for RTTI separately and do the maps every couple of years instead of taking the £99 yearly sub. ConnectedDrive Store they have told me again that it is definitely being removed which is why it's not working.
  10. slackworth

    ConnectedDrive Store on idrive

    Well that was a waste of time...just deleted my profile and sent an update to the car - made absolutely no difference. Tried to hint about an I-Step update and he just said if that didn't work to call him back and also call the ConnectedDrive team LOL!!! I was going to sign up for the £99 package but I don't actually see the point given half of it doesn't work! I guess Online may not work for me due to having no Sub yet but it hardly seems worth it
  11. slackworth

    ConnectedDrive Store on idrive

    I have just got my F11 last week and been having the same problem. I rang the ConnectedDrive helpline thinking it was an issue with the car/hardware and they mentioned that BMW Online and the ConnectedDrive Store have been removed from the available services within iDrive. I've got a call with the BMW Genius at my local dealer in 40 mins to confirm if this is the case as when I mentioned the fact that you can pay for a BMW Online subscription, why would you bother if it doesn't actually work and the lady on the phone couldn't help. I'm now wondering if BMW have issued an I-Step upgrade which will take them off the iDrive itself. Maybe what she said is right though if I'm not the only one - kind of defeats the point of the ConnectedDrive services though...…...