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  1. Chu

    Any Snow pictures please?

    Snow in aldershot...melting away now
  2. Chu

    Ford Kuga - Gone.

    Yep..sod global warming..every tesla i pass seems to make my right foot heavy in my 4.0 v8. Tax is a bastard though.
  3. Chu

    530d mid resonator(?) delete?

    I had a full custom pipe on my 530d.. Darkside cat delete pipe made all the difference to sound. Tiny silencer on back box. Who ever told you removing the cat does nothing is wrong.
  4. Chu

    E92 m3 info

    Hi Looking to buy but not sure on manual or dct. Heart tells me manual but i found a low miles great spec auto. Will this affect resale? Car has had rod bearings done but not actuators. At 49k so should i haggle on actuators( never been a haggler but my current bmw taught me a few lessons). Which is better manual or auto? Anything else i need to look for? Cheers Matt
  5. New temp probe in exhaust.
  6. Chu

    Replacement pic

    So my dream came true.... But the 5 is a beautifull thing. See ya!
  7. Passed mot today. With no cat or dpf..been a great car for a family man and will be sad to see it go in the morning!. Sold at 2800 which i know is cheap but i need it gone. Mot man said its super clean and looked after for age.
  8. Chu

    Replacement pic

    Got someone coming to look at it on sunday. If it does'nt sell i will let you know.
  9. Chu

    E92 m3 info

    So i bought the manual one. Ooh that sound.
  10. Chu

    Just sold my E60 530d whats next?

    2005 pre lci.. Just need it gone so any offer considered
  11. Chu

    Just sold my E60 530d whats next?

    Im going to buy an m3 in a couple of hours.. my 530 is up for quick sale and taking offers. 315 bhp stage 2 by avon Full custom pipe with darkside de cat Xhp stage 3 in carbon black. Unmarked recent refurbed spyders in black chrome. Tracker. Detatch towbar.xenons 122000miles. tons of paperwork @Yuri84
  12. Chu

    Just sold my E60 530d whats next?

  13. Chu

    Just sold my E60 530d whats next?

    Theres a vid with a e60 with 2jz engine.
  14. Chu

    Just sold my E60 530d whats next?

    Impreza rb320. Thats what i keep looking at.
  15. Chu

    Fuck my life and my car!

    There ya go
  16. Chu

    Vauxhall Out, SEAT In!

    Looks nice.
  17. Chu

    Dpf rattle

    It seems my deleted dpf section(internals gutted) has now got a annoying vibration/ rattle. I am looking online for a dpf delete pipe but search returns de cat pipes. My whole exhaust is custom 3 inch apart from the dpf section part no 3 and pipe before it.. Anyonehave any links for this part ..530d m57. Cheers.
  18. Chu

    Not a bad nights work

    Are'nt you meant to take a taco break?.
  19. Chu

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

    Large sauvignon for me... Cheers!.
  20. Chu

    Round 2... This time with a 530i

    I have a new battery for this im willing to let go for half price £100. Near guildford.
  21. Just to add something worrying..2 of thes mechs are bmw specialists.
  22. Ive never changed pads lol.. sounds a bit above my patience level. Will suggest bushes to mechanic!. I'd guess he has a honing tool. Cheers for the write up max!.