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  1. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    Car sold yesterday folks, thanks for the interest
  2. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    Took some fresh photos of her this morning
  3. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    Thanks for reminding me, it'll be 13k Ono as it stands
  4. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    Evening folks I've now had her back and she's looking better than ever. So a bump to this thread
  5. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    I haven't but she's in the bodyshop at the moment getting some bits done. Car market seems slow at the moment so will probably re-advertise it in the new year
  6. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    I'm living near Swansea
  7. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    Bump willing to listen to offers
  8. paulie031

    My E39 M5 for sale

    Thread bump folks as I've bought another car so the M5 has to go. It's had a service and oil analysis which has come back with great results. Unfortunately the both sills have signs of rust bubbles, one side I had replaced so I'd gamble this isn't very serious. The other side had more but the car was booked into a bodyshop in September to have this rectified. Price adjust accordingly to 11.5k if anyone is interested
  9. paulie031

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had a battle changing my rusty rear number plate screws. Drilled them out but the original captive but was seized so not re-usable. I ordered two new ones from BMW which have been updated and are now round and plastic, hole is hexagonal which didn't Inspire me with confidence so I made two out of black nylon, press fit
  10. paulie031

    Price and availability please

    Hi there could I have a price for two 51131961243 and expected delivery please? Thanks Paul
  11. paulie031

    M5 alarm/remote locking

    I had similar issues before, I think I used this method as a way of getting my key to work again https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1843887-Re-initializing-your-key-the-correct-way
  12. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Thanks for the replies, I'm just keeping in mind she's in a better place. I'm going to try and get her buried with her parents as she idolised her dad who sadly I never got to meet as he died 4 years before I was born. If not it'll be the same cemetery
  13. paulie031

    Been dismissed at Work

    Hi folks just to say I lost my mam early hours this morning, got called to the nursing home Wednesday evening looks like she'd had another bad turn. They put her on end of life care and passed away this morning. Thanks for everything you've done for me mam
  14. paulie031

    Price please

    Ordered and received Saturday, thanks
  15. paulie031

    Price please

    Hi Phil could I have a price for a bonnet badge for my E39 M5? Cheers Paul

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