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  1. Waits for car died in ford thread lol.
  2. Chu

    E61 panoramic roof glass replacement

    Hydraulic ramp out front lol. Must be popular with the neighbours.
  3. Chu

    Grooved caliper slide pin

    I have the same click from front caliper.. Seems to do it only when i crawl on tick over then brake. Comes and goes for last 2 years. Had indy take a look but said nothings wrong. Even had new discs and pads.
  4. Chu

    535D issues

    Daymn you had some leaky motors on that block pave lol
  5. Me too e60. Last time i used my spare it said low batt and i can only use this key one time to start.
  6. Have you finally bought one?
  7. Seems legit..his other item looks well maintained and also states genuine reason for sale. Go see it.
  8. Just put 20mm on rears. Slight rubbing on tyre after a short drive.just the arch liner barely touches on bumps. Easy fix. Going to lower it now.
  9. Chu

    These cars are built like tanks

    What am i reading... Id have had his details..your car is damaged. What else took the impact besides the wheel. You sir must be dumb or un insured.
  10. Chu

    What brand spacers

    Bought h&r blackline 20mm after measuring tyre to arch 20mm gets it filled nicely. Cheers for the advice!.
  11. Chu

    What brand spacers

    Ok so now im thinking 25mm(thought people on here had gone 30 no probs?
  12. Chu

    What brand spacers

    No lowering just want to fill arches!.
  13. Chu

    What brand spacers

    Staggered spyders... Wtf is a cb.
  14. Chu

    What brand spacers

    Cheers dan are the eibach ones in that link to fit my 2005 530d? If so im buying!.i have checked but makes no sense..they fit every model in that description.
  15. Chu

    What brand spacers

    Looking to put 30mmm spacers on the rear. Whats best and are they safe? Clueless here.