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  1. WickRatson

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    where is home? haha. Not "home" i.e Scotland, but I've lived in shrewsbury for 2 years now, and this is on the shropshire/welsh border. Near a place called Montgomery. Great commute for the misses work. I'm not expecting to move for 10+ years now that is for sure. Reversing on the flower bed is the extent of my gardening skill. Going to need to learn some new skills
  2. WickRatson

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    This project is not dead... this project is not dead... Well, i have finally bought a house. The last place was great, but it was quite a drive to it, and costing £150 a month it started to drain on the fund for the BMW itself. It was very interesting towing it up the drive, its very steep in places... at least no one can say i can't reverse a trailer! This place is Great though, a tad small, but great! I'm so happy to have bought a house with a half decent garage. Now its a case of making it into a good workshop so I'm able to actually work on the car. I'll be spending all weekend making adjustments, building a workshop, bench, and stacking away parts into a semi organised fashion ready to start work again next month.
  3. WickRatson

    100k miles of fuel economy data

    That's pretty impressive! I should do the same!
  4. WickRatson

    Peaceful protest.

    I really don't understand folk that go to such great lengths to distrupt a niche thing that they believe in. So many countries that exist, and thrive being considered socialist (Norway, Sweden,Finland, Denmark, Canada I think!?) And people think it's a great idea to vandalise a book shop and risk a criminal record because they offer a book that has socialist views? Yes of course, because that's going to stop socialism in its tracks.. I'd move to Norway or Sweden in a heartbeat if I could. What a socialist I am! For example a vegan protest yesterday a butcher in Leeds, kirkgate market. At a butchers? Like he's going to make a huge difference. Your just disrupting a family's buisness.
  5. WickRatson

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    Might just do that Dunc. Anyway getting onto rewelding the handbrake outlet, I lobbed off 25mm as the handbrake cable was very much seized in the tube when I dismantled everything.. So I've got some new pipe and it's to be welded tomorrow. Unfortunately to work out how much I lobbed off I needed to offer up the system. No worries though. I have already bought all the brake parts I need. These took ages to get the springs in. It's alright if you don't have the wishbone loose. Both sides prepped!
  6. WickRatson

    Brake calipers and carriers

    Bigg red? Blimby. How much did that set you back!?
  7. WickRatson

    E28 Bonnet Buffer Stops & Sealing Foam

    Looks great. I still need to buy them! No point till I've done my respray though! Your colour makes me think twice about gloss black...
  8. WickRatson

    A hack for fuzzy alcantara seats

    That looks awesome!
  9. WickRatson

    Wanted e28 recaro LS front seats

    Bloody hell. What on earth has he done to that poor car?
  10. WickRatson

    Replacement panels?

    https://www.bmwgroup-classic.com/en/offers-and-services/bmw-classic-parts-shop.html I've bought a few off here over the years, they will be your best quality! Good luck with the project!
  11. WickRatson

    E39 Alpina 17" copy wheels (4)

    Still available?
  12. WickRatson

    Motorcyclist films himself at 189mph

    You know, I'm not at all surprised. Driving home yesterday confirmed to me that I need a dashcam.. I was given the birdy twice yesterday. I wasn't even the guilty party!
  13. WickRatson

    A tart I came across today.....

    I totally forgot that you lived up in Inverness. Near fort George wasn't it? I've not bin to there new showroom. Looks epic.
  14. WickRatson

    A tart I came across today.....

    He did what!!? One day I'll own a alpina
  15. WickRatson

    Fuel Cards - employer provided for your BMW

    Are fuel cards not usually a set amount every month? I know my misses has one. But she has a company car but is allowed to use it as a private car for personal milage. Her company owns the car, She has to pay emissions tax and £60 a month on the fuel card. No one ever asks to account for the personal or company milage. In theory that's pretty impossible. It's great when I travel to the family home in Inverness! She is currently doing around 25k a year to!