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  1. Chu

    E60 520D WONT REV !!!

    Mine was a blocked egr when it wouldnt rev out.
  2. Chu

    Is my car remapped?

    Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Take it to a rolling road around £40 Get some bhp figures.
  3. Chu

    Is my car remapped?

    Yeh..phone them and ask
  4. Go to a scrapyard?
  5. Chu

    Diesel MOT

    Dpf out.egr blanked +coded.
  6. Man theres some ugly wheels in here..128 look good though
  7. Chu

    Lacquer coming off :-(

    Way off..sorry.
  8. Chu

    Lacquer coming off :-(

    Where u based mo?
  9. Chu

    Diesel MOT

    Tbh i think i carried a split hose all this time not knowing. Tbh i think i carried a split hose all this time not knowing. Exhaust..who knows?. Map ..they done map then rr tested then fiddled around and rr again.custom or generic...who knows?. Regarding your mates..Dpf delete is pretty much stage 2 mate..just leaves egr which is only a couple of horses.
  10. Chu

    Diesel MOT

    Mpg i dont know as i never really care!. Map2 inc dpf and egr removal around 6 -7 hundred also swirl flaps i cant remember how much.exhaust was nearly 900 if i remember correctly. Also had gearbox serviced around 370ish.
  11. A big no from me. Factory look and clean is tops. That has barry written all over it.
  12. Chu

    Diesel MOT

    Basically you can do all this shit to your car and still pass.
  13. Chu

    Diesel MOT

    Im putting the lower bhp figure down to a split intercooler hose..also the excessive black smoke which now hose is fixed has gone. New figure at 300bhp with little smoke!. Happy!.
  14. Chu

    Diesel MOT

    This is stage 2 before custom exhaust..i will post results tomorrow.
  15. Chu

    Diesel MOT

    My car is booked on the rollers tomorrow 11.30. For the work done to my car im expecting near on 300bhp. I have spoke to avon today and was told live mapping will fry ecu. Rolling road then tweaking perameters is poss but no massive gains as stated here. Look online at figure claims for stage 2 from a 218hp engine. Mine is at what is claimed even slightly over.