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  1. jake13

    New car

    I use this site https://www.ilcats.ru/?language=en for EPC (electronic parts catalogue). MB WIS (likeTIS) was available online, but has been offline for sometime now. You have to get vmware image which can be slow depending upon the spec of your computer. Factory diagonostic tool is expensive (DAS/STAR), but there are cheap alternatives like C300 from iCarsoft for the Merc. The worst is Toyota/Lexus, you can download free from Toyota website their diagnostic program (Techstream) but free technical info is rare. You must learn Russian
  2. jake13

    New car

    Reminds me of my youth, the clubbing days And definately no low rent interior here! Very nice and I like the scissor ramp? You can borrow my Merc code reader, it's no STAR but does the job. Incidentally, Merc forums are a bit of drag when it comes to technical info.
  3. jake13

    Help! fit sport steering wheel with paddle

    LCi wheel on Pre-LCi? I was in the impression that you need a pre-LCi steering wheel (M5).
  4. jake13

    G31 520d

    M sport, heated seats with full electric memory seat. However, I prefer the E series stalks, they feel 'solid'. Don't get me wrong it's a very good car, I drove 50 minutes inside busy city centre with plenty of three point turns and the G30 was very easy to drive. The only fustration was that the satnav was not up to date with the road layout.
  5. jake13

    G31 520d

    Drove a loaner (G30), 2K on the clock. Tthe stalks feel cheap and tacky. The steering padding is slightly soft for my liking and the seat contour around the shoulder area was tight and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, It's not a bad car and doesn't feel 'big' and the steering is well weighted.
  6. jake13

    F10 door corrosion

    It is recorded under warranty history and probably manufacturer warranty under Repair history / customer complaint history. A few years ago I obtained full record of my vehicle from another forum who probably works or had access to the after sales portal. My tailgate corrosion repair was listed. The document lists, car spec and options (like vin finder), all retrofits and possible retrofits, service records / visits (inc key reading) with traffic light (red, amber, green) illustration of individual service items due or overdue. Servicing dealer (dealer number, date, mileage) and type of service as icons which is recorded as tick box like you would find in the service book. Also, warranty history, repair history / customer complaint history and service cases.
  7. jake13

    F10 door corrosion

    If it's carried out by BMW Approved Bodyshop, meaning paid by BMW GB then it's recorded in the system. No guarantee outside the 12 year corrosion warranty.
  8. jake13

    PDC Fault Diagnosis (Guide)

    Relax, it's a good scanner............see the following post: C110 code scanner software update
  9. jake13

    Electronic Glitch / Power Cut??

    I would check the wheel well and battery compartment for water ingress.
  10. jake13

    E61 535D (Pre LCI) mods... where to buy ?

    On Pre-LCI, the flexi joint is connected to the catalytic converter. The dpf is located separtely in the middle. A good exhaust place will be able to do this for you. Exhaust (Cat) flexi pipe. 18 31 160 Replacing flexible tube for diesel particulate filter (M47TU2, M57TU/TU2, N47)
  11. jake13

    Is it worth it?

    Probably at 50+ mph. The rear o/s brake disc (245mm x 30mm) snapped in half and the front n/s shock broke in half. A job for Arthur Tussick I have seen similar cars on Autotrader and eBay, however mine is (was) in retail condition with better specs and FBMWSH. I have access to another vehicle and the E61 wasn't my daily drive. The last time I drove it was six weeks ago and hasn't been in my possession for the last three months so I'm not that attached. There was never intention of selling the car, hence the suspension refresh and paint correction. F10/F11 styling is not my cup of tea and I always wanted a V8 E65, the E61 was a stop-gap. I like F01/02 750/760 .
  12. jake13

    Is it worth it?

    Gutted, that the ass*hole drove into the parked car in a empty street in the middle of the night. I'm too old for tears.
  13. jake13

    Is it worth it?

    It was left at the scene without the occupants.
  14. jake13

    Is it worth it?

    Hit & Run.....Middle of the night (2am?). Some toe rag lost control in a Porche Cayanne, probably drunk and the reaper had my car on his list. The front n/s shock broke in half, the impact was so violent that both wheels smashed the kerb and the rear o/s brake disc broke in half!!!
  15. jake13

    Is it worth it?