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  1. jake13

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I not sure they ever use a torque wrench as there is a risk of stripping the threads on the aluminium firewall. However, when I had an oil change, I observed them tightening the oil filter cap and drain plug with torque wrench.
  2. jake13

    Corrosion on F11 doors

    Just take a copy of the service bulletin. Tamworth or Oldbury?
  3. jake13

    F10 door corrosion

    Go to first page of this thread, see pdf doc by Matthew 41 11 16 (418) Door repair (edge corrosion on door outer skin)
  4. jake13

    F10 door corrosion

    If you present them with the Technical Service Bulletin, they are very cooperative.
  5. jake13

    Vacuum line open

  6. jake13

    Vacuum line open

    Your vacuum reservoir tank (grenade looking) is missing.
  7. jake13

    520d n47 oil pressure switch plausibility

    Put one cable tie around the plug and the other around the housing/socket. Thread two cable ties between the two and this should secure the plug.
  8. jake13

    520d n47 oil pressure switch plausibility

    Normally, under oil filter housing. Removing and installing/replacing oil pressure switch (N47, N47S)
  9. jake13

    2008 535d m sport fuel rail issue

    When was the fuel filter changed and more importantly what model code is fitted? The fuel filter is specific to the fuel heater installed in the car.
  10. jake13

    Random parking light failure

    I used to get error whilst driving for 30 mins and enventually every start up. I cleaned the bulb holder contacts, bulb contacts and even peeled the contacts out so it made a tight fit in the holder. Thumbing the light and even wiggling the cable would resovle it for short time. I started swapping the bulbs over, four in the Pre-LCi which pointed to the problem. C110 showed me bulb resistance and there was noteable difference between the two sides. I replaced them with Osram and that was over three years ago.
  11. jake13

    Ceramic Car Polish

    Usually £300 for two coats including the wheels. A few times I have accidentally went over the bumper with a steel brush when cleaning the tail pipes. It didn't make a mark. However, it won't protect against stone chips and heavy pressure contact. If you can afford it then paint potection film is the answer.
  12. jake13

    Random parking light failure

    I had this problem, changed to a better quality bulb. Cheap and fading bulbs have high resistance.
  13. Mooing/moosing/quacking is classic case of EGR pressure convertor failure.
  14. jake13

    these chinese radios on ebay

    I have the Erisin Octa-core. Agree, FM reception is poor especially with 'weak' radio stations and there's no LW. You have to make sure the GPS antenna is far away from the FM aerial to avoid interference.
  15. jake13

    Need advice on recent work carried out

    On the LCi, the flexi pipe is long and at an angle. I don't think it is possible to bore the dpf core with a conventional drill bit.