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  1. Meat wagon

    SOLD: E39 530i sport MANUAL saloon LPG

    Assuming this is the one: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F132967813247
  2. Meat wagon

    Service Advice

    The Bentley Manual if you have a copy (PDF etc) is a good place to start. Copy attached in case you don't have one. Roger Bentley_BMW_E39_5-series_Service_Manual.pdf
  3. Meat wagon

    Euro car parts yes or no?

    EuroCarParts for me and Bremno disks and pads have worked well
  4. Meat wagon

    Anyone willing to help me, change break pads

    As d_a_n says, it’s very easy. Lots of good YouTube videos out there.
  5. Meat wagon

    VANOS Overhaul M54 E39 Manual Sport

    Great article. Well written with good photos. Vanos is something I've wondered about but to date haven't needed to explore. I expect at some point that will change and this guide will be invaluable. Much appreciated!
  6. Meat wagon

    Strange noise !

    Definitely go with the stone idea. Had it the other way around once. Reversed the car for a bit and it cleared. Hope it’s something simple for you
  7. Meat wagon

    Noob question

    1 at the front - generally start from pulley ends for most vehicles
  8. Meat wagon

    OBD Adaptors - which work with the E39 ?

    Go for Carly. The adaptor type will depend on age of car.
  9. Meat wagon

    1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    The expansion tank is easy enough to remove and replace. Then top it up as much as you can (loosen bleed screws to help this). You'll be able to start the car, turn it around/get it on a slope as needed and then run through the bleeding cycle.
  10. Meat wagon

    1999 523i (M52TU) Expansion Tank

    Check RealOEM (http://www.realoem.com/) for the exact part. Whilst ordering stuff, order a spare bleed screw as they're in two places (expansion bottle area and also near the thermostat) and you'll need to bleed at both locations and you can guarantee one will snap off (I have a few now ). The bleeding sides of things is easy enough - fan on, heating turned on (and fully up) and let car come up to temp. Crack open the vents at let air out of each bleed screw in turn whilst keeping an eye on levels in expansion bottle. Some folks suggest that if you raise the front of the car on ramps it can help get air pockets out of the heater matrix and engine block. There are probably plenty of good videos on this on YouTube. It sounds like you weren't running it for ages with missing fluid so you're probably safe....
  11. Meat wagon

    BMW e39 Low Coolant Level

    We all have our gremlins to deal with so if you know that the levels are in fact ok and the coolant temp is also ok then it’s just the warning that you’re going to learn to live with. If the level module is ok then the wiring must be worth a check - may be a heat/vibration thing setting it off at 70?
  12. Meat wagon

    540i error codes

    The Bentley manual has a good list it. Also check online (Google). Found some at https://www.engine-codes.com/make/bmw
  13. Meat wagon

    Abs fault and gearbox

    I don't know about any 'connection' between the gearbox behaviour and the ABS module so would have to steer you in direction of other members for that area. I'd look to sort the ABS side of things first. Sensors are easy to get at and change once the corresponding wheel has been removed. Use your spare sensor and see how you get on opnce you've cleared the existing code(s). The sensors are sometimes not the source of ABS issues as they're prone to electrical open circuits because of the soldered joints within suffering from the heat from the nearby exhaust manifold. One step at a rime and keep fingered crossed for a duff sensor
  14. Meat wagon

    Exhaust heat shield bolts

    All I can suggest is soaking what's left in WD40 (or similar) and perhaps also applying some heat to it (if able). Mole grips or screw extractor (Irwin type) may then be able to get what's left of the nut moving?
  15. Try REALOEM for listings. Took a guess on year, trans type etc and get close with below: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=DR12-EUR-05-2000-E39-BMW-520i&mg=33&sg=30&diagId=33_0524&q=34526756377 You'll need to change vehicle to your exact type and you'll be able to narrow it down to your part no. Rog