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  1. jake13

    Ceramic Car Polish

    Usually £300 for two coats including the wheels. A few times I have accidentally went over the bumper with a steel brush when cleaning the tail pipes. It didn't make a mark. However, it won't protect against stone chips and heavy pressure contact. If you can afford it then paint potection film is the answer.
  2. jake13

    Random parking light failure

    I had this problem, changed to a better quality bulb. Cheap and fading bulbs have high resistance.
  3. Mooing/moosing/quacking is classic case of EGR pressure convertor failure.
  4. jake13

    these chinese radios on ebay

    I have the Erisin Octa-core. Agree, FM reception is poor especially with 'weak' radio stations and there's no LW. You have to make sure the GPS antenna is far away from the FM aerial to avoid interference.
  5. jake13

    Need advice on recent work carried out

    On the LCi, the flexi pipe is long and at an angle. I don't think it is possible to bore the dpf core with a conventional drill bit.
  6. jake13

    Exhaust flange leak

    Same type as on my pre-LCi. Knock / peel it off with a flat blade screwdriver and hammer. At £24, I reused the clamp by hammering it back to shape on the flange. It hasn't leaked.
  7. I looked into this 18 months ago Bushing kit is £60 overhaul kit £110 solenoid set £250 friction set £60 Torque converter £350 exchange. Pan £70 10L oil £160 Valve body overhaul - £60 separator plate and Sonnax zip kit providing it doesn't need reaming to replace with oversize piston valves.
  8. You've already replaced the torque converter and it's not beyond your scope to overhaul it yourself. No special tools are required and some great videos especially by Gary Ferraro on the 6hp26.
  9. jake13

    Cannot figure out issue

    Is Power Control Module (PCM) same as the engine control unit (DDE)? terminal pin / harness corrosion? 4242 - Glow plug activation cylinder 4 3E90 - Crankshaft position sensor 43E2 - Throttle valve activation
  10. Inner. Move the rack all the way in before undoing the nut, same applies when tightening. And chop the nut off with an angle grinder at the outer tie rod end.
  11. I used this Perfect ..
  12. jake13

    Cannot figure out issue

    Oil should not be issue, car will run on MIN mark unless there is compression issue. Check voltage via hidden menu (#9) when engine cuts out. It will cut out if voltage reaches 16v and above. Also, check crankshaft pulley for crack in the rubber.
  13. On E60/E61, the mirrors automatically unfold when driving over 20 mph.
  14. jake13

    Cannot figure out issue

    That code is for the anti-shudder valve.
  15. jake13

    Cannot figure out issue

    5' E60 LCI 525d Relay DDE K2003a 5' E60 LCI 525d Relay Terminal 30G I01068
  16. jake13

    Time to say goodbye...

    The card will be obsolete end of May/June. You have to use the app. Not privileged anymore.
  17. jake13

    Replace DPF in BMW service option

    £19.80 Standard scope is daylight robbery.
  18. jake13

    Cannot figure out issue

    Relays; sky blue DDE, black 30G.
  19. Terminal 30G relay 5' E60 530d Relay Terminal 30G I01068
  20. jake13

    Please I need immediate help

    MPM is replaced by the Body Gateway Module (KGM) on post Aug/Sep 2005 cars. Incidentally, what battery did you buy? If it was previously lead-acid (white) and you've replaced it with AGM (black) then you have to code (change type) and register as well.
  21. jake13

    Please I need immediate help

    Leave it, you'll drain the new battery. You need a code reader to scan the codes, an easy fix would be to reset the immobiliser if there is CAS-EWL misalignment error since there is no communication between the transmission and engine control units.
  22. jake13

    Please I need immediate help

    When the battery is low / dead, the sound is from the throttle valve (anti shudder valve) like a continuous clicking sound similar to winding a clock. It's not starting because you don't have enough juice in the battery. If you keep trying to jump start the car with a dead battery you will create problems that weren't there (control units).
  23. jake13

    Auto box on MY 2011 520d

    Manuals have flywheel and autos 'flexplate'.
  24. jake13

    Automatic gearbox issues

    At 140,000 miles, you have to accept that there is wear and tear and a fluid change will not make a difference.
  25. jake13

    Automatic gearbox issues

    Sorry, don't visit the site that often . Don't knock the C110 scanner, it's the one I use the most often. Nevertheless, here's a reading from an E60 530d with SAT box at 61,000 miles. The car drives perfect.