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  1. Has no record of the Japanese collectors in house servicing between 8km and it arriving in the UK. So for me in my opinion it’s crazy money. I would love a V8S alongside my m5 touring but when I didn’t get answers to my questions that was me out of the running well before it got to over 20k.
  2. That’s crazy money but it’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay
  3. AbidK

    E39 M5 BMW Group Classic Headquarter Trip

    Me too please. 07957996072. abid
  4. AbidK

    E39 M5 BMW Group Classic Headquarter Trip

    Late May would work for me. fasting prior to That so would be difficult mid May.
  5. AbidK

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Just read the thread from 2012 to date and wow some real insight into ownership of these amazing cars. Mine is the same colour but looking a tad tired now so going in for a detail soon.
  6. AbidK

    BMW M5 30 Jahre Exhaust

    Thanks Dennis. all the brochures I have seen didn’t have the option listed but now I know it’s definitely the MPE I’m over the moon. Thanks
  7. AbidK

    BMW M5 30 Jahre Exhaust

    Awesome thanks, just couldn’t get any info out of my local Dealers.
  8. AbidK

    BMW M5 30 Jahre Exhaust

    Would it be better to post this in the general forum?
  9. AbidK

    BMW M5 30 Jahre Exhaust

    Afternoon Guys, Just purchased a 30 Jahre M5 and wanted to know how to work out if I have a M Performance Exhaust please? Checked the VIN decoder websites but none list it as a optional extra for my car. However the previous owner sent me the attached image which shows a Akrapovic exhaust. I have the carbon tips but just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the actual exhaust please? Is the exhaust the £7k plus option extra or did these come as standard on the 30 Jahre? Thanks
  10. AbidK

    Smg Failure

    Hi Yes it failed whilst out driving, approached some traffic lights and red cog appeared cutting engine off.
  11. AbidK

    Smg Failure

    Afternoon All Just wondering if anyone can help me? My 2008 model M5 Touring has had the red cog appear and is locked in 1st gear. I have read somewhere that the SMG pump can be repaired and that there is also a BMW repair kit does anyone have any info on this please? thanks
  12. AbidK

    Anyone Know this M5 Touring

    Sorry copied the link and forgot to paste
  13. Hi Just been browsing looking for a M5 Touring and came across the car at Arun Jaguar. Does anyone know this car? There is a mileage discrepancy in relation to km and miles being mixed up, has anyone else ever experienced this?