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  1. I used Brembo discs last time - very nice quality... with Textar pads.
  2. pressed volume knob for 25s to reset the frozen satnav... it works again! good grief!
  3. picked it up after its EGR cooler replacement... noticed it had a hole in the top of the air filter box - they claim it was there when I dropped it off.. more BMW mysteries
  4. kirk

    Rough idle 520D

    here's mine from a cold start:
  5. yep the colouring of roads was always there - I think it may just be in the details. I checked on the in-car "hats enabled" and it was there.. in keeping with the what-did -you-do-today - I got all the wheels re-balanced! turns out if you leave summer tyres in your shed half the year they may need bedding in!
  6. tested live traffic for a bank holiday drive - no extra info as far as I could see. Another option saved! Sadly we noticed engine was rougher when cold than normal - a bit subtle. Having a look it seems to be vibrating more than normal - Hmmm may have to choose an indie to take a look. Recommendations in the southampton area?
  7. Paid 1£ to try out Online option... it really isn't worth it - glad we didn't spec the car with lots of these dated options. Next to try will be traffic updates - to see what that does - more outr of curiosity really!
  8. kirk

    How hot?

    Thanks for the rreplies everyone!
  9. kirk

    How hot?

    oops yes of course its oil temp thanks! it certainly gets to about 105C but I've seen posts where this happens too. I should check with the "hidden menu" ..
  10. kirk

    How hot?

    Phew cheers. Its chilly here so about 6 outside. I will read it properly in a couple of weeks
  11. kirk

    How hot?

    Enjoying a gentle drive up Applecross hill I noticed the temp gauge reaches the last 0 of 100C. Do 520d engines heat that much so quickly?
  12. kirk

    52.4 mpg

    I had a screw in a tyre full of foam stuff all the way back from Glasgow to Southampton - managed about 58mpg.. its a nightmare not being able to replace RF tyres while away!
  13. kirk

    New 520SE B47

    We're on 44mpg average over many thousands of miles... and happy with that as we had a petrol 525 before! I have noticed that eco-pro can be used effectively only on certain routes - so its more of a hypermiling game toy. Is there any info on what out DPF cleaning chucks out? does it mean our particulate/carbon footprint is just bursty?
  14. kirk

    Winter wheels & tyres

    I swapped to the pirelli sottozeros on the same wheels - saves tpms expense and you get a balance every year They've been superb in the -5C mornings and up to the Alps...
  15. kirk

    New 520SE B47

    I noticed the engine takes more miles/time to get up to temperature in the winter - this means the mpg suffers for longer. Also driving around small roads at 30 isn't its best zone for mpg. The usual mpg "hypermiling" techniques work: looking ahead and not accelerating so much you have to brake, "coasting" off the accel into queues/junctions, never kicking down, cruise control on 50 or 70 zones etc...