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  1. jake13

    E61 535d pre loci Front Springs

    You need to clean the dirt off the spring. 1 grey and 2 pink. The car was fitted for sports setting setup from factory. ECP don't include manufacturer part numbers on their packaging. E60 rear Sachs spring:
  2. jake13

    Tie Rod Torque Specs

    My bad, using Russian TIS.
  3. jake13

    Panoramic sunroof problems

    Try disconnecting the -ve ground battery cable and reconnect back and re-initalise. Happened to me once when I replaced the battery.
  4. jake13

    Tie Rod Torque Specs

    Outer tie rod to knuckle - 80NM Inner tie rod to outer - 51NM Inner tie rod to steering rack gear - 110NM ; to avoid damage to rack, ensure the rack gear is at closed (unextended) position.
  5. jake13

    E39 Car Tax Increases - Impact?

    If you know the reg, then use https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-status It will give you the co2 emissions figure which you can read off from ved table above.
  6. jake13

    Oil offer

    From 08/03/21 - 28/03/21, Costco Wholesale oil offer: Castrol Edge 5W30 oil (4L) £13.49 ex (£16.18 inc vat).
  7. jake13

    Excessive back pressure

    It seems like your oil return line from turbo to engine block is blocked or restricted. Clean the oil return line and remove the rubber hose(s) to the block and check for restrictions and replace the rubber hoses if necessary.
  8. jake13

    Looking to buy e60 LCI

    Bristol and Birmingham are introducing clean air zone charge in March and June respectively. Unless it's registered under disabled class or is Euro 6 compliant, diesels are not worth owning.
  9. jake13


    Do you seriously think we have a choice? Tiered lockdowns and yearly vaccination are the new-norm.
  10. jake13

    Engine oil question

    See 'Piotr Tester' ytube channel
  11. jake13

    535d exhaust flexi connection

    Sadly, I don't have the car anymore. Hit-and run, some creep smashed and wrote it off whilst parked at night. If it's hitting the tunnel, making a thumping noise everytime you go over a speed hump. I would check the hangers on the rear box, probably misaligned and bent.
  12. jake13

    535d exhaust flexi connection

    That's how it is with dealer pricing, make margin down the line. Make sure the orientation of the pipe (neck) is aligned correctly during welding of flex joint. Mine was slightly off-centred to the right towards the tranny when putting everything back together. You can see from the picture that it doesn't run straight down the middle of the tunnel despite making various bracket adjustments.
  13. jake13

    535d exhaust flexi connection

    Look here.......535d Exhaust Flexi Replacement
  14. 2,800 miles/yr. That intake must be really coked up with carbon, affecting the operation of the swirl flaps. I've used Redex diesel fuel system cleaner and found it very effective in cleaning the injectors.