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  1. BigMo

    Part number 83190153321

    Hi, Could I get a price for part number 8190153321 (butyl tape) please? Thanks
  2. BigMo

    E39 Sat for 6 Years :-)

    Glad to hear it’s making progress. Mine has sat on and off for a few years and I plan to get it back on the road soon. I swapped the fuel out a few months ago and changed the fuel filter. Will also do oil, coolant, brake and power steering fluid as all of it doesn’t cost much and just gives peace of mind for a few years.
  3. BigMo

    Odd lock issue

    So here’s an odd one, my drivers door lock seems to work perfectly from the remote but sometimes it doesn’t pop all the way up or down when locking it using the key in barrel. Does this sound like a sticky lock mechanism? I’m guessing maybe the electric actuator manages to lock it due to it being more powerful but when I use the key I can’t. I have tried searching for someone with a similar issue but it always seems to be the other way around. Anyone encountered this before?
  4. BigMo

    Folding mirror owners

    Bought a set of folding mirrors a while back but only had them painted last week so installed them and I’m not sure if one is faulty. The driver side doesnt seem to fold in as much as the passenger side. I’ve been told by someone this is normal but would appreciate advice from owners before I try to disassemble the mirror and more than likely mess it up.
  5. BigMo

    Rear door wiring

    I have lost all power to my rear passenger electric power switch and the puddle lights. However I can still operate the window from the drivers control. I would guess it's a wire broken in the door hinge area but does one wire control both the switch and the light? Also has anyone changed the complete harness with the door still attached?
  6. BigMo

    Rear door wiring

    Appreciate the reply, Its only the passenger side switch. The puddle light itself works fine as I have swapped them and checked but the switch and the light have no power once plugged into that particular door. I know sometimes wires break in the door harness from the door opening and closing but just found it odd to lose 2 things at once which is why I was wondering if 1 wire carries power to both these parts. I can get a replacement harness complete but wasnt sure if swapping these meant removing the door?
  7. BigMo

    injectors overflow test results

    But I believe if they are leaking the bottles will start to fill in that 30 seconds. It’s a quick test, will only take 10 minutes to give it a go.
  8. BigMo

    Folding mirror owners

    I guess it must be normal but odd as every other car I have had with folding mirrors has never had this issue. Appreciate the replies guys.
  9. BigMo

    injectors overflow test results

    I’ve been told best way to test them is with just the ignition turned on.
  10. BigMo

    injectors overflow test results

    Was the car started when you tested the injectors?
  11. BigMo

    Can diesel go off?

    You can get stuff like wurth diesel cure which is meant to treat diesel. Or you could drain it by attaching a hose to the output on the fuel filter and switching the ignition on which should pump it all out pretty quickly.
  12. BigMo

    injectors overflow test results

    Was this with the engine running?
  13. BigMo

    Folding mirror owners

    I’m pushing my luck but any chance of a photo of both sides?
  14. BigMo

    E39 Injector Seals

    Hi, Just trying to get a price for the below parts. 6x Gasket rings - 13537785722 6x O rings - 13537787236 Thanks Mo
  15. Yeah I think it would have to be posted as I’m in London.
  16. was it working before you removed it? most of them seem to be dead
  17. BigMo

    Trolley Jack

    Can anyone recommend a trolley jack for my e39? It's a sport on standard shocks and springs so doesn't sit too low. Ideally under £100 if there's anything decent within my budget. Thanks
  18. BigMo

    Rust treatment

    Due to leaking vapour barriers I have lifted the carpet in the back and found some surface rust on my car. The worst of it is actually body plugs that I will be replacing with the newer plastic type. I don't expect this car to last another 15 years but thought while the carpets up I should try and do something about the rust I've found. So my question is, does anyone know the best option. I was guessing use a wire brush over it, wipe it down and then apply hammerite? I've never done anything like this before so would appreciate any heads up.
  19. BigMo

    Rust treatment

    Ok couldn't help myself, got back from work at 8 and armed with a torch I pulled back some of that plastic cover and I'm happy to report all looks clean and tidy underneath. Let's hope it's the same on the other side.
  20. BigMo

    Rust treatment

    Will check tomorrow morning and report back. In the mean time I'm going to order some krust, blue hammerite and a set of wire brushes. Thanks again gents
  21. BigMo

    Rust treatment

    I shall check that area. This car hasn't suffered from any of the usual rust, boot lock, fuel cap, sills are all perfect. Just this that I have found and going by the state of the door cards it must have been leaking for a while. Is this the area your referring to?