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  1. Thoroughly enjoyable day, and great to meet you guys! Looking forward to more meets in the future!
  2. I'm parked at the far corner of the Farmers Arms car park, right by the main roundabout. We are sitting outside the pub on the benches
  3. I'll be there, with Mrs & Miss Twiglet joining me. Gave it a quick wash today. Man it needs a mop!!
  4. Old man estate BMW Rob I've always been a big bum man Shaz
  5. Am I gonna be the only one with an old man estate?
  6. Date - SUNDAY May 17th Location - King Lynn Time – 12pm 1. Shaz - E60 2. Jut 535i - E60/E28 3. WilliAm4 - E60 (my first recruit ) 4. bon - E39 5. Horsey - E60 6. amand - E39 (Maybe) 7. Alpinewhite - E34 8. Twiglet - E61 9. 10.
  7. Well guys, I'm absolutely gutted to say that I won't be making this on. My car is still sitting on the 2 poster waiting for new tyres to arrive. It would seem that the courier lost them in transit, so I'm now waiting for the supplier to sort it out! I'm livid!! I have no doubt that this will be an awesome day, and I hope you all have a great time! I look forward to meeting you all at future events. Drive safe people.
  8. Twiglet

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    The car is now well and truly off the road! The spring snapped halfway up, instead of just losing a tail, the 2 halves then wrapped themselves around each other and took out the tyre side wall and the cables for the ABS sensor and brake pad sensor! These are BMW only springs, and BMW on have 5 in stock globally! It's looking very unlikely that I'll be making the meet on Sunday at this rate
  9. Twiglet

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Had a front spring snap, and go straight through the sidewall of a brand new tyre! Really not happy!!
  10. Twiglet

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I'm guessing the front spring rates would be higher due to the extra weight of the 6 pot oil burner
  11. Twiglet

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Converted my front bumper into a parking aid for a dozy bint in a Renault Clio!!! #Livid!!
  12. Twiglet

    "Restraint system failure" with code

    Happy days! We like an easy (free) fix!
  13. Twiglet

    "Restraint system failure" with code

    A high resistance would indicate a potential bad connection causing an open circuit. I don't know what type of pre-tensioner system these cars use, but if they are the gas canister type then be very careful. You really don't want it going off in your face!
  14. Twiglet

    time for CIC !

    Baus, is there a work around for NBT with HUD now? I'll drop you a PM with my VIN tomorrow, as I'd be interested in getting a quote for this if possible?