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  1. Walnut dash. Lovely otherwise.
  2. That inspires confidence.
  3. Cheers duncan...mission acomplished!.
  4. Thats it duncan..is it worth 100 quid before i click buy?
  5. Whoops you are right lol.
  6. Sorry forgot to mention its a 1992 model Thanks!
  7. Good site! But no carrera 2..thanks though!.
  8. Im trying to do something special for someone.. i need to find a model/ built or build it of a 1992 porsche 996 c2 non turbo..in dark blue if poss. No cheapy chinese ones something decent. Your help would be massively apreciated as i cant find anything being a numb nuts. I have looked but come up with anything. Thanks Matt
  9. They dont rev when doing emmissions so no smoke..mine has no dpf.. no egr stage 2 map and a custom exhaust,no back box either. Passes every time. Dont panic.
  10. So would a cracked exhaust manifold be unimportant...they missed that.
  11. Not being smart gonzo but what is your full time job?.