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  1. jake13

    E39 M5 Front Bleed Nipples

    I have used Frentech-UK for bleed nipples.
  2. You may be able to remove it by softening the glue with hot air gun and use a wide plastic trim tool to lift it off the screen. 99% sure the fitter destroyed mine in my absent at the bodyshop. It cost £100+ from dealer so make sure you take care. The fault is regestered in the KLIMA control unit. Also, how to remove side trims... I doubt new spacers will be installed https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e61-535d-tou/repair-manuals/51-body-equipment/51-31-front-rear-window/2Zb6pfX 51 31 000Removing and installing/renewing windscreen Special tools required: 51 3 010 00 9 322 51 0 010 Important! The "Instructions on window bonding" serve as the basis for these repair instructions and must be observed without fail. Vehicles with head-up display (HUD): Check whether the HUD marking at bottom right appears on the windscreen (malfunction) Left-hand drive vehicles up to build date 02/2006: Check whether cover for light module is installed If not installed, cover must be retrofitted. Necessary preliminary tasks: Remove rubber frame for windscreen Remove interior rear-view mirror Remove both trim panels for roof pillar at front (A-pillar) Remove cover for cowl panel Cover front side panels with protective covers Replacement (depending on version): Remount rain/Light sensor Replacing optics for solar rain/light sensor Remount camera for lane departure warning Depending on version: Unplug plug connections (1 to 3). Important! When using a cutting wire: In the area of the A-pillar, left/right, make sure that the cutting wire does not feed under sheet metal tab (1). Mount U‐shape knife (sourcing reference: BMW Parts Department) on tool: 24 mm blade length for sides and top. 36 mm blade length for bottom and bottom/sides. Regrind blade with a grinding stone while machine is running (new blades also). Carefully insert blade between body aperture and windscreen. Guide handle of knife parallel to windscreen. Cut through adhesive bead as closely as possible to windscreen. Note: When cutting is carried out at the bottom, the engine compartment lid must be in the service position. Wires and hoses remain connected. Move engine compartment lid into service position. Cut through windscreen adhesive bead at bottom. Lift out windscreen with special tools 51 3 010 . Pull off adhesive tapes all round. Fitting spacer buffers (spacers): Two different spacer buffers are fitted. 1 Square spacer buffer (shape B = 12.7 x 10 mm height stop, wind noises) 2 Semicircular spacer buffer (form A = ∅ 11 x 5 mm) A = 3.8 mm Important! To avoid windscreen breakage and wind noises: Completely remove remnants of removed spacer buffers and maintain installation location exactly. Cut square spacer buffer (1) at top to approx. 9 mm (radius outlet). Stick on one square spacer buffer (1) in each case on left/right at spacing (A). A = approx. 50 mm Note: Marking (2) is no longer present. Stick on two new semicircular spacer buffers (2) in each case as follows: at distance (A or B) from middle of cowl panel at distance (C or D) at end of metal radius (5) A approx. 300 mm B approx. 665 mm C approx. 18 mm D approx. 30 mm 1 Windscreen 4 Adhesive bead 5 Outlet radius Version with HUD: Installation note: Prior to bonding, insert the windscreen with sealing on top and check HUD . Replacement: Stick expanding foam tape (6) 1/3 on cowl panel (5) and 2/3 on sound insulation (7). Expanding foam tape (6) may only be stuck up to measurement (A) on side frame (8). A approx. 6,5 mm 1 Dashboard trim panel 2 Windscreen 3 Semicircular spacer buffer 4 Adhesive bead 5 Cowl panel (plate) 6 Expanding foam tape (sound insulation, cowl panel) 7 Sound insulation, bulkhead upper section 8 Side frame Overview for windscreen bonding (E60, E61): 1 Adhesive bead C4 2 ± 1 mm (spacing from 1 to 6) 2 Ceramic layer D1, 2 20 ± 2 mm (width from 3) at bottom to G2 3 Primer coat D3, 4 14 +2 mm (width from 3) at side and top 4 Application point of adhesive bead E1 11 mm (distance from 3 to 5) 5 Window edge E2 11 mm (distance from 3 to 5) 6 Rubber frame, top E3 0 mm (spacing from 3 to 5) 7 Sight glass for US chassis number E4 0 mm (spacing from 3 to 6) A 7 ± 1 mm (width of adhesive bead) F 280 mm (distance from 4 to 5) B 11 ‐-2 mm (height of adhesive bead) G1...3 Artificial lines in 2 to 5 (for measurement of C) C1 18 ± 1 mm (distance 1 to 5) at bottom to G1 H1, 2 Artificial points in 2 (1 rests on H on inside) C2 17 ± 1 mm (distance 1 to 5) at G2 R1 approx. 20 mm (radius of 1 at bottom) C3 4 ± 1 mm (distance 1 to 5) G3 to R2 R2 approx. 16 mm (radius of 1 at top) Attach special tool 51 3 010 twice to tool trolley. Moisten suction faces and tension windscreen from outside. If reusing removed windscreen, remove residual adhesive down to 0.5 mm. Install rubber frame (6), paying attention to centre marking on rubber frame and mirror base. Virtually vertical part (B) of adhesive bead (1) must be positioned to window edge (5) or rubber frame (6). Markings (G, H) are on windscreen in bottom corners. Apply primer or adhesive at correct distance to windscreen edge (5) (wind noises, leaks). Spread bead joint (4) with special tool 00 9 322 . Note: Adhesive area for plastic adhesive tapes (1) must be free from grease and dust. Stick two yellow plastic adhesive tapes (1) to roof at distance (A) from outside corners. Length: 400 mm A = 250 mm Working on windscreen (1) carefully with special tool 51 3 010 : Position at top Align sides evenly Insert at bottom and press down press upwards until sealing rests evenly on roof secure in terms of height in this position at top with two yellow plastic adhesive tapes (2) Preload on top of windscreen to prevent wind noise: Windscreen (1) must be lower than roof outer skin (2). This is the only way to prevent wind noises. Position special tool 51 0 010 in centre of vehicle depending on dimension (A) and check underprotrusion of windscreen (1). Windscreen underprotrusion (A): A = 3.2 ±1 mm X = Measurement stages 1... 4 mm Version with HUD: Installation note: Check and if necessary adjust HUD. Version with Lane Departure Warning: Carry out calibration of camera for lane departure warning via BMW diagnosis system: Service functions: Body Lane departure warning Calibrate camera
  3. jake13

