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  1. Chu

    Spotlight fallen in

    This is why i pay mechanics
  2. Chu

    Spotlight fallen in

    Arrrgh...i removed inner arch working of a trolley jack. See where i went wrong now.
  3. Chu

    Spotlight fallen in

    Washer bottle on passenger side makes it impossible..i watched the youtube vid... he done the drivers (easy) side.
  4. Chu

    Spotlight fallen in

    Spot light in bumper..just tried its a mare. Washer bottle is in the way!tried to move washer bottle but looks a bigger job than i anticipated. Going to book in with indy.
  5. Chu

    Spotlight fallen in

    Thanks but i got well lost...off to parts department first thing!.
  6. Going to fix this tomorrow..guessing the bolts/screws will be long gone!. Does anyone have a part number or diagram for these please!.
  7. Chu

    Spec check

    Site tells me car is 201 bhp?. But its 218 standard.
  8. Chu

    Spec check

    No worky!
  9. Chu

    Spec check

    Thanks but info is incorrect on this site..someone posted a bmw site yrs backwhich is the one im looking for.
  10. Chu

    Spec check

    Search bar is useless..can anyone give me the vin check site please.
  11. Chu

    Black smoke after remap

    You should see mine
  12. Chu

    What's this in the glove box?

    Late to the bmw party..all my bmw's had a torch.pretty basic stuff.
  13. Chu

    Black smoke after remap

    Same as mine...mappers over fueling special..trust me it gets real embarrising. It will not clear.
  14. Chu

    Strange Intermittent warning light

    Its pointing to 100mph.
  15. Chu

    Strange Intermittent warning light

    Think it means youre turning left