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  1. Chu

    Alloy wheel refurb

    I paid 420 from wheel specialist couple months back 19 inch spider.dropped car off picked up 24 hrs later.
  2. Chu

    Undertray for 2010 E61

    Do they have any mini bumpers though.
  3. Probably a 'upgrade'.
  4. 310 from 530 is very good.. who done the map? Do you have rr test for the figures?
  5. 530d.. The gift that keeps on taking. We should be team mates.
  6. Chu

    Mpg needle going mad

    So could be a faulty maf? I read the e46 had a vacuum line that ran along steering rack behind dashboard which is where my whooshing is coming from. Is it the same setup on the e60?the vacuum hose rubs on rack over time and leaks.
  7. Keeps going to zero and holding there for a few seconds if i blip throttle crawling on tick over..given my cabin whoosh noise(boost leak?) Is this linked? Is the mpg sensor vacuum activated? Will it have anything to do with my increased emmissions bong? Any ideas? Cheers!
  8. Chu

    Curve TVs

    I have a curved oled 55 inch 3d tv its awesome and sits well in the corner. Best telly yet.
  9. Chu

    Easiest way to get a gear indicator?

    I thought they pull away in 2nd unless selected 1 in sport.
  10. Chu

    Bad Fuel

    Id log a complaint with the garage in case disaster happens.
  11. They dont share..something to do with some rights of some sort.
  12. Chu

    Increased emmissions

    Lets hope not.
  13. Got the bong on my way home just now.. Egr is blanked also no dpf so any pointers? Could it be connected to a boost leak?.
  14. Chu

    BMW Alloy Wheels 135 Double Spoke

    As far as im aware..my spyders have 13 so could be just the e60 range?. Someone else more knowledgeable could clarify?.