    Code reader recommendations

    Anything you recommend for the iPhone? My neighbour is computer illiterate and doesn't need coding so Carly is a no-no. Incidentally, I'm fitting an aftermarket headunit in the Mrs Merc which comes with Torque Pro.
  4. jake13

    Eibach spring kits

    It all depends if it was fitted correctly in the first place.
  5. jake13

    Code reader recommendations

    I don't agree with their subscription model either.
  6. jake13

    Eibach spring kits

    No offence taken and no need to apologise.
  7. jake13

    Eibach spring kits

    Don't blame me, I didn't write the bloody thing! On the E60, atleast I painted one of the top mount studs before removal of the shock . In the end it took me three attempts to get it right, aligned the pin the wrong way . As for torquing the top nut, I used mole/vice grip to hold the shock spindle and reused the old fastners with blue thread lock.
  8. jake13

    F10 535i Service advice

    You should request " Repair History / Customer Complaint History". This will list any work carried out under warranty.
  9. jake13

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

  10. jake13

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    No compromise when it comes to brakes and tyres.
  11. jake13

    Eibach spring kits

    Make sure you fit it correctly. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f10-530i-lim/repair-manuals/33-rear-axle-rear-wheel-drive-guide/33-53-springs-with-suspension/ErTRGiHx
  12. jake13

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    Visually, do the front and rear discs look the same size on the car? 348mm x 36mm on 525d as standard is odd.
  13. jake13

    I'm an idiot - Carly battery registration

    Just fully charge the battery again and re-register.
  14. jake13

    C110 code scanner software update

    Those files are for C110 only. The latest for C110+ which supports series 2 & 4 chassis is version 6.0 (C110+ v6.0). See download page http://www.szcreator.com/page105