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  1. Chu

    Not a bad nights work

    Are'nt you meant to take a taco break?.
  2. Chu

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

    Large sauvignon for me... Cheers!.
  3. Chu

    Round 2... This time with a 530i

    I have a new battery for this im willing to let go for half price £100. Near guildford.
  4. Just to add something worrying..2 of thes mechs are bmw specialists.
  5. Ive never changed pads lol.. sounds a bit above my patience level. Will suggest bushes to mechanic!. I'd guess he has a honing tool. Cheers for the write up max!.
  6. Mine has had the creaking for ages..3 different mechanics couldnt fix it. 2 re greased and 1 put some folded coke tin behind the pad. Is this a easy diy? I will buy the tool from you if so..do you have a link to the kit? @max535
  7. Chu

    New exhaust gaskets for dpf delete

    Dont listen to the fail mot rubbish.
  8. Chu

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

    I get that and it sucks..but probably less hassle to do it yourself mate.
  9. Chu

    Deplorable Nissens UK after sales

    Cant you just re rivet them on the correct end?
  10. Chu

    Ok what have I broken?

    I have juddering under hard accelleration..this happened after my prop was split. I have had new prop ect..but still there,it seems random now as to when it happens. Will be watching this thread.
  11. Chu

    Exhaust Flexi replacement

    De cat pipe..sorted. Jokes asides i have just put darksides de cat on mine and it has made an amazing difference.
  12. Chu

    Wagner intercooler

    Trust me the internals will be way off..and thats what makes all the difference. Have you fitted one?
  13. Chu

    Wagner intercooler

    Does anyone know if its a direct fit with no modifications? 2005 pre lci 530d m57. Has anyone here done this?
  14. Chu

    Odometer Trip reset button broken?

    Try giving it a good fingerblasting
  15. Chu

    Grew up reading Warlord comics

    Good lord dont let the lefties see that.