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  1. Don't panic, it's not your timing chain! That is a normal sound a turbo makes while spooling up, the only reason I'm suggesting you get it checked by a professional is because it's not a recommended to diagnose by a sound clip.
  2. I agree, it sounds like your turbo spooling up, doesn't sound excessive, but for your own piece of mind get a qualified person to listen in real-time.
  3. stchris356

    Oil on block paving removal

    I'll take a look but I'm pretty sure they're different on the bottom.
  4. I'm sure if a searched hard enough I'd find an answer, but I just wanted to see if you guys had any tricks or tips. How do you get spilt oil off block paving, I've tried brake cleaner and Gunk degreaser! Thanks in advance Chris.
  5. stchris356

    Drive train vibration cont.. FINALLY FIXED

    I'm looking at getting an E46 M3 convertible the plan is to keep it stock!
  6. stchris356

    Drive train vibration cont.. FINALLY FIXED

    That's not far off, depending where you go and the quality of parts.
  7. Without investigating further, that looks like to back of the high-pressure fuel pump, but as someone suggested, it's probably oil from an oil filter change.
  8. stchris356

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Impact gun I bet!
  9. stchris356

    Drive train vibration cont.. FINALLY FIXED

    We came to a mutually benefiting arrangement
  10. stchris356

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Every cloud and all that, stay safe mate!
  11. stchris356

    Drive train vibration cont.. FINALLY FIXED

    Good news (boy don't we need some) After changing various mounts, propshaft balance, fluid changes. I've finally got to the bottom it! It was my remap! Chap came round today and put the standard map back in and the vibration has gone!! I couldn't be happier, got my smooth old car back and I won't be having another remap!
  12. stchris356

    Washer jets gone weedy

    Although I took mine out you can pull it out far enough just to lift the pumps out and extract the snot filters, Remove the indicator repeater first though. At the front end of the light, there's a tab, just leaver the light slightly from the front and slide something thin in to push the tab back. There's also a small plastic trim at the bottom of the liner attached to the wing, the three fixings have a peg in the middle, push the peg through to allow the plastic rivest to pull out, these clips are relatively inexpensive from the dealer, I'd get them first as they're pretty much guaranteed to break ! If doing this in the cold I'd recommend when you disconnect the filler neck from the bottle, warm the two white plastic tabs with a heat gun/hair drier, there's far less chance of them snapping off! Once the filters are out, try and flush some water through the bottle with a hose pipe. Hope that helps.
  13. stchris356

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yes, I'd read about that and was having similar brake judder that came and went so decided to do the same .
  14. I've been doing a bit of digging about my drive train vibration under mild to hard acceleration. I stumbled across a chap that had pretty much identical symptoms as me and after spending £2K+ to try and diagnose, it turned out to be excessive torque pulses after he had a remap, and looking back, this did all seem to happen after my remap. Anybody experienced torque pulsing causing a vibration very much like going over a rumble strip on a hard shoulder? TIA Chris